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what Mikey saw

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Mikey had an out of body experiance

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Gerard raced into the room, "MIKEY!" He cried, Mikey lay on a bed, he was pale and lifeless. But the doctor had said he had survived. Seeing Mikey made Gerard go calm, everything was suddenly clear, and Gerard walked over to the bed and sat down on a chair, he took hold of Mikeys cold hand and rubbed his fingers over it.
"Mikey" He whispered. Mikey lay still. The rest walked over and sat down. Renn brushed the back of her hand over Mikeys cheek. Whilst Frank took hold of his other hand.
"Mikey? Dude, can you hear me?" He asked. At first, Mikey just lay there, but after a few minutes, they all jumped in surprise as Mikey gave a sudden intake of breath. His eyes snapped open and he stared around in terror, giving little whimpers of fright.
"Mikey!" Cried Gerard standing up, Mikey looked at Gerard.
"G...Gee!" He cried, his voice barely more than a rasp of air. Mikey began to cry as he struggled to sit up, his arms outstretched, Gerard instantly hugged him. Gently so as not to hurt him. Mikey began to sob into Gerards shoulder.
"I was...I was so scared...I...I thought I was going to die...I could see them all operating on made me feel ill to watch it...the light Gerard...I wanted to go to it...but I...I couldnt do it...I had to come back...I couldnt leave you or the guys...I had to come back...I had to...I had to..." Mikeys sobbing was making Gerards shoulder wet, but noone noticed.
"What...what do you mean Mikey?" Asked Gerard.
"I...I could see myself lying on the they operated...then I saw the light...I took a step forward...I felt cold and the light was so was pulling me like a magnet...I heard the sound of a flat line on the heart monitor, I could hear someone shout he;s not gonna make it....then....I had flashbacks..." Siad Mikey. Every one exchanged glances.
"An out of body experiance" Whispered Renn.
"What were the flashbacks?" Asked Frank. Mikey continued to hug Gerard as he spoke.
"Well, first it was of my 19th birthday and we were trying to skateboard down the street and Gerard had fallen off and hurt his knee and then Frank was like - an expert on first was when we were...all together...watching Edward Scissor hands was when Renn...helped me history essay...then it was....lots of images of...everyone I and Gee laughing together...Renn, Frank...Ray and Bob all parents...Melissa...everyone...just laughing together...and then...loads of memories of happy times...and I knew I couldnt leave...I had to come back...I love you all...I...wasnt ready to die..." Mikey pulled away from Gee and looked around at them all.
"I wasnt ready" He repeated.

AN: Sorry its so short - I just wanted to let you all know Mikey lived. (If any of you cared, I was practically in tears writing the bloody thing!)
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