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The tunnel of love

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Well, there at a theme park - exciting huh?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-02 - Updated: 2007-05-02 - 1147 words

"No! No no no no no! I cant go on that! I just cant! Its way to scary!" Cried Renn staring at the huge roller coaster infront of them, though the theme park was busy, it wasnt surprising to see the que for this ride was extremely small.
"Dont be stupid Renn, you cant come here without riding the 'executer'!" Insisted Frank.
"Well, Gee and Mikey dont want to ride it" Said Renn. "Niether does Ray or Melissa. Why dont you and Bob go?" She asked. Frank shook his head.
"We'll ALL ride it" He said grabbing Renns hand and draggind her into the que. The rest followed.
"I dont want to ride it...but I guess it will be one hell of an experiance, and not many people get to say they've rode this thing" Said Ray.
"Thats the spirit!" Said Bob, stepping into a cart, Melissa sat next to him. Frank and Renn got in the one behind Bob.
Mikey and Gerard shared the one infront, and Ray was left on his own, infront of them all.
The ride started and they began to go up the first hill.
"Here we go! Hahahahahaha! Hey, did you lot know that this is the highest rollercoaster in the world?" Said Frank as they went streadily higher.
"Uhhh, why did you have to tell me that!?" Cried Renn.
"Oh my god, I dont like it!" Cried Mikey.
"Ha! Ditto!" Replied Gee.
"Hey, this view is amazing!" Cried Ray.
"DONT LOOK DOWN!" Shouted Melissa. Too late, Renn looked down. they werent at the top yet but already, people below looked like ants and they could see all the way to the ocean. Renn gave a small scream and looked away. Frank laughed and put his arm round her, holding onto her tightly, making her feel safe. Renns fear left, as she looked at Frank who was hyper with excitement. She loved him so much. Bob was starting to look like he was regretting going on the ride. Frank, looked as if he had never been happier.
"Here we go here we go here we go!" He sang as they reached the top. The ride paused long enough for some speakers attached to the seats to blare out - "Dont...look...down!" Before they began plummeting towards the ground. Renn was too scared even to scream and only managed a sharp intake of breath. Frank laughed hysterically, holding Renn close to him, Melissa screamed as Bob yelled, Mikey and Gee were both yelling and laughing and Ray was shouting - "ITS ALSO THE FASTEST IN THE WORLD!" As they reached the bottom of the hill, they went round a sharp corner and did three 'loop de loops', only to do a corkscrew and then go flying round a corner and onto the bottom of another hill.
"Oh my god, I think Im gonna have a heart attack!" Cried Melissa.
"Ray! Why the hell were you shouting out facts down the hill?" Called Gee.
"I have no idea!" Replied Ray. Renn was chalk white but smiling, Frank laughed at her.
"Dont you just love this ride!?" He asked. Renn didnt have time to answer as they were going down the second hill.

They walked off the ride, they were all staggering a bit as their legs felt like jelly, but they were all smiling.
"That was awesome!" Said Mikey, taking a puff of his inhaler.
"Yeah" Gerard agreed.
"Ha! I want to go again!" Cried Frank, but people had been watching them on the ride, and now the que was huge.
"But...maybe we'll go on something else" Said Frank. They laughed and began walking round. Suddenly Melissa stopped.
"Oh Bob look!" She cried pointing to the side. They all looked.
"Its the tunnel of love! Awww, lets go on it together! Pleeeeeease!" She begged. Gerard, Mikey and Ray all turned away and sniggered. Bob frowned.
"Do I have to?" He asked.
"Yes!" Said Melissa and she dragged him into the que, well, she would have if there was a que, but clearly it wasnt very popular. It was, for any man.
"Hey, why dont you and Renn go?" Mikey asked Frank. Frank frowned, so did Renn, pink wasnt her colour.
"Yeah go on! It'll be funny!" Said Gerard shoving them towards the ride and into a swan shaped boat.
"Bye!" He called waving at thier shocked faces as they entered the dark tunnel.
"What was that about?" Asked Ray.
"THEY GET FILMED!" Cried Gerard, pointing at a Kiosk with videos playing of them in the tunnel, Mikey and Ray burst out laughing and three guys walked over to the kiosk and began to watch, one screen showed Bob and Melissa. Bob was sitting with his hood up, arms folded, looking extremely moody. Melissa was smiling and pointing at all the little cherubs and things. Another screen showed Renn and Frank, they were talking together.
"Wow...this is extremely cheesy" Said Frank, looking around at all the crappy plastic cherubs and cheapy broken fairytale scenes. Renn nodded in agreement, the water was pink with fake jewels in it.
"I'm gonna kill Gee when we got off this thing!" Said Renn.
"I'll join you, its scary in here!" Said Frank, Renn laughed.
"No seriously! It is! I mean, cant you just imagine that freaky snowwhite coming up behind you and grabbing your neck as she bites you with sharp pointed fangs!" Cried Frank. Renn could imagine.
"Dont Frank, your giving me the creeps!" She shuddered. Frank laughed.
"Im giving myself the creeps!" He replied. Renn shifted closer to Frank and rested her head on his shoulder, Frank rested his head on top of hers.
"I love you though much" He whispered. Renns heart missed a beat and she smiled.
"I love you too Frank."
"I love you more!"
"No I do!"
"I do!"
"I do"
"I do!"
"I DO!" Frank turned and kissed Renn deeply, she pressed against him and he slipped his arms round her waist as she held his neck, playing with his hair.
Outside, Ray, Frank and Mikey were all in stitches. Bob and Melissa had shared a small kiss on the lips, but Frank and Renn were having a full blown make out session right there in the boat.
"Awwww, TRUE LOVE!" Mikey laughed sarcastically.
"Who ever knew Frank had it in him!" Cried Ray, they all stood laughing, when Frank and Renn came up behind them.
"Whats the joke?" Asked Frank. Gerard stepped aside so they could look, when they realised what had happened they both went equal shades of red.
"DONT FORGET TORO!" Cried Renn. Gee, Mikey and Ray went white.
"AAAAGH!" They yelled as they raced out the theme park, closely followed by Renn, Frank, Bob and Melissa.
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