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Mikey and an obsessed fan

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At last - its getting dramatic

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Franks mobile rang. He answered it.
"Oh! Hi Gee, whats up?"
"Frank you have to get down to the hospital now!"
"What? Why, whats happened?"
"Its Mikey, he's really hurt, some stupid obsessed fan threatened to kill him if he didnt agree to go off with them, they stabbed him in the chest...I managed to get rid of the fan...but...but, Mikeys really hurt, I'm in the waiting room at Hope Hospital, please get down here Frank! I dont know whether he's gonna be ok or not!"
"Oh my god! I...I'll be right there!" Frank hung up and grabbed his black jacket.
"Whats going on?" Asked Renn, who was sitting watching the T.V and drawing.
"Mikeys been stabbed, we have to go to the hospital" Said Frank pulling on his red converses. Renn dropped her pencil and stood up immediately. She pulled on her green converses and her dark pink and black jacket.
With in five minutes she and Frank were in the car on the way to the hospital as Frank told Renn what Gerard had told him.

"Gee!" Cried Frank striding towards Gerard who was sat with his head in his hands.
"FRANK! RENN!" Gerard got up and rushed over to them. Frank instantly pulled Gerard into a hug, Gerard began to cry.
"They...they've asked me to call in the priest!" He sobbed. Frank went pale and hugged Gerard tighter. Renn gave a small cry of surprise and she clapped a hand over her mouth, tears in her eyes.
"He...he's not dead is he?..." Asked Frank, sounding like he was going to cry at any second. Gerard shook his head.
"The doctor says it extremely unlikely that they can save him...he got stabbed straight in the heart...if they cant save him within the next 10 minutes then theres no hope...theres no hope already!" Gerard pulled away, he looked a mess, his hair was matted and messy, his eyes were red and his cheeks were tear stained, but his teeth were bared and under his sadness you could see anger.
"If I ever catch the bastard that did this - Im gonna kill them!" He cried. Renn cried silently, poor Mikey, she loved everyone of the guys, if any of them died...what would they do? Frank pushed Gerard back into a seat and then sat down beside him.
"Gee, all we can do right now is wait" He said.
"For what, 10 minutes only to be told they tried thier hardest but he couldnt be saved? You dont get it Frank! He's my brother! My fuckin baby brother! If he dies, Im not gonna be able to take it! Hes always been there for me! He's always coped with all my shit and he's done nothing wrong! I have to tell my goddamn mother that some crazy fan killed her son! I mean, I pulled Mikey out of college to be in this band! He had so much going for him, but then his dick of a brother decides to stop his life from going in a good direction, instead, lets just shove him an a band so he get fuckin STABBED!" Gerard was shaking and crying tears of anger. Frank looked hurt.
"We know how you feel Gee but that doesnt mean you can take it out on Frank!" Said someone behind them, they all turned, Bob, Ray and Melissa had arrived. Gerard breathed in deeply. Melissa sat down and hugged Gerard.
"We know this hard for you Gee, but its hard for all of us...please dont get angry, you have to believe he will live if theres any chance" She said. Gerard looked as if he was about to retort, but he just burst into a huge set of tears.
"I...I'm so sorry Frank...I didnt mean it...I honestly didnt...Im just messed up!...I dont know what Im gonna do if he dies...but...but if he does....I know you'll all be there for me...we'll help eachother...right? forgive me....right?"
Frank knew Gerard hadnt meant it and nodded his head.
"Of course I forgive you Gee...But you have to believe that Mikey wont die! You just have to!" He said. Gerard nodded and took a deep shuddering breath, helping himself to stop crying, they all sat in silence, everynow and then hugging eachother and saying 'Its going to be ok!' and 'No news is good news'. But after 20 minutes they were all restless. Renn had hugged Gee about 50 times. And now, they were all too tired and worried to say or do anything. Soon a doctor aproached them.
"Mr Gerard Way?" He asked, looking at the mess that was Gerard.
"Yes?" Asked Gerard, looking up desperate to know what had happened. They all stared at the doctor, who looked sadly at their faces.
"Well..." He began.
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