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im paul's cousin

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read it find out

Category: Good Charlotte - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-05-03 - Updated: 2007-05-04 - 181 words

joel pov
its 9 in the morning she left me in bed shes out benj he left me a note. thats fine i dont mind it. "hey joel you up yet?" Tony said
"yea im up" i said getting out of bed! "what ya need"i said "your girl is fine whats her name?" tony said
"her name is Mandy Thomas" i said
"hahahaha Paul Thomas is her cousin" tony said
"so he doesn't care i dont think he cares" i said
"ok there sound check so go for it now!" tony said

after sound check Joel went looking for Mandy
He found her on the bus asleep!
"hey sleephead you wanna wake up go with me for a while" joel said
"yea im just tired thats all benjamin had me go shopping with him sense no1 else would i didn't mind" she saidf]

they were at the show
joel pov
shes the best time i know it i can look at her and smile she makes me feel good 2 benj knows it 2!

after the show she went 2 bed with joel madden!
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