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Chapter 10 - After The Anger Comes the Calm

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Petra deals with her decision...

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Chapter 10 - After The Anger Comes the Calm

He regretted it as soon as he hung, he knew now that Katy would be cancelling whatever plans she had and was on her way over. Why did his mind gravitate towards her? Was this all about her? Maybe underneath it all, this was all happening because of her. It seemed only minutes later she was buzzing on his intercom but in fact, the best part of 45 minutes had passed. His finger hovered just above the entry button, debating, deciding, contemplating, trying to gain some foresight into this action. Unwillingly, he allowed her access and he stood by the door, waiting.

"Hey..." he said, as his open front door welcomed her.

"Hey." She said back softly. He gestured for her to come in and she glanced at him as she moved passed him in the doorway.

"I'm guessing the wife's not in." Katy said, it sounded more condescending than it meant to. He ignored that statement, it wasn't time to let her rope him in yet, plus, he was too shocked with everything to respond. He walked into the living room and sat down, Katy unsure what to do, unsure of her reason for being there, just followed him and sat down on the sofa opposite.

"She's gone..." he said quietly. Katy heard every syllable, the loss in his voice.

"I'm sorry." She responded. Patrick looked at her and she appeared genuine.

A pause for thought continued and Katy stood up, moving next to him and gently touching his shoulder.

"Are you OK?"

He shrugged, she moved her hand off him and put it back on her lap.

Patrick had decided as soon as he'd seen her upon opening the door that what he felt for Katy was no longer passion or excitement, it was just a feeling of seeing someone you hadn't seen for a long time. He remembered how his heart would skip a little when she would come round, often clutching a bottle of wine and he'd kiss her hard, meaning every single one because he truly loved her. She'd already answered her question for being here: Did he still her love her? No....Was Petra worth the fight because she was worth it and not because he was desperate to fill the void Katy left? Yes.

Patrick and Katy entertained conversations about their updated lives and even laughed a little at the expense of their fallen relationship. Patrick never got to the actual reason of why he called her round but she just talked like they would've done. She told him all about her new boyfriend and he seemed relieved to know she'd moved on.

"I missed this..." She smiled with a nod.

He smiled and Katy mirrored his gesture, touching his leg gently. Patrick glanced down at her hand and nodded too. Her hand moved up slightly and Patrick, obviously responding to that touch, moved his fist a little into the sofa.

"I know I'm taking a big risk here..." Katy whispered and moved quickly over his lap, her hands encircling his neck, Patrick's eyes remained down and her lips pressed against his. She had fully anticipated his rejection so was surprised to find his lips return her acquaintance and they shared a long gentle kiss.

She was so familiar to him, she was so easy to love, it was second nature to him. He couldn't stop his hands roaming over the territory that had been his those years and her back curved as her tummy pressed against his, turning him on badly.

"This is wrong..." she gasped suddenly, pulling away from him.

"Yeah." He gasped and she moved off him quickly.

"I'm sorry!" she said quickly and wiped her lips softly.

"I'm so used to taking advantage of you!" she said with a little laugh, he let out a little laugh too.

"I should go..." she admitted, taking her bag and placing it over her shoulder securely.

"OK." He said, standing up and following her to the front door.

"Y'know Patrick, I'm not gonna profess to know your relationship with Petra at all but....I do know that you have to work extra hard at keeping a marriage together, even if it is for publicity." She said, with a smirk. He smiled back.

"Thanks for the advice." He said, she walked out the door, but she turned before heading towards her car.

"And just so you know...I've moved on now." She said lightly, nodding her head.

"I know." He replied simply. He watched her leave, and he felt happy.

Finally he had some clarity to work with.

He wasn't completely in love with Petra. His relationship with her was so rough around the edges. But now he could clearly mark the stages within their relationship, for instance when she first meant something more to him than the foreign woman in his home, when he first looked at her and felt attracted to her instead of feeling nothing, when she was first there for him in a way that quantified her caring for him, his first dream about her...look where that got him....

He decided sleep was the best thing for him, he didn't pursue this situation any further. His head was so fuzzed up and his emotions a little wiry so he took himself to bed and tried to rest. Unfortunately for him, only images of her plagues him. The mental snapshots he'd taken of her.

Fury was a problem Petra had dealt with since childhood, she seem ill equipped to vent in a proper manner and often exploded in rage, trashing anything from the toys in her room to the ornaments on her parents fire place. It wasn't on frequent occasions it happened, it took a lot to get her worked up but only took a small amount of the trigger to set her off.

Unfortunately for CeCe, she pulled the trigger and Petra flipped out. So enraged, she stormed out the apartment after staying the night and flew down the freeway at stupid speeds just so the wind could clear her head.

She arrived at the clinic a few hours later and nervously sat down opposite a much younger woman, likely with a lot less morals than her too.

"Mrs Stump, we need you to fill in these forms." The receptionist said politely, Petra took the clip board and sat back down, trawling the lists of paragraphs, the disclaimers, the warnings, the advice. Her eyes became impatient and she scribbled her signature on the bottom. She handed the clipboard back to the receptionist.

"Mrs Stump?" The nurse called, taking a deep breath, she got up and glanced at the young girl sitting there. Her sad eyes looked up Petra and she stopped.

"Why are you here with eyes like that?" Petra asked.

"Because I don't have a choice." She replied. Petra swallowed, gulping her emotion down her throat.

"Of course you do." She said.

"Yeah well so do you..." she replied back a little resentful that Petra would question her when she was here too.

"Mrs Stump?" the nurse asked again.

"I'm coming." She said softly, dragging her eyes away from the younger woman.

Patrick had wrangled the info out of CeCe and was tearing up the freeway just as Petra had done and it wasn't long before he heard the sirens.

"Shit!!" He growled, pulling over at the safest place.

"Shit!" he said again, smacking the steering wheel.

The cop knocked on his window and Patrick pressed the button.

"Driver's licence and registration docs please." He said formally, Patrick dug out his wallet and handed over the documents.

"Mr Stump, you know where doing over 160 kph?" he asked

"Yeah." He said with more boldness than he meant to.

"That's an unacceptable level of speed to be travelling on a public freeway, I'm going to have to book you."

"Fine." Patrick said, he so wanted to tell him everything about the day he had but he deserved the ticket, he'd broken the law.

"Could you step out the car please?"

"Sir, can't you just give me the ticket because you have no idea how much I need to be somewhere right now." Patrick said, frustrated.

"Step out of the car please." He ordered, more persistence to his tone. Patrick angrily opened the door and slammed it shut, getting the cop's back up.

"Have you been drinking or taken any substances?" he asked, opening his notebook.


"You won't mind if test you?" he asked.

"Please, can you just book me, I need to go like, right now." Patrick urged the cop.

"What's so important?" the cop asked, a little put out by Patrick's dismissal of the crime he'd just committed.

Patrick didn't answer.

"Could you open your boot please sir?" he asked, seeing as Patrick wouldn't answer.

"No - listen, I need to go!" he said, his voice seething a little in impatience.

"Well if you open your boot then we can get this done quicker." The cop said, Patrick flipped his boot open. The cop mooched around and Patrick folded his arms tight.

He got out his small machine and prepared it for Patrick to test.

"Please hurry." Patrick stated, the cop glanced at him, shaking his head a little.

Patrick followed the cop's instructions and breathed long and hard into the tube and waited for the reading to come up clear.

"Well you're below the legal limit." He advised him.

"I told you I hadn't drunk, it would've been much quicker if you'd just believed me."

"Sir, we have to carry out these measures."

"Yeah well these measures are stopping me from doing something that could change a lot of lives so are we done here yet?" He said raising his voice.

"Sir, please calm down." He said calmly. Patrick's hands clenched tight, he was getting so wound up.

"Don't tell me to calm down - you have no idea what's going on right now! I need to go!" He shouted angrily at the cop.


"This is Bullshit!!!" He growled angrily, kicking his car.


Patrick kicked the car again. Anger was writhing through his veins, he didn't lose it often, but he lost it big when it surfaced itself.

"Sir, calm down!!" The cop said firmly and gestured for Patrick to stop kicking his car.

"Take a step towards my car."

Patrick stared at him as the cop gestured to his own car a little up the freeway.

"I'm going." He said in a lot tone and began moving to his own car.

"Sir!!" The cop said, grabbing Patrick from behind and forcing him against his car.

"You're making this more difficult on yourself.." he said, taking cuffs out and locking Patrick's hands together.

"F* you!!" he growled.

"Ok, I'm arresting you." the cop said and pulled Patrick towards his car firmly.


Petra lay on the bed, her fingers shook and she wiped her face, sweat was clearly forming on her clammy face.

"I'm just going to be performing a brief scan to ensure the gestation of your pregnancy." The young woman said in a soothing voice. Petra nodded and turned away from the monitor.

She felt the cool solution on her tummy and swallowed as she felt the nurse begin her procedure. Petra knew she shouldn't and she didn't want to, but her eyes moved to the screen which was turned away from her.

"How big is the baby?" Petra croaked, regretting asking that question, the nurse glanced at her. They were trained to deal with these occasions, she turned the screen slightly and Petra recognised the small blob in the monitor immediately. She gasped suddenly and backed up on the bed.

"God..." she said, she was absolutely unprepared for that moment.

"I can't do it!" she gasped, the nurse looked at her closely and moved to sit by Petra.

"Nobody here is going to make you do this, this is your decision." The nurse said softly.

"I can't do it - that's a baby! I'm having a baby!" she said horrified, she'd contemplated it. A switch flipped within Petra's stomach and heart and she began crying. She felt regret she'd hurt her unborn child by even considering to rid her life of it.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I wasted your time!" Petra cried gently and pulled herself up off the bed.


Petra knew he wasn't home and it was just as well, she needed to adjust, her life had changed in the last hour. She stood in the kitchen staring at the photo's the woman had given her of her baby and she put them on the fridge.

"How can something so small make me feel so ill..." she said, smiling slightly at the photo. She put her hands on her tummy.

It wasn't a feel of acceptance, or even a feeling of love for the unborn child, it was something that physically moved her. It was feelings of maternity. A mother's love. All it took was that moment when she saw it and the chain reaction began for Petra. In the frailties of her doubts, she knew, that no matter what was going to happen in her life, everything would be just fine. Even if it wasn't.

You have one new messge BEEP

"Hi, this is a message for a Mrs Petra Stump, we need you to call Chicago Police Department regarding your husband, a Mr Patrick Stump. Number 312 -746-6000 and ask for Officer Reece. Thank you."

"Oh my god...." Petra said, frantically scribbling down the number, she grabbed the phone so quick it fell out of it's cradle and she swiped it off the floor.

"312-746-6000" she whispered as she dialled and she waited.

As she was put through to the Officer dealing with Patrick, her mouth dropped.

"He what???" She shrieked.

"Oh you have to be kidding me!!" She said,

"You know what - he is Unbelievable!" She said

Grabbing her keys she stormed out the house.


Petra's fingers tapped on the front desk and as the door opened, Patrick shuffled out holding his hoody. Her brown eyes bore into his skin and looked down as he approached her.

"You can take that pussy naughty school boy look off your face for a start!" She said angrily.

Patrick stared at her in disbelief.

"Yeah well, if you hadn't have done what you did - I wouldn't have gotten arrested in the first place!" he yelled back at her as they made their way outside.

"Don't you dare blame me - you lost it, abusing a policeman isn't the best way not to get arrested." She said sarcastically.

"Don't you even care??!!" He yelled, his hands held out in dismay, a few people turned and looked at them.

"Care about what? About what??" she shouted back.

"Our baby!!" he said, his feelings hurting so bad.

Petra stared at him.

"CeCe told me..." he said, tears building him, his face was distraught.

"You had no right!!" he said, pointing at her. His eyes welled up and Petra moved closer to him.

"That was my baby too!" he cried.

Petra stood infront of him, she took his hand and gently put it on her tummy.

"What...this baby?" she asked. Patrick nodded and he started to cry. Petra's eyes welled up and she took him into a hug.

"It didn't want to go..." she whispered in his ear, kissing his head softly.

"I didn't want it to go!" She added.

She continued to hold him tightly for several minutes outside the police department, they didn't care who saw them, both their lives where changing and not in small ways either.
Petra smiled as she pulled Patrick's face from her shoulder and wiped his tears firmly with her thumbs, she then wiped her own tears.

"Less crying, come on, I'm gonna be sick very soon." She said sniffing.

Unfortunately for them, they had to stop on the way and Petra was sick at the side of the road.

"I'm OK!" she said, pointing for Patrick to stay in the car as she leant over the small barrier.

He stared from half getting out the car and stepped back in. She clambered back in resting her head against the back of the chair and slumping down.

"That's good, that was only the 8th time today.." she moaned, rubbing her tummy.
"Good grief..." he said, with a little laugh, Petra laughed a little too.

Laughter was sometimes the only thing you could use to cover a multitude of unexplained feelings, if laughter failed, then love did the rest...

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