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Vexen's Lab

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Demyx is rushed into IV's Lab... read and find out ^-^

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Vexen's Lab

Tilting a test tube, he allowed one drop of the grey-blue liquid to fall into the test tube he held in his right hand, quickly freezing it as it descended into the purple liquid that awaited it. A small splash occurred as the tear-like substance landed and flicked several drops of the purple liquid onto the otherwise perfectly clear test tube. As the drop dissolved into the purple liquid, they started boiling, forming a black substance that looked similar to tar. He was trying to make a substance that would act like acid on flesh but wouldn't liquefy anything it was put on; he hoped it would keep annoying trespassers away.

Vexen frowned and sighed as a portal appeared in the middle of his lab. He quickly set the pair of test tubes into a holder where three test tubes rested, each containing the same black substance. Judging by the dust on the vials, these others had been sitting on their rack for quite some time. Frost slowly crept up the wooden rack, his irritation manifesting itself as his experiment was interrupted, and his hands clenched the wooden frame 'till the wood groaned under the pressure. Vexen suddenly realized what he was doing and hastened to put the test tube holder under the lab table he had been working over on the top shelf in the center cupboard with other test tubes that held a similar liquids. He knew only one person who had the insolence to interrupt him as he was working, and Vexen didn't want him near anything that had even the faintest possibility of becoming flammable. Vexen cursed under his breath slightly venting his frustration, remembering that Number VIII had a special talent for destruction: he could find the only flammable atom in an otherwise completely empty room and end blowing up the entire facility.

The blond man on Axel's shoulders gave a slight moan when the frigid air slid beneath his thin clothes. Axel's boots gave off the slight squeaky sound that happens whenever someone who is soaked to the bone creates puddles of water wherever they step. Through the portal, Vexen could hear the sound of pounding rain from the other side and chuckled at the source of Axels cross expression. "Vexen! Do you really have to keep your lab this cold?" Axel groaned as he angrily pointed at the dusty and unused heater unit in a corner of the lab, "Why don't you try to use that at least once a year?"

Vexen raised one eyebrow, allowing a condescending to appear upon his face as he looked down at the younger man. "I feel no need to change my habits for a neophyte such as yourself. If you prefer warmer climes, then just stay inside your room."

Vexen watched impassively as Axel bristled at his comment, noting the unconscious blond haired boy resting uneasily on Axel's shoulders. Axel scowled slightly before shrugging as the higher ranking number strode towards him. "He uses some kind of water magic, though it doesn't look like he has much control over it. Don't know the kid's name, he kinda passed out after getting beat up by the Shadows. Xemnas said he wanted to see him right after I picked him up, I've got no idea why, though, but I figured that the kid should be fixed up a little bit before being brought to see the Superior." The boy's matted hair hung down, dripping onto the floor and contributing to the wet mess. The boy's clothes, bloody and tattered, clung to his emaciated frame and covered the many wounds on his back. Vexen lifted the boy off Axel's shoulder and set him onto a lab table, all the while keeping his back facing the fire mage. "If you would like him intact before he sees the Superior then you will leave. I do not expect to see you for the next few weeks unless you would like the Superior thinking you were the one to inflict these wounds."

Axel gave a shudder, "No thanks, Xemnas can be such a hard ass when it comes to those things... I think I'll go dry off." With this, the fire mage gave a careless wave over his shoulder and ran off, escaping Vexen's wrath as he said those words of insubordination. He threw off a few sparks towards a few beakers full of an unknown liquid, hoping it would be flammable and therefore keep Vexen busy enough so he could get away intact and unfrozen. Unfortunately for Vexen, Axel's wish came true and the redhead ducked quickly to avoid the shrapnel that flew over his head as the beakers exploded. Laughing as he escaped to his rooms through the smoke, Axel left the labs as he usually did: a mess of chaotic hellfire.

Vexen dropped the blond man's head onto the table as he raced over to the overhead vent, switching it on and dashing over to the small fire that was still burning, cursing under his breath. The beaker had contained naphtha, a highly flammable substance and Vexen wouldn't be able to put it out with just a little water. Grabbing a bucketful of sand, that he always kept handy since Number VIII had started his visits here, he poured it over the still burning substance, smothering it until it finally died away. He muttered angrily under his breath as he strolled over to the unconscious boy, looking him over carefully.

Vexen lifted the boy by his shoulders so his back was exposed. The bloody lesions were not as bad as they first seemed, half healed, though infected, it would be quick work to heal with a hi-potion. He gently laid the boy down, trying not to wake him, and pulled open the drawer under the table, taking out a pure white case about five inches high and seven inches long as well as a few flasks that he always had prepared. He wondered who had gotten the wounds to the half-healed state that they were in, for Vexen was sure it wasn't VIII, for Axel had never had the patience to master healing spells. Vexen pitied the poor pyromaniac, who was only interested in fighting and fire. If the boy had done it, he really shouldn't be in such bad shape, because if he could cast Cure, that used most of one's power, he should be able to use other spells or at least defend himself with his weapon. Opening the box, he took out a pair of scissors and cooled the metal to a freezing temperature, sterilizing them and then setting them off to the side. Vexen walked around the boy, taking his arms and fastening them in tightly to the steel table by means of thick black velcro straps. Then, moving down, he did the same to the boy's ankles.

At his touch, the young boy pulled away and slowly blinked his eyes as he awoke. Finding himself strapped and bound to the table, Vexen watched as the boy's blue eyes widened in fear, he started to jerk about in terror, making small animalistic moaning sounds. Vexen moved around him once more, freezing the bonds so they were more secure, just in case the boy tried to rip himself out before he was done healing him.

"C-C-Cold!" The boy shivered and let out a small scream as the bonds were set, "What are you gonna to me?!" The boy looked positively terrified of him: Vexen the scientist, whom no one gave any respect to. Vexen idly wondered what in the boy's past gave him such fear of people that he automatically assumed the world was out to harm him as he continued his preparations.

Picking up the scissors, Vexen leaned over the boy's face saying impassionedly, "Hold still. I do not wish to hurt you, though if you continue to resist, harm may befall you despite my caution." With this the boy became quiet and stopped struggling, though his shivering did not cease. His wide eyes reminded Vexen of a mouse being toyed with by a cat. Vexen stood frozen, staring into those eyes, for they held a hidden depth that looked as if the pure innocence that the boy possessed was just a façade that was trying to protect his true self.

Shaking his head, Vexen was surprised at how introspective he was getting. Ignoring his patent's distress, he pulled the hair straight out and started trimming it away on the edges of his head. 'I'm actually not that bad at trimming hair,' Vexen thought to himself, 'at least I get enough practice on my own.' He cut away the hair so it almost looked like a mullet and dabbed a potion onto a swab and dabbed at the scratches now visible on the young boy's skull. The boy yanked away from the swab as it descended, though in the end, the restraints held him securely and the futile yanking only served to redden his numb hands.

Throwing away the cotton swabs, Vexen pulled out a white wash cloth that had been dipped in a potion and wiped the boy's face off, gently removing the blood that still oozed out slightly. The wounds on his face disappeared as the cloth moved over the skin, but the boy pulled away and gave a whimper as unshed tears welled up in his eyes.

Vexen took out a hi-potion and uncorked it, swirling the liquid as if it were wine. He stared into the murky depths of the potion, trying to decide whether the boy would need any more restraints as he administered it. It provided almost instant relief to any ache or pain. However the key word in this situation was almost; in those seconds before the pain was alleviated and the wound healed the patient would experience an excruciating pain as if the entire body were on fire and freezing at the same time. Vexen knew this for the times he had been forced to take it and none of his experiments had been able to cure this side effect so far.

He shrugged; the boy hadn't been able to break the bonds that Vexen had set so far, so the chances of him doing so now were slim to none. The boy must have noticed Vexen's expression, however, and he wasn't going to make this easy; he had his lips tightly closed and his nostrils flew open and closed as he hyperventilated. Vexen rolled his eyes and reached down with one hand and held the boy's nose close securely. Vexen waited patiently for the mouth to open, gasping for air, with the hi-potion that awaited use in his other hand.

As the boy's thin blue lips predictably flew open after a few seconds, Vexen poured the high-potion inside. The boy would be forced to swallow or die, which wasn't much of a choice at all. As the boy's adam's apple moved up, then down as he swallowed; the boy seized up and he lay as ridged on the table. The boy's teeth must have snagged a piece of his cheek as he bit down, for blood soon ran freely down his healed cheek before being healed by the potion inside. The boy squinted his eyes shut in an effort to keep from screaming out loud and hurting his already sore throat.

Then as the pain drifted off and his body slackened against the frigid counter, he gasped in surprise at the relief from the pain. Vexen waited 'till the boy had settled down before turning around and setting the now empty flask down onto the opposite counter, a clear ringing sound echoing the room. Moving around the boy's restraints once more, Vexen spoke aloud to him for the first time. "I know the involvement of the potions hurt; however, you are now healed. You still aren't the least presentable, so when I release you I expect that you shall refrain from trying to attack me. If you just cooperate for a few more minutes, it will make both our existences much easier." With this, he released his hold on the ice, allowing it to break away as he undid the velcro restraints.

The boy did not move to attack, or even to get up. However, he curled up into a fetal position, eyes closed, and just sat there shivering. He looked so malnourished and cold, the Chilly Academic actually took pity on him. Or at least as much pity as a Nobody could give. Vexen stared at him for several minutes, waiting for him to get up, marking time with the impatient tapping of his foot, until he lost his patience and turned on his heel, striding impatiently towards the heater. He turned the dial onto heat and pulled his hand away, brushing off the dust residue off on his cloths. This was the first time he had used it since the heater had been installed.

As he waited for the boy to unfold and become responsive once more, Vexen went over to the destruction that Axel had been so kind to leave for him to clean up. Grabbing a dust bin, he swept the glass shards into it and threw it away into a nearby trash can. Then he opened a drawer and pulled out a blue towel and started scrubbing down the table, and continued this for long after the counter was clean felt eyes upon his back. The air had grown substantially warmer from the continued hum of the heater and when Vexen glanced out of the corner of his eye, he saw the boy had propped himself up on an elbow and was staring at his back. Slowly turning around with the towel still in his hands, Vexen faced the boy, trying to do his best to look unthreatening. He didn't much care for other members of the Organization, but if Xemnas was to see the boy, Vexen wanted him in the best shape as possible. As he turned, the boy leapt up and tried to dart to the door that Axel had recently left from, but his weak shaking limbs betrayed him and he ended up diving head-first at the floor. Vexen cursed under his breath and rushed over as he saw the boy trying to get up. "IDIOT! Potions use much of your strength! Added to the fact that you seem very malnourished, you should know better than to try moving now," Vexen scolded angrily as he just managed to catch the boy before his face came in contact with the ground. Vexen sat the boy back onto the table.

Reaching into the first aid kit, he pulled out a few packets of crackers and shoved them into the boy's hand, "FIRST you eat, and then you may go get cleaned up and dressed! You will be unable to get out of here, so do not even try, I do not have the time nor the patience to deal with any escapades you try to pull. After you are fit to be seen in respectable company, I shall escort you to see the Superior, Xemnas; he shall decide what is to be done with you." Vexen rolled his eyes at the boy, who seemed utterly cowed by him, for the boy had made no move to run away again or do anything as Vexen towered over him. Vexen turned around melodramatically, allowing his Organization coat to swirl around him, and grabbed a clean beaker and filled it with water. "Drink some water after you finish the crackers," He went back and set the glass down hard next to the boy, triggering another flinch.

The boy cautiously opened the packet, but as the smell of the crackers reached his nostrils, the crackers disappeared into his mouth almost faster than Vexen could track their movement. The boy reached eagerly for the water and would have chugged it down instantaneously if it weren't for Vexen's continued disapproving stare. When the boy polished off the rest of the crackers, he licked his lips and then his finger, trying to gather every crumb into mouth before he whispered, "You... You said something about Xemnas. Who is that? Who are you? What the hell is going on?" The last question was barley audible as the boy hunched his shoulders and looked down at his feet as if he regretted even opening his mouth.

Vexen raised one eyebrow. This was the first time the boy had actually asked a sensible question, so as a reward for good behavior he answered, "Xemnas is someone who you will be seeing and speaking to soon. He is the one who will determine what will happen to you after you are dressed. I am Vexen, Number IV in our little organization, and I am a scientist with the powers of ice. I should be the one asking you who you are. Can you at least enlighten me with the knowledge of your identity?" He tilted his head, waiting for the boy to answer, but no response seemed to be forthcoming. Sighing, he made his way to a door at the end of the lab.

Opening it, he entered his small room and went over to the sliding closet, passing a small bed that lay in the center of the room. The frame of the bed was made of mahogany and a light blue comforter lay on it under two plump pillows. The other sparse furniture, two small bed tables with a lamp on one stood at each end of the head of the bed; and the desk, which rested against a wall, opposite the end of the bed, were made of the same wood as the bed frame and were just the way he liked: neat, organized, and clean. The walls were painted a white color, though the overhead light gave them a slightly bluish tint. Upon opening the closet, he found several spare Organization coats as well as pants and long-sleeved shirt and another pair of boots. There was also a white lab coat at the end of the closet that hung with a black suit and white dress shirt, and both looked unused, although well cared for. He reached inside and pulled the Organization coat off of the hanger it hung on and lay it on his right arm, then piled a shirt and pair of pants on top of it neatly. Stooping down, he picked up the boots and carried them out to the other room and set them out on top of the bed.

The boy had gotten up, now poking around at his lab equipment and currently admiring the countless variety of liquids that were stored in a china cabinet. Walking over to the boy, who was standing on his tip toes, craning his head to see the upper shelf, Vexen calmly laid a hand onto the boy's shoulder, not expecting his reaction, though he supposed he should have. The boy jumped up, twisting in the air and falling backwards, knocking up against the cabinet, giving a startled yelp of surprise. Vexen groaned inwardly and just hoped that nothing had been broken, but said in a relatively calm voice, "Easy! No harm done. Why don't you just go get changed?"

"'M sorry. Sorry" The boy lowered his head as if he was expecting Vexen to smack him, and flinched as Vexen stepped around him and gave him a gentle push that sent him stumbling in the direction of the room Vexen had just left.

"Go get changed. The clothes are lying on my bed. Bring out your dirty rags as soon as you're done." Vexen hadn't been expecting to be liked by the newcomer, but he never thought that healing someone would make them so frightened. Watching the boy dart over to the bedroom and shut the door hesitantly, Vexen wondered what in the name of Nothing could possibly interest the Superior in this waif.

Axel had said something about the boy having water magic, but none of the other members had ever been half so silent or introverted other than Zexion. The boy hadn't even told Vexen his name yet!

Vexen's eyes narrowed in speculation as the door creaked open and a small form appeared in the crack. The boy's hair was almost dry and was standing up straight along the top of his scalp and the short hair around his ears almost hid the scars where so recently dwelt bloody gashes. It didn't look bad... it was punkish in a way. The coat was way too big for the slight frame and hung loosely, making the boy seem smaller than he actually was. Vexen sighed as he realized the boy would need his own coat straight away.

Vexen walked over to the boy and looked down at him apathetically, allowing no emotion to enter his expression as he stared at the boy's slight frame. The boy's hands had a good foot to go before they reached the end of the long sleeves and the coat was dragging on the ground. Pulling the boy in front of him carefully so he wouldn't trip on the edge of his coat, Vexen raised a hand and opened a portal to Xemnas' office door, shoving the boy into the swirling darkness. Jumping inside after him, Vexen endured the brief moment as all sensation was cast off in utter darkness and arrived at the closed door moments after the boy had. Sometimes the journey felt as if no time had passed and at other times it felt as if one had stayed in there for minutes, although one always arrived at the selected destination instantly. Vexen picked up the boy, for he had landed ungracefully and had fallen in front of the door, breathing hard in fear once more. Vexen knocked against the door while droning, "Number IV, bringing in what Axel retrieved."

"Come in," intoned the deep, rich voice, it seemed to promise eternal damnation and redemption at the same time. Vexen wasted no time and immediately opened the door to the Superior's room and walked in, the small boy trailing behind him.

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