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No Good Deed

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Lee makes a new friend.

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-"Why did you let that wolf go?" he demanded. Lee knew that his answer wouldn't matter so he decided to be a smart ass. He loved to push Jericho's buttons.
-"Because it asked me to," Lee answered with a big smile. "And I'm a nice guy so I did." Jericho's eyes flared up and he got off his horse. He walked over to Lee, he looked down at the trap one more time and then back to Lee. Without warning Jericho caught Lee with a sucker punch that knocked him off his feet and onto his back.
-Lee rolled on the ground and got back to his feet ready for a fight. He could already taste the blood from his lip. It didn't feel very sporting to fight a man as old as Jericho but this was ridiculous. However he came up to find himself staring down the barrel of Jericho's riffle.
-Lee froze, was Jericho really going to shoot him over this? Lee could see Jericho's finger start to squeeze the trigger. Lee held his breath as he waited for the shot but he still couldn't believe Jericho would really kill him just for letting a trapped wolf go.
-Jericho was suddenly knocked to the ground and the rifle went off. The bullet grazed Lee's arm, he fell on the ground holding the wound. He turned to see what had struck Jericho and couldn't believe his eyes.
-The wolf he had freed a moment earlier was attacking Jericho. Jericho was on his back shielding himself with his rifle and the wolf was trying to bite at his face. Jack got off his horse and pointed his gun at the wolf but he couldn't get a clear shot without hitting Jericho.
-Jack fired a shot close the where Jericho and the wolf were fighting and it startled the animal enough for Jericho to push it off of him. Once the wolf no longer had Jericho as a shield Jack took aim again. Lee picked up a rock with his good hand and threw it at Jack.
-The small stone hit the barrel of the gun and threw Jack's aim off enough to make the shot hit slightly to the left of the wolf. The animal ran for cover and so did Lee, he didn't want to find out if Jericho still wanted to shoot him or not.
-Lee ran through the brush unsure of where he was going. He didn't really care, anywhere was better than where he was coming from. He hadn't gotten too far when he heard something behind him, gunfire!
-Jericho and Jack were coming after him. That could only mean one thing, they wanted him dead. Of coarse they did, if they didn't finish him off he could have them arrested for shooting him. Jericho was already considered crazy, a gunshot wound and Lee's word were all the sheriff would need to lock them up.
-Right now Lee was more concerned with staying alive than getting Jericho arrested. He pushed his way past low branches and stumbled over fallen logs, blindly searching for a safe place. Lee heard another gunshot ring out from behind him. He didn't see where it hit but he knew it had been meant for him.
-Lee looked over his shoulder trying to see how close his pursuers were when he ran right off a small bank and into the river. The water felt like thousands of needles piercing his skin everywhere. He wanted to jump out and get away but the current swept him downstream.
-Lee knew better than to fight the current but it was moving faster than it should. Lee looked in the direction he was going and didn't like what he saw, a waterfall. Lee tried to swim towards the bank but it was too late.
-"Oh crap!" Lee screamed as the water took him over the edge and then he was in the air and falling. Luckily for him it was only a twenty foot drop but the impact was enough to knock him unconscious.
-When Lee woke up he was on the shore. His clothes were wet and he had a bad headache but his shirt was off. He looked at his arm where he had been shot to find it had been bandaged with some plant leaves and moss.
-"You're finally awake," a female voice said. Lee looked over to where the voice had come from and saw a young girl perched on a rock with her arms wrapped around her knees and her chin resting on her hands. She had curly, light brown hair that flowed down her back, her face was bright and cheerful, and her clothes reminded Lee of what Native Americans wore.
-Lee slowly sat up and shook the grogginess out of his head. His body hurt all over but he would live. He looked around and saw his shirt drying on a rock. Lee looked at the girl again, he knew most of the people from town but he had never seen her before.
-"Did you do this?" Lee asked indicating his bandaged arm. The girl smiled and nodded, she seemed eager to please but Lee wasn't sure why. Lee got up and put his soggy shirt back on, he was freezing cold. He needed to get home but he wasn't sure where he was.
-"I appreciate your help but we need to get going," Lee said. "There's a crazy old coot with a gun trying to kill me and I need to get home to warm up before I freeze to death. Do you know the way back to the mountain trail?" The smile left the girls face and she looked up and around as if she were listening for something. When she was satisfied she looked back to Lee.
-"Its alright, he isn't close by," she said. Somehow her reaction wasn't what he expected. He just told her that some one was trying to kill him and it seemed as if she already knew. She stood up and walked over to a pile of tree branches that she must have made and took out a flint from a small pouch. After a few tries the dried leaves caught on fire and she waved Lee over to warm himself up.
-"Thank you," Lee said. "My name's Lee by the way, what's yours?" The girls face brightened up.
-"I am Flora," she said. "Thank you to." Lee wasn't sure what he had done for her, they had just met and she had saved his life.
-"Why are you thanking me?" he asked. Flora smiled and Lee noticed blood dripping from her right wrist.
-"For helping me earlier."
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