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Let's hope we never have to say goodbye

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The temporary resolution

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"Need" Part Eight: Let's hope we never have to say goodbye

And then we sing...
hooray for the madness, we are better by design

Pete watched silently as Kayli slammed the door on Hemmingway. His phone began to vibrate on his desk and hoping against the circumstances that it was Kayli, he picked it up, only to see it was Ashlee. He wasn't really in the mood to deal with her today, and he wasn't sure he wanted to deal with her ever again, frightened now that he was going to lose Kayli for good. He didn't know what to do to try and get her to see that it really was all business and that he wasn't attracted to Ashlee in the way he was attracted to her, but it seemed almost unfixable. He certainly wasn't about to tell Ashlee that he was engaged, it would be spread all over LA in a matter of hours, he was sure of it and he was adamant about keeping this secret. Hemmingway sat down at the door again, looking from Pete to the door, back to Pete and back at the door. Pete wasn't sure if Hemmy really needed to pee or if he was telling him to chase after Kayli, but he decided it was the latter and grabbed Hemmy's leash before dragging them both to his SUV.

Kayli was furious. How could she not be? She was bluffing when she threatened to call off their wedding, she wanted nothing more than to share her life with Pete, but this new "career move", well it was enough to make her scream. If she was happy with their situation before, she was almost sick over it now. She decided that she couldn't keep it a secret anymore, that she needed to let it out and tell someone, and the only way to tell anyone was telling the one person who could keep it a secret.

She ran up the driveway to her mother's door step, knocking urgently a few times. Her mother answered the door a few seconds later, a look of concern on her face. Kayli was near hysterics, the farther she drove, the more she thought, the more she thought, the more she cried. She felt betrayed in the worst way. Pete could've had the decency to tell her about his public relationship before she had to find out about it like everyone else. She was most upset with him because he didn't show enough trust in her by not letting her know about the awful situation.

"Honey...what's wrong?" Kayli's mom said. Kayli sobbed softly, reaching forward and grabbing onto her mom tightly, crying into her shoulder for a minute before backing away. She stepped inside and turned to her mother.

"Mommy, I lied to you and I'm sorry. But I've been keeping this secret far too long and I can't anymore. I have to tell someone and you're the only person I can honestly trust with this." Kayli mom nodded slowly, taking her hand and leading her into the kitchen. Her first thought was that Kayli must've been pregnant, and she was scared, but she was hoping that wasn't it.

Before she sat down, Kayli pulled the diamond ring out of her pocket and handed it to her mother.

"What's this?" Kayli sighed and wiped at her tears, before looking from the ring to her mother's face.

"An engagement ring. Mom, I'm engaged," she said. A broad smile quickly spread across her mom's face before it faded just as quickly.

"I didn't even know you were dating anyone." Kayli nodded.

"I have been since May. But no one knows about it. The only people that know are Pete, me and you now."

"Pete?" Her mom asked. Kayli smiled.

"Yeah. He's in the band that I've been touring with. He sort of plays the bass but mostly he's just a genius businessman. He has his own record label, clothing company, and bar. He's really smart and super sweet and he's the best boyfriend I've ever had." Kayli said, her voice pinching before a new batch of tears fell down her face. Kayli's mom sat the ring down on the counter before looking at her seriously.

"Then why are you crying?" she asked. Kayli let out a loud exasperated noise, wiping harshly at her damp face.

"Because...he's dating someone else. He says he doesn't like her like her loves me and that it's a strategic career move, but Mommy he didn't even tell me about it! He waited until I saw pictures online and for me to get upset. I don't know what to do. I love him so much and I want to marry him, but I can't do it like this. With all of this secrecy and this public Ashlee crap."

"Who's Ashlee?"

"She's this...mediocre pop star who is more famous because of her last name than her talent. I believe that she must be a nice person and cool or whatever, but she's holding hands in LA with MY fiancée, Mom! It's not right!" Kayli's mom sat down beside her and rubbed her daughter's back. She didn't like seeing a man she was supposedly in love with causing her pain like this. She didn't deserve it, her mother knew that. She knew what kind of love her daughter deserved and she was feeling like maybe at her age that Kayli was beginning to feel the biological clock tick and the desperation for a family life set in and she was jumping at her first opportunity.

Kayli jumped when her phone began blaring because she had been sitting in silence with her mother for a few minutes. She grabbed her phone and frowned at the name Pete on her caller ID.

"Yeah?" she said.

"Where are you?" he asked. He had driven twenty five minutes with Hemmingway to Kayli's apartment only to find she wasn't there. He wanted to apologize, to further explain the decision to publicly see Ashlee, he wanted them to talk before they had to go to Germany in a week, mostly he wanted Kayli to put on that ring again. He was depending on her in a way he had never depended on a girl before, he was planning the rest of his life around her and she was unaware, but all of his decisions as of late were made with her in mind. He was planning his time around the date of their wedding, and he was planning the future around the hopes of children.

"I'm at my mother's. You should come by. She wants to meet you," Kayli said, looking at her mom. Her mom nodded approvingly. She definitely wanted to meet this boy who was making her daughter cry because he was dating two women.

"Okay. How do I get there?" Kayli explained pretty simple directions and hung up, sighing as she sat her phone down.

"Tell me what this boy is like before I meet him so I'm not completely shocked," he mom said. Kayli smiled and pulled out her digital camera, showing her mom pictures of the two of them from a few weeks ago.

"Tattoos, Kayli?" Kayli laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Yes, mom. He has a lot of tattoos. He's been getting them since he was 15." Kayli's mom shook her head with disapproval.

"Tattoos are so ugly." Kayli grinned to herself.

"Not on him, Mom. Besides that, what do you think?" Kayli's mom shrugged.

"He's cute, I guess. I just don't like that he's making you feel like this, honey." Kayli nodded and shrugged.

A few minutes later a knock on the door disrupter their conversation and Kayli's mom went to answer the door. Pete smiled sweetly as the door opened and exchanged a hello with her. She stepped aside to let him in. Kayli stepped around the corner, arms crossed. Seeing him now only made her anger return, she wasn't at all happy with him.

"Hi, babe," he said calmly. Kayli just stared at him as he shifted, not used to seeing her upset like this.

"Pete, would you like something to drink?" Kayli's mom asked, breaking the awkward silence. He shook his head.

"No thanks. I just want Kayli to talk to me. I'm sorry," he said never pulling his eyes from her. Kayli shrugged. Sorry was for kids, he was going to have to do better than this. She was upset that their first fight was over something as major as him dating someone else, she was hoping it would be over something stupid like him using her towel or something, but this was serious.

"I understand why you're upset. I already told you that I'm upset, too, but there really is nothing I can do about this. I just want you to understand that I'm doing this for us. I'm looking out for our best interest. I would never, ever hurt you on purpose. I love you." Kayli's mom rolled her eyes. She wasn't impressed right now with Pete at all. To her this was just a typical excuse, from a typical guy who wanted to keep what he thought he deserved.

"Can't you just call it off? Everyone loves a juicy break up," Kayli said. Pete smiled.

"I'll talk to my publicist about it. But he's going to want a reason and I just don't feel like I can tell anyone yet." Kayli uncrossed her arms. If he upheld his promise, she was going to deal with it for the time being.

"Can someone please explain to me why it's important for this to be a secret?" Kayli's mom asked. Pete turned to her and nodded, explaining the mean things girls say about former and current relationships, the jealousy commonly shared by most of his fan base. Kayli's mom nodded, but Kayli could tell she wasn't getting it.

"Mom, I promise it's for the best. These girls can be vicious and you know I let words get to me. Pete's just looking out for my feelings," Kayli said.

"Yea, okay, but I don't understand why you are seeing this other girl if you love my daughter so much." Pete sighed heavily. It made sense in the twisted world of Hollywood, but he could see why it was difficult for Kayli's mom to grasp, it was pretty fucked up.

"I know this looks bad to you, but I can assure you that my intentions are good. I love Kayli, she understands me in a way I've found no one else has and even though we haven't been together for very long, I just know that I'm done searching. I want to spend my life with your daughter; I just want you to say its okay. If you want to get to know me better first, I'll wait as long as I have to. K, I want this to work," he said turning to her,"I'll do anything to make sure it does." Kayli looked intently at Pete, searching his eyes again, finding nothing but the honesty and sincerity that made up his inner self. Her mom sighed.

"Would you to stay for dinner, Pete?" He ripped his eyes away from Kayli's.

"I have my dog in the car, he's pretty bad. I wouldn't want him messing up your house."

"Why'd you bring Hem?"

"He convinced me to chase after you," Pete replied causing Kayli to smile.

"I'm sure he'll be fine, I insist on you staying for dinner." Pete nodded and went to the car, bringing the dog in and helping set up for dinner...

Once dinner was over, Kayli and Pete were sitting on the front door step, Hemmingway running on his leash as Kayli laid her head on his shoulder.

"You could've warned me," she began. Pete put his arm around her, kissing the top of her head softly.

"Warned you about what?"

"You and Ashlee. If you would've told me about it before I had to witness it like everyone else, I wouldn't have gotten so upset," she said. Pete nodded.

"You're right. I just knew it was going to upset you, I was nervous about your reaction so I pushed it away until she begged me to go clubbing, then I was left with no choice. I really am sorry about all of this, baby. Honestly, I never wanted to hurt you. I'm going to try and take care of it, okay?" Kayli lifted her head and caught his eyes, staring at him. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply. "Want to spend the night again? I have a pretty empty day tomorrow," he asked. Kayli smiled and nodded, wrapping her arms around, kissing him once more...

If we keep swimming, maybe this will never die
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