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Road Trip... Well Plane...

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Author's note:
Ok im writing a second chapter. I would like to thank BenjisRiotGirl79, violent_kisses and leathelproduction for the reviews.

*The day before the concert.*

It's about 6 in the morning and I just got a phone call from Kent to let me know he was packed and ready. Me and Criss were packing to leave. "You guys almost done packing?" Our mother asked. "Yeah mom, almost." We answered at the same time. We finished bringing our bags downstairs and we said our goodbyes to mom. "Both my babies leaving at the same time." She said and gave us kisses and began to cry. "Don't worry mom. We'll be back." Criss said. She gave a last hug and we left.
Criss was going to pick up Kent then bring us to the airport. he payed someone to drive ys around and to bring us to our hotel. He had payed for our rooms at a little hotel.
We got to Kent's place and honked the horne. We waited about 5 minutes before he came out. hye put his bags in the back of the SUV and got into the back seat. "Took long enough?" I said with a laugh. "Yeah sorry abou that. Mom was keeping me. He said. "Criss mind if I put some music?" I asked "Go for it" I put the song Riot Girl from Good Charlotte on. We all sabg along until we got to the airport. Criss parked the truck and we all stepped out. "You guys be safe... Please" Criss said giving me a hug. "Don't worry oh and how we going to find the driver onmce we get off the plane?" I asked. "He'll have a poster that says "Angel" on it." He explained.
We finished our goodbyes and then parted. "Alright witch plane do we get on to get to Maryland?" Kent asked. i looked down at our tickets. "This one here." I answered and we made our way.
Good Charlotte is playing in there home town. The plane ride there took about 3 hours. When we got off we saw a man holdiong up a poster with "Angel" Writen on it. We walked up to him "Ah SKye and Kent right?" he asked as we got closer. "Yeah you the driver my brother got for us?" I asked."Yes.. now let's go get your bags then I'll bring you two to your hotel." He informed us. We got our stuff quickly then the driver showed us were the car was. It was a 15 minute drive to the hotel but when we got there we had a little surprise.
We had checked into our rooms witch went fine but once we got into the room we learned there was 1 bed. No problem right? WRONG! Me and Kent do not sleep together. Last time we did was 3 years ago. We were 16 well I was 16 he was 17. He kicks in his sleep unlesshe was snuggled up to me wich anoyed me cuz he snores!
"Looks like were sleeping together!" Kent said with a smile. he new I hated sleeping with him. "Argh I guess I have to." I said simply. "Hey want to go out for lunch?" I asked seeing as it was 1 o"clock in the afternoon. "Yeah sure I saw a pizza place just around the corner from here!" Kent said with excitement. "Alright lets go." With that I grabbed my bag and left.
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