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More Than Meets the Eye

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Flora takes Lee to her home, for dinner?

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-"I don't understand," Lee said. "We have never met before." Flora smiled at him and giggled. Lee didn't understand what was so funny but he was too busy warming himself up to worry about it. He rubbed his arms trying to drive out the cold. Flora watched him with amused fascination.
-"So are you new in town?" Lee asked. "I've never seen you there before."
-"I'm not from the town," Flora said. Lee expected her to elaborate but she only stared at him with her cheerful smile. He couldn't figure out what she was so happy about. She was in the middle of nowhere with a guy she didn't know who had a bullet in his arm. Any other girl would be a little more uncomfortable with the situation.
-Lee figured that if she wasn't from the town then she was probably on vacation or visiting someone. The only part of that that didn't make sense was that if she wasn't from around here why was she out here all alone?
-"Well if you're not from town what city are you from?" Lee asked. "And what are you doing way out here?" Flora gave him a quizzical look.
-"I didn't come from a city I came from the forest," she said. "And I like it out here." Lee guessed that she lived in the woods like he did but she didn't look like it. She was too small in stature to take care of her self in the wild. She couldn't survive out here alone so Lee figured she must have friends, maybe a husband.
-Flora suddenly tensed up and looked around as if she had heard something. Lee hadn't heard a thing and thought she might be paranoid, but he was the one with a nut case after him he should be the paranoid one.
-"We have to go now," flora said calmly. "Fallow me, I know a safe place." Flora got up and started walking into the trees. Lee wasn't in any shape to argue. He didn't know where he was or how to get home and since Jericho was probably still hunting for him going off on his own wasn't a good idea.
-Lee picked himself up and fallowed after her, he only hoped she lived nearby. As they walked through the woods Lee kept trying to find some recognizable land mark. A familiar tree or rock, something that would make him feel less lost than he knew he was. If he could just figure out where he was he knew he could get home but the further they walked the more unfamiliar the trees became.
-They walked for nearly an hour and it was starting to get dark. Flora moved as if she knew the place like the back of her hand. Every chirp and hoot that would make any other girl her age jump with fright didn't affect her at all. Lee wasn't sure what it was, flora had been nothing but kind to him, but there was just something about her that felt wrong.
-There wasn't really anything he could do about it. Despite the warning in his gut he liked her; she was a sweet girl even if she was a little strange. The whole time they had been walking she hadn't turned to look at him once. She hadn't said anything either or made a single noise as she walked. Lee could be quiet when hunting but Flora was uncanny.
-They finally found themselves looking up at a horseshoe shaped cliff. There were several fallen trees up at the top and it was past dusk now. One fallen tree made a kind of bridge to the top but Lee didn't want to go up. There was something about the place that made the hair stand up on the back of lee's neck.
-"I'm home," flora called out. Lee looked at her thinking that she was joking but when he looked back up the cliff he saw a pair of shinning eyes. Lee squinted and saw that it was a big wolf. It had bristly, black fur and large shoulders.
-The wolf was soon joined by several others. They all looked down at Lee and Flora and the first one snarled at them with big white teeth. The other wolves joined in with the unhappy welcome and Lee found himself feeling nostalgic for Jericho. He would much rather be shot than eaten but he knew that wolves rarely attacked people.
-Lee started to back away from the angry animals that were looking down at him. If they just left their territory they would probably just leave them alone. When Lee looked at Flora to tell her to stay calm he saw that she was smiling.
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