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Part Nine: She's everything I'm not

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Things just won't get better

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"Need" Part Nine - She's everything I'm not

'Cause the girl
That you want
She was tearing us apart

Sometime in the middle of the next week, Pete decided that since he and Kayli were at an understanding that he would go out with Ashlee once more. He counted on their pictures being taken when they were walking into the club and out of the club, but he wasn't counting on pictures being taken while he was in the club.

He would never cheat on Kayli. That much he was adamant about, but sometimes a guy is just always a guy. As his night continued, he didn't necessarily forget about his commitment, but he did sort of forget that people had eyes and that cameras don't always lie. He let himself be comfortable around Ashlee, after all they were friends and he let her be herself, feeling it was unfair of him to ask to change. You can always go out, but it becomes easy to forget what the day after will bring.

As Kayli continued her packing, an IM suddenly came up on her screen from her mother, alerting her to a new batch of pictures followed by a stern warning "I do NOT trust this guy." Curious, Kayli clicked on the link, only to drop what she was holding, plopping herself down in front of the computer. The picture was blurry, obviously it was taken from far away and zoomed into, but it wasn't lying: Pete was kissing Ashlee. She didn't wait another second, she didn't think about the time of day or where he was.

"That mother fucker," she mumbled to herself, storming out of her house and to her car.

Frantically, Kayli knocked at Pete's front door, she was more than angry right now, she was absolutely furious. Hemmingway began barking like crazy inside, scratching at the door as well.

Pete sat up straight in bed, peering warily at the clock - 2 pm...his head hurt. After steadying himself, he was officially in a bad mood and super pissed at whoever was at the door.

"Hem! Shut up!" he yelled, walking toward the front door. He scooted the dog out of the way wand opened the door with a scowl on his face. His anger quickly subsided when he saw Kayli standing there, arms crossed. "Hey baby," he said sweetly, his mood changing instantly. He began thinking about what would bring her here right now, they were flying to London together in two days and then arriving separately in Germany, so he thought they weren't seeing each until then.

"Don't. You're an asshole. I think we should just call this off, this isn't working out," she said, attempting to pull the diamond off once again.

"No, please don't do this again. I don't even know what you're talking about! What did I do this time?" Kayli stared at him a minute before reaching into her back pocket, pulling out a printed picture. Pete took it and stared at it hard, then he felt his temper begin to rise. While the picture was blurry, it was clear to see him and Ashlee stuck in a stiff kiss. This was not okay.

"And don't give me that 'it's not what it looks like' shit," she said, turning on her hell and going to her car.

"Fuck," Pete muttered to himself, looking at the picture once more before ripping it up and running after Kayli. He opened her car door before she could drive away. "Don't leave, please. I'm begging you Kayli and I never beg. Please let me try and straighten this out. Come inside, baby," he said to her. Kayli was too far in love with Pete for her own good and she knew it, but she wanted them to work in the worst way. At this point, she only truly was bluffing. She got out of the car and followed Pete into the house, stopping to pet Hemmingway before going out to the back porch off of his bedroom with the dog, playing.

Pete was angry and feeling tense, he sat down in his office for a few minutes, starring and thinking. This Ashlee situation was supposed to benefit him, not hurt him and so far it was turning out to be more of a hassle then Ashlee was even worth. He picked up his phone and called his publicist. This whole deal was off.

Kayli got too hot waiting for Pete, so she came inside to look for him. She went all over upstairs but found nothing, so she went downstairs and stopped just outside his office door.

"I don't care what it's doing for sales! I didn't sign on for this shit! I told you I was okay with this only if it didn't get out of hand. This fucking picture is too much. I want out, I can't do this anymore!" he said. Kayli smiled to herself. She was happy that Pete was upset with this situation, but at the same time, she didn't understand what caused that picture to exist in the first place.

"Don't worry about why I'm so upset over this! Just know that I'm not okay with it, I want it to stop. End of, seriously. I'm done," he replied, hanging up. He sat down again, slightly furious. Kayli should know him better than to think that kiss meant anything, he kissed everybody, it's not a problem with him.

Cautiously, Kayli moved around the corner, leaning against the door frame. She watched closely as Pete stared intently at the wall in front of him. She could tell he was upset about the whole situation, but she still wasn't sure he was 100% trust worthy. Slowly she walked forward, approaching him softly. She ran her hands down his chest, resting her chin on his shoulder. Pete reached up and grabbed her hands, holding them both tightly. The couple stayed like that for a few minutes before Pete spoke.

"You know that kiss didn't mean a thing. It's that whole 'believe half of what you see' thing. Kayli..." he sighed, pushing her hands away before turning to face her. She sat down startling his lap, running her fingers across the back of his head. She wasn't mad at him, she felt like this whole thing was entirely unfair, but not all of it was in his control either. "I'm sorry. This whole situation sucks, but I'm not playing this game anymore. I'm not seeing Ashlee anymore, its not fair to you." Kayli nodded, kissing his forehead before letting him lean on her shoulder. It was moments like these that were too scarce for the couple and they both always felt the need to hang onto the feelings of love and the tangible sparks that flowed through their embrace, but as all things, the moment must end and life must proceed...

Less than a week later, Kayli found her self in a rut, unable to even be near Pete. She had become part of the crew by now, but still kept her distance from Pete and he did the same with her. They would find the occasional moment to spend together, but with everyone's schedules being so busy, it was more than hard. Europe seemed to lose all of its charm when Kayli couldn't spend the time near Pete; all of the romance that these places were supposed to bring seemed too expendable.

She would try to act like everything was fine and that she wasn't at all bothered by the situation, but she watched Pete deal with his feelings in the most Pete-like way and saw him begin to take himself for the emotional rollercoaster, sending himself up when he was low and sending himself down when he was too high strung. It sort of pained Kayli to know Pete was struggling with demons she couldn't relate too, all she had to offer was her support and ear, which Pete always accepted gratefully and willingly, but with the space that had to be forced between them, neither could cope gracefully.
Two weeks was all the separated the band from their two weeks European tour to the second leg of their US tour and everyone needed to be away from each other. Things with the band were severing creatively too fast for anyone to stop them and this tour sometimes was easily compared to a trip to the dentist.

Kayli was anxious for the final leg of the US tour; she and Pete had made plans to get hitched in Las Vegas late after a gig before heading back on the road towards LA to stay home and rest for an indeterminate amount of time.

Thought you were something different
That's when it all just fell apart
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