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A Meeting

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A boy is led into the Superiors office where he learns of some shocking news. Later he runs into another person he is unfamilar with.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama - Characters: Axel, Demyx, Namine, Saix, Vexen, Xemnas - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-05-05 - Updated: 2007-05-06 - 2907 words

Disclaimer: None of this is mine. Well, that's a lie, but I don't own Disney or Square Enix yet and so they have a few legal rights over kingdom hears.... Well, whatever.

A Meeting

The boy walked, head bent into the room slowly. Keeping his eyes to the ground, he looked furtively up and at the room around him. He stood behind Vexen so the people in front were hidden and the only thing he could see was the furniture in the gigantic office. The dark wood of the desk was the main focus point of the room, drawing the eye's and capturing them demanding obeisance to the man sitting behind it from whomever looked that way. There was relatively little else in the room except for a few pictures of landscape scenes. The only other furniture in the room were two elegant and tall vases that held an arrangement of fake flowers, dusky in color surrounded by dead wood.

He stayed behind Vexen because although Vexen had scarcely spoken hardly a word, and the words that had been uttered hadn't been familiar or kind, at least he was familiar. Vexen's aura, although unyielding, made him seem like a man who took action of his occurred rashly and was thought out methodically to the end. Vexen hadn't hit him or ran him off yet, and although he doubted that it would last, it never did, for now Vexen seemed a safer choice than the others in the room. He hesitantly out from behind Vexen so he could see the people waiting for him and for them to see him.

At the desk sat a silver haired man who started to smile kindly when they entered the room, but the smile didn't reach his eyes and made him look like a wolverine or a fox who just seen their prey enter their sight. He sat at the midpoint of the desk in a tall chair and his hands were folded elegantly on top of a few neatly stacked papers. A huge window behind the man showed the stars of the night sky and the small moon that was shaped like a heart. There was the red headed man, who had fought off the monsters and then abducted him, standing to the right of the desk whose posture and cocky smile which practically screamed a smug assurance. Vexen and the other two men wore identical outfits from the coat to the shoes. The only other person in the room was a small girl sitting on a small stool to the right of the man. She looked only to be about 13 and her small arms clutched a white sketch pad, as she looked with huge blue eyes straight at the boy. She was the only one in the room without the black coat on; instead she wore a pure white dress which rested loosely on her slight frame.

The boy stood staring out at the others with wide innocent eyes, unwilling to break the silence that had settled upon the room when they entered. He felt distinctly the oversize coat and how young it made him look, and wished he could have at least found some clothes that were a closer size to his own. The boy could feel the stares of the others as they appraised him; judged him. Vexen studiously ignored them all and started staring broodingly out into space, with his lips moving slightly. He was probably thinking about some experiment he had going on, and the boy wished he could get lost in thought so easily. The boy looked at his feet feeling uncomfortable in the tension of the room. It felt like a string of a guitar, when stretched to the breaking point and the lightest pull would force it to snap.

Finally the small girl spoke up, her soft voice barely audible, "Hello Demyx, My name is Namine. How are you feeling?" Her words could only be intended for him and his head shot up and he stared at Namine with unconcealed surprise as his jaw hung down.

"Wha-Wha... Why did you call me that?" He stumbled over the words, but the name just felt right, and fit where none other had.

Namine gave an impish grin as she giggled, "Silly! Am I not supposed to call you by your name?"

Suddenly another voice intruded into the conversation, making Namine look down and withdraw once more, clutching her sketch pad, "Well then. Hello Demyx. My name is Xemnas and as you just learned, that is our little oracle Namine. The man standing there," Xemnas pointed lazily at the red-headed man, "is Axel who was sent to bring you here." Here he paused and looked up and down appraisingly at Demyx before continuing, "Do you comprehend the reason why we brought you here?"

Demyx blushed and with an effort transferred his gaze onto Xemnas. With the revelation of his name thrust upon him, he felt off balance and unsure and he could merely shake head in negation at the question. Although both Xemnas and Axel seemed to be very confidence, there were two very different feelings from the two. While Axel exuded a brash cockiness of youth, Xemnas seemed to be the poised confidence of a politician or a military commander. Demyx wished he could tell what Vexen was thinking but the man's showed no expression as he stared blankly at the heart shaped moon outside.

Xemnas continued hardly waiting for Demyx's answer and ignoring Demyx's inner turmoil at the rapid changes in his life, "You are in the World That Never Was which houses Nobodies that come into existence after the body's heart is stolen. The sentient Nobodies join the Organization, however these ones are scarce. Sentient Nobodies can find they are more powerful than their original Somebody's despite the lack of heart, but we still distinctly feel our lack of joy, sadness, and anger that our give us. Namine can sense the coming of a new Nobody and alerts us to where it is so we can collect him or her. Usually the newer Nobodies still feel the semblance of emotion, the memories that their body tells them reverberate through their systems but that inevitably fades. Do you wish to join us in our endeavor to regain our hearts?"

Demyx eye's were wide with uncertainty as he looked at Xemnas and studied the countenance as he spoke up, "Do... Do you mean that I have lost my heart? How is that even possible?"

Axel spoke up in a nonchalant tone, just as Xemnas was opening his mouth to reply, "Yep! That's what he said! The heartless that attacked you in the alleyway steal hearts from humans. We steal hearts from them. They don't appreciate this and so attack undefended nobodies like you. Simple, No?"

Vexen finally seemed ready to join in on the conversation, "You have lost your heart that is a fact. So what they're trying to get around to asking is: Do you want to join the Organization in our effort to regain our hearts?"

"I really don't get what really goin' on and I'd appreciate if someone would just explain it to me, but I guess I can try to stay with you guys for a little while anyway." Demyx turned back to Xemnas who looked slightly smug, like there was no other answer for Demyx to give him. In truth there wasn't. There was no where for him to go, and if he actually made it back to the city then he was likely just to be hunted down and killed by the heartless. The people he met here seemed to be pretty strong anyways so they wouldn't let anything like that in here. He could always just run away or hide if they became pretty mean.

"Good. Axel will show you to your rooms and you can settle down there for the night. I understand you have had quite a bit of excitement before he could pick you up." Xemnas dismissed him and Axel with a regal nod of his head, "Vexen, if you would please remain here a moment longer, I would like to speak to you about a few things."

Axel gave a mocking bow and quickly strode out of the room his legs devouring the distance between him and the doors. Demyx bobbed his head before turning and hurrying out of the room behind Axel. Reaching the hallway he looked around and saw no sign of Axel except for the edge of one of the black Organization coats disappearing as it turned into a hallway a short ways ahead. Quickly he raced after it. The hallway lead to a tall flight of stairs that twisted downwards and it kept the elusive person effectively out of sight as they sprinted downwards to the lower levels of the castle.

Sighing Demyx rushed downwards careful not to trip on the oversized coat as he took the steps two or three at a time. He wondered why Axel was trying so purposely trying to get him lost but he had no other way to get to his room and so tried his best to keep up. Exhausted, he just wanted to get to a bed and hoped that was where Axel was taking him, and kept his eyes on the floor watching for anything that might make him trip. Looking back, he wished he had put less effort in trying not to trip and more into watching where he was going.

He tumbled head first into the awating body at the bottom of the stairs that sent him sprawling onto his rear end. Rubbing where his head had hit the unmoving chest he reluctantly looked up. This wasn't Axel nor was it Vexen. A strange man confronted him, arms crossed as he looked down from his taller stature and wild hair framing a fierce countenance. Two long wicked looking scars made an 'x' on the man's forehead and his golden angry eyes gazed intensely into his widened eyes. "Who are you?" The man demanded, his gruff voice full of scorn and suspicion, "Who let you in here?" He stepped forward, full of aggression and looked like he was going to beat Demyx up

Demyx stood up quickly, stuttering out apologies and not even hearing his own words. He couldn't move. Couldn't run away from this man that block the path in front of him and felt like he wanted to cry for the helpless situation he was presented. But he wouldn't allow the tears to fill his eyes, and tilted his head down as words rushed from his mouth unheeded, "Ex-Excuse me. I-I-I'm-I'm really s-sorry for bumping into you!" Demyx cowered waiting for the man to strike him, 'I knew this was going to happen. This always happens to me...'

"Demyx... My name is Demyx. Axel brought me here and he was showin' me the way to my rooms but I didn't see him and I thought he was you and so I was following you and I'm sorry! Please let me go!" Demyx hurriedly answered the man's questions in a vain effort to stop the man.

He said nothing though and just tilted his head slightly looking askew at Demyx. Frowning he leaned forward to reach out to Demyx's face. Demyx quickly turned trying to escape and darted up the stairway behind him. Or at least tried to. However the hand had grabbed the back of the hood and had yanked him backwards so he flew against the man again, this time landing so his back rested against the mans legs. Looking up Demyx saw a slight smile appearing on the man's face.

"The hell? I barely get started and you're lost already. So I feelin' a bit charitable and decided I should go look for you." Axel's lazy voice rang down from the stairs, causing Demyx to look up and see Axel sauntering down the stairs just as the man released him. The smile on the man's face ran back to whatever place it had originated from and he glowered at Axel as he approached. "And what do I find. I should have know, Saix. He just got here! You're beating the poor boy so soon up already?"

Saix glared at Axel saying nothing. He held the man's gaze for a few moments before yanking Demyx off the ground and shoving him over to the awaiting body. Then, letting a low gutteral growl rumble out of his throat, he turned on his heal striding away a few paces before walking into a black portal that suddenly appeared in front of him.

Axel caught the body flung at him deftly and quickly helped Demyx balance on his own shaky legs. Demyx looked confused down the hall then back at Axel trying to figure out why Saix's attitude had so abruptly changed.

Axel muttered more to himself than to Demyx, "Damn anti-social beast," before turning back to the young boy staring up at him and continued in a more cheery tone, though Demyx couldn't tell if he was forcing it or if Axel actually was a bit more perky now that Saix had left, "Don't you worry your little head 'bout that one! He'll prolly just go sulk for awhile in his rooms breaking a few thinks and causing general mayhem. By the time he comes out again, you'll be all settled and ready to defend yourself! Speaking of rooms, why don't we get you to yours. This time, please try not to get lost."

The light tone told the boy that Axel was only teasing him, but he couldn't understand his rapid change in attitude. The cold anger that he displayed with Saix disappeared seconds after he left was nothing like the attitude that he had displayed elsewhere. And why didn't Saix tell Axel what happened? It was Demyx's fault he ran into him and he wasn't even being that harsh. And Saix just left without saying anything! He opened his mouth to say as much to Axel, but the man had already started off down the short corridor and a right at the end of it.

Demyx hurried after him, trying to follow Axel's directions and not lose his way, and kept on the man's heals for most of the walk. He gawked at the wide range of artwork that was displayed on the walls. Paintings of landscapes, one was of a crowd common people walking around a market place decked out in fair gear, and another was of a lightning storm in the middle of a vast desert. Statues stood at corners, of people and creatures he had neither seen nor heard of before.

All too soon they arrived a hallway that was bare from any decorations. Ten wooden doors alternated on the hallway were all that was seen before the dead end where the tenth one stood, but there seemed to be room for a few more. On the upper center of all but one of the doors were steels panels roughly twelve by three inches apiece and inscribed on them were three lines: first a name, then a number, than a small phrase. Demyx saw a few names he recognized, Saix, Vexen, Xemnas, and Axel, but the others all looked foreign to him. He guessed those were the others that were staying here although Namine's name was not in sight.

When they reached the final door at the end of the hallway, he saw with shock that his name was on the panel along with the number nine and the words "melodious nocturne." Axel let out a chuckle and Demyx looked up at the man in confusion, "They got it done already! You get your own room, but most members, once settled, usually move out of these. I still live over there," he pointed at the room across the hallway; "I like mine. Namine, of course, draws them and she did a great job on mine! You can come over anytime you need something, but why don't you go to sleep in yours right now. You look positively exhausted, though I'm hardly surprised. Come over and wake me up tomorrow and I'll show you where the kitchen is, m'kay?" Not waiting for an answer he reached down and ruffled the boy's hair. Then Axel turned on his heal and walked over to his own door. He threw it opened, allowing Demyx a quick glance at the dark reds and purples of the room, before shutting the door.

Demyx nodded slowly and clenched the handle in warm fingers. Opening the door slowly he stepped inside and gazed around slowly at the room. Mostly bare, it was painted in soft green and blue colors, a soft glow filled the room that was emitted by the lights above. A bed with a black frame and turquoise covers sat next too a stool and music stand. Another door was behind the stool and on the other side of the bed was a nightstand with a plain silver lamp on it. Smiling slowly, Demyx took off the Organization's coat and set it neatly on the stool before falling into the bed. He was half asleep by the time he had hit the covers and let the darkness of sleep take him.

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