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Chapter 9 - Bold Lies & Shy Truths

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Petra tries to make sense of it all....

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Petra didn't confront Patrick that evening after getting home, she made him go to bed and sleep off partitions of his emotions so when she nailed him, he would be less fragile.

She didn't sleep, she pulled an all nighter, she worked, read and cried. As the sun came up, she showered and changed to start this day as fresh as she could.

As she came out of the downstairs bathroom after being sick for the 4th time that morning alone, she was confronted with him.

"You!" Petra said, Patrick looked alarmed.

"Sit!" she summoned him to the sofa, he obeyed and walked slowly to his sofa and sat down. He turned to Petra who was clutching her tummy, she held a single finger up to him.

"One moment!" she gasped quickly, pulling open the door and vomiting again. A minute later she emerged, Patrick's eyes surveyed her.

"Are you OK?"

"Bloody great!" she said, she walked over to him and sat down on the coffee table opposite him.

She put her head in her hands.

"I have been up the whole night, trying to get my thick skull around what the hell happened....and I can't." she said, looking up at him.


"-Shush!" she snapped angrily and Patrick' lips clamped shut.

"I'm still so angry with you I can't quite fathom it." She warned him in a cool tone.

Patrick frowned , the way Petra had been with him last night was not the impression she was giving now.

"I'm not angry we slept together - I'm not angry that I'm pregnant - I'm not even angry that I'm puking my guts up 20 times a day!" she snapped.

"I'm angry because you lied to me....right to my face.....and I can't stand that you would do that! I cannot!!"

Her eyes were lit up as she verbally offloaded.

"I didn't know what to say!" he objected.

"I don't care that you didn't know what to say!" she bit back.

He looked down and closed his eyes slightly.

"Would you have ever told me?" she asked clearly.

"Of course!"

"Really? Because your attempts to tell me seem futile."

"When the timing was right I would have." He said.

"You know.....CeCe said something to me last night and it's made me think about everything..."

Patrick's eyes looked up and wandered over Petra's pale face.

"I was telling her much a farse this whole thing is, the fake marriage, the fake lifestyle...and she questioned whether it really was...." she said weakly, her voice reflecting her emotion.

"I said to her 'what do you mean, what are you talking about?' and she made a good point....that you weren't drunk that night."

Patrick's eyes continued to study her features, almost musing over the statement she was making.

"I'm not sure what it all means, but I know it means something." She said.

"I couldn't stop myself..." he whispered, possibly to himself but Petra's wide brown eyes looked at him.

"Ugh! That stupid dream!" he said, clutching his head and slumping back in the sofa.

"Huh? What dream?" she frowned.

Patrick gnawed on one of his expensively insured fingers in his even more expensively insured mouth.

His eyes glanced to her and she frowned inquisitively .

"Patrick - what dream?" she asked.

"A stupid teenage boy's dream." He muttered.

"By that you mean a wet dream." She said, Patrick's face changed shade.

Petra tried hard to keep her composure but her smile lines on her lips were bursting at the seams.

"Oh go ahead - laugh!" he sighed.

Petra opened into a fit of laughter and after releasing the pent up humour, became quiet again.

"I want to know about the dream." Petra stated simply.

"Oh you don't you get to know about the dream." Patrick said, laughing.

"Was I in it?"


"I was , wasn't I?" she teased.

"Petra don't do this!" Patrick said embarrassed.

"Is that why you slept with me?" she asked, changing the tone a little.

There was silence.

"Was it just sex to you?" she asked, getting to the core of her problem.

He paused for a long time, dwelling carefully on it.

"Yeah..." he said simply after thinking. Petra nodded, tears damming up behind her eyes.

"And it meant nothing to you?" she asked, clearing her throat slightly.

Patrick didn't respond.

"Ok..." Petra nodded.

"I get it now." She said, she stood up and stepped over his legs.

"It's weird...I thought I would be OK with hearing you say that, but I'm totally not." She said, leaving him sitting on the sofa.

She lay in sleepy bliss, her arm tightly holding Patrick's head to her neck, her steady shallow breathing making the hairs on his neck tickle.

Patrick's hands squeezed her soft fleshy curves into him tighter and he felt at that moment, the purest sense of tranquillity as they both slept.

He lifted his head from her grip gently and her arm fell back on to her chest, he brushed her loose curls from her shoulder and placed a soft warm kiss on her collar bone.

"You are beautiful." He whispered with a little smile.

She stirred slightly, her hands clutching at him and pulling him close again.

"Ethan..." she sighed.

Patrick's eyes flew open. He pulled himself away, the tranquillity had been infested with his name. He just stared at her, she had a sleepy smile on her face and it only instilled jealousy, really strong bouts of it.
He wriggled from her and left her sleeping as he fled the scene and hurried to his room.
It was at that moment he'd started to wish it had never happened, that he should have controlled himself and awaited a time for him to act out his desires. The name she whispered kept skipping in his head and he stuffed his head into his pillow and pulled the other one of her head as he pushed it out of his head.

He couldn't stand the thought of just replacing someone else and even more than that, couldn't stand the thought he, himself, was using her to replace someone else too.

Sometimes you gamble and you win, most times though, you gamble everything and you lose. Then there are some who after losing everything, gamble again, and aren't happy with losing it all over again. They reason that if they can just get that one ounce of pleasure from winning what they really want, it's all worth it.

Patrick pondered over how many times he was willing to gamble with his happiness, and he pondered over exactly how much happiness was left in his deposit like heart.

Petra opened her bedroom door a few hours later and Patrick fell back, sprawling ungracefully on to her bedroom carpet. Petra stepped over him.

"Petra - wait!" he said, clambering up, she hurried down the stairs with her luggage bag in her arms.

"Where are you going?" he asked, hurrying down the stairs after her.

"I'm leaving." She said firmly.

"Leaving - where to, for how long?" he asked frantically

"No....I'm leaving you, Patrick." She repeated in a slower tone.

"What?" he frowned.

Petra pulled the bag up her shoulder more and turned to leave, Patrick rushed to the door and slammed his hand against it.

"Patrick, don't do this....."

"You're not leaving." He said in a firm tone.

"Yes I am, please move." She said angrily.

She tugged the door but he slammed it again.

"You're staying and we're talking this out!" he said, raising his voice slightly.

"There is nothing to talk about."

"How about that fact that you're pregnant with my child." he said angrily.

"Well I won't be for much longer." She said coldly.

Patrick's deposits ran further lower in his heart, he couldn't believe her words.

"What are you talking about? You cannot be serious!" he said.

Petra's eyes remained fixed on the spot on the front door, she tried to open it again but he pushed it shut.

"I won't let you do this!" he said desperately. She pulled at his hands as they blocked the lock on the front door and they began wrestling as she clawed at the lock, her only wish being to get out of her situation and run, as fast as possible.

Petra stopped fighting as a wide pain span across her tummy. She put her hands over her body protectively and leaned over as she cramp like pain twisted her up.

"Petra!" Patrick said quickly and watched as she crouched down on the floor and waited for the pain to subside.

"Are you OK??" he asked, getting on the floor with her.

The crap dissipated and she took a huge breath.

"I'm fine, probably a warning to stop this." She said breathlessly.

"I'm calling a doctor." Patrick stated, already getting up to carry out his words.

"I'm fine!!" She said, sighing as he ignored and carried on through to the other room.

A few minutes later he reappeared and helped Petra from the floor.

"He'll be 20 minutes." Patrick informed her, Petra shook her head.

"I don't know why you even bothered." She snapped and sat down on the sofa.

They never spoke a word as they waited for the Dr to arrive and Petra shook her head again as Patrick answered the intercom and buzzed him in.

Petra remained silent and answered only the Dr's questions with single word answers.

"How many weeks are you?" he asked as he strapped the blood pressure monitor onto her arm.

"5-6 weeks I guess." She said, the Dr observed her nonchalance.

Patrick's knee shook nervously as he sat on the coffee table where Petra had sat only hours earlier.

"Have you had any spotting?" he asked, Petra shook her head.

He watched carefully with his stethoscope as he read her pressure.

"OK, blood pressure is very high, which is a worry." He said in a comforting tone, even thought the news wasn't great.

"I have high blood pressure." Petra said factually.

"How do you feel in yourself?" The Dr asked sympathetically, concerned about the body language he was witnessing from her.

Petra didn't respond, she kept her lips tight shut. The Dr looked at Patrick for help.

"He's just trying to help Petra." Patrick said.

"I don't need help, I told you I was fine." She snapped.

"How do you feel about the pregnancy?" The Dr asked, using his wisdom to gauge this woman's symptoms.

"I don't want it." She said simply.

Patrick stared at her.

"I don't want it!!" She cried, the Dr looked on with soft eyes and knew he'd found the root of a problem he wasn't sure he could fix.

She cried a little and then gathered herself together.

"How do I go about getting a termination?" she asked, sniffing her nose gently.

Patrick's crushed spirit was evident in his eyes as he stared at Petra. He felt like his world had stopped and the words the Dr spoke about her options just whizzed in his head.

As the Dr got up to leave a few minutes later, Patrick followed, only a ghost of his usual self. The Dr turned to him.

"I'm not a relationship counsellor and I'm no expert by any means but do need to talk this through with your wife....very soon." He said softly. Patrick nodded, his pale skin even more gaunt than usual.

"Thank you for your trouble Dr....and sorry if I wasted your time." He said sadly.

"You didn't." he said with a little smile and Patrick shut the door. His head rested against the door and he felt the emotions of everything swish around in his guts. He felt her presence, turning, he saw her standing in the hall way.

She picked up her bag again.

"I'm going to CeCe's." she said simply.

This time Patrick didn't stop her as she opened the door, leaving only minutes after the Dr.

He was beside himself in anxiety. He didn't know who he could talk to, who he could trust, who would understand.

In a bid to feel something other than rotten, he picked up his cell an dialled that familiar number.

"Hello?" the voice asked upon picking up his call.

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