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im changing mandy's name 2 missy!
Paul pov
joel is going out with my cousin i dont mind although he should have ask first i love her he brakes her heart i dont wanna think about that now
"joel may i talk 2 you for a minute" i said
he confused "yea sure" joel said
they walked in2 the back
"yes you wanted 2 talk" joel said
"yea i did" i said
"look i know i should have asked you first do you mind if i take missy as my girl" joel said
"no i dont mind but be careful shes alot of bf's that treated her like crap and twisted it around 2 make her out 2 look like the bad guy it hurts me 2 see her like that' I SAID

paul wants me 2 take care of her i will dont worry i always take care of my girl i know what i did 2 hilary wasn't right i wont make that mistake twice.
"ok thats understandable but lets not go there yet ok" i said
"whats going no in here i leave now ok i gotta byebye" missy said

missy pov
they were talking about me again i dont like it when peeple talk behind my back it sucks so im gonna go away few hours it will give me time 2 think if i want this relationship or not i need help sum1 help plz ah sid ill call she'll know what do 2 do?

missy found sid
"sid hey girl" i said
"hey sweetie whats wrong dont tell joel trouble" sid said
"yea paul and joel were having a convertion aboout me" missy said
"babe they were talking about you in a good way not in a bad way" sid said
"yea maybe your rite im gonna stay away for while" missy said

sid pov
if joel brakes her heart im gonna brake his thing i mean it shes my best friend so there you go!

review it plz! sid read plz i need help!
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