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Chapter 2

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Mandy's P.O.V

SO i think i know what i want 2 do he ask if i would go on tour with him i told i don't knows you kno ill never get this chance again "ok ill go! but only for you" i said "then its seattled then your coming with me all rite let me brake it 2 the guys or at least my brother!' joel said

"ok ill be here then" i said
Joel's pov

he left "hey joel where have you been? i've been worried?" benji said "i neeed 2 talk 2 you i met this girl i like her really like her im gonna bring her with me ok?!" i said "k whatever!" benji said
he went 2 get her. she was there he got her 2 go!
she went 2 sleep in my bunk! Mandy problemly hasn't slept since i left her the last shes a good kid i want her 2 be mine all mine!

Benj's PoV
i don't like it JOel found a girl that's not 2 bad she's really kool i met her once Mandy's a good girl i hop Joel know's that shes nice he needs that he really does!

Normal pov
hey if you guys start again im gonna hurt sum1! "hey joel wheres your girl at?" billy said "shes asleep you all don't need 2 bother her rite now!" joel said

"sum1 is touch when they talk about there girl ain't we?" billy said
"yea im gonna go byebye" joel said
they went 2 sleep he slept with her she didn't mind it cuz she always like it when he slept with her!

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