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What we believe

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Yeah, no real reason for this chapter...I just didnt have any ideas.

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Gerard sat in Renns apartment along with everyone else. They had to leave the hospital after an hour because it was late and visitors werent aloud to stay over night, like other hospitals. Gerard sat with a coffee, now cold, in his hands.
"Gee, stop worrying, Mikeys fine" Said Renn touching his shoulder. Gerard sighed and nodded.
"I cant believe this happened..." He said. Frank nodded in understandment.
"None of us can" He said.
"What do you guys all think of what Mikey saw?" Asked Melissa.
"What do you mean?" Asked Gerard.
"I mean, what do you think it was?" She replied.
"Isnt that obviouse? He must have had an out of body experiance, they're very common when someone reaches a flat line, but, not a lot of people talk about it because they think theyre mad" Said Ray. Melissa nodded.
"I dont think Mikeys mad" She said. Gerard looked up at them all properly.
"Neither do I. If Mikey says thats what he saw, then I believe him, and I really do believe that did happen, call me stupid and spiritual or any shit like that, but its what I believe." He said.
"I believe Mikey too" Said Ray slightly hurt.
"Same" Said Bob. Everyone nodded and agreed. Gerard looked slightly more relaxed at this.
"I mean...I just cant make myself believe that death really is the end...I mean, how can that be it? You die and then its all over...the end of your life is surely more than that?" Said Renn. Gerard looked at her.
"Do you believe in heaven?" He asked. Renn looked thoughtful.
"No." She said.
"Me neither" Said Gerard.
"But...I do believe in god...and I do believe in hell...just not heaven" Renn continued. Everyone looked at her in confusion.
"How does that work?" Asked Bob.
"Well, the only reason it doesnt make sense is because of what we've been told. I mean, if you believe in god, then your supposed to believe in heaven, hell, satan and Jesus. But I believe, that god exists, but no one can go to heaven because after so long, paradise becomes boring, no longer paradise, and how can one place, even heaven, hold so many people, after the whole time the Earth and man kind has been around? But, evil people, like truly evil people, do go to hell and Satan does control it. But god, decides who goes to hell and who doesnt...but I dont know what happens to those who dont, but I think, that you either roam the Earth for a couple of hundred years, depending whether you were evil but not enough to go to hell, and if you were like good, then...I dunno...something happens to you, but then after a couple hundred years, you get born again..." Renn blushed at thier confused faces.
"Thats...just what I believe..." She said. Frank hugged her.
"Interesting theory" He said.
"It does explain a few things" Said Melissa thoughtfully.
"You know Renn, you should start your own religion" Said Gerard. Renn laughed.
"I'd follow it - we can call it Rennism" Said Ray.
"Would there be rules or commandments?" Asked Bob. Renn shook her head.
"I think commandments and stuff are stupid, I mean, no one can be perfect and you only follow them so you can go to heaven. So your like being a kiss ass" Said Renn.
"Is it a bad time to point out I'm christian?" Asked Melissa. Renn laughed.
"I have nothing against any religion, we're all entitled to what we want to believe" She said. Everyone nodded in agreement. Suddenly Gerards phone rang, he answered it quickly.
"Hello?...yeah...really?...Thats great!...Of course I will, ok...thankyou...bye" Gerard put his phone down.
"What was that?" Asked Bob.
"It was the hospital, they said that Mikeys recovering quickly and should be able to come home the day after tommorow, they wanted to make sure I would be able to collect him" Said Gerard. Everyone smiled.
"Thats great!" Cried Ray. Gerard was beaming.
"I knew Mikey would pull through!" He said. Frank raised an eyebrow but didnt say a word.
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