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Chapter 11 - One Moment Is All It Takes

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You heard the chapter title....

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Chapter 11 - One Moment Is All It Takes.

It had been a few weeks since that life changing day for them.

It would be great to write about a romantic development between them both after Petra deciding to keep the baby but the reality was, they still drove each other nuts. Frequent vocal ascensions and constant bitching between them wasn't helped by Petra's extreme hormonal conditions as Patrick found out too late from a friend.

Patrick could hear her growling from downstairs and he stood at the bottom of the stairs smirking up at her. He had to see what it was about so he made his way up to her room and she was desperately trying to fasten her skinny jeans.

"You!!" Petra said angrily, pointing at him.

"Me?" he asked, raising his eyebrows, laughing.

"Look at me - this is your fault!!" She snapped sharply. Patrick laughed.

"It's not funny!!" she cried and slumped on to her bed, laying back, her jeans remaining unfastened.

"I'm getting fat, I'm gonna be wearing huge whale clothing outfits forever!" she cried. Patrick went over and sat on the bed next to her.

"You're not fat..." he smiled, he put his hand on her tummy gently.

"You're pregnant, there's a huge difference." He said, she looked at him and then flopped her head back. His warm hand was very welcome to stay on her like that if he wanted.

"Plus I never liked you in those jeans." He said succinctly. Petra looked at him.

"You didn't?"

"No..." he said.

"Oh." She said.

"Not that I care." She added quickly.

"Right." he smiled.

"What - I don't."

"I like those black ones though, the ones you wear with the red belt." He said.

"Ok." She said, a little too readily. His hand penetrated warmth into her cramping abdomen and she sighed gently.

His hand came off her tummy and moved up to her face, sweeping her hair softly off her face. Her brown eyes petitioned him to carry on whatever he was planning.

He leaned in closer, she closed her eyes and as she felt the heat from his lips radiate to her own the intercom went and he jumped back.

"It's CeCe! Come on! If I had balls, I'd be freezing them off!" she sang through the intercom.

As CeCe's entered the front door she brought a snap of the biting wind with her.

"Frick it's cold!" she cooed.

"CeCe!" Petra said and rushed up to her hugging her.

"Oh my god, where did that come from?" CeCe said with her hands on Petra's waist, looking at her plumping belly.

"Oh this..." Petra said, CeCe put her hands on it, Petra was going to have to get used to that. Hands on it, all the time.

"God, I don't see you for a few days and you grow so much!" she said, Petra laughed and walked into the kitchen, Patrick was leaning against the worktop, smiling at Petra.

"Ok, why are you two so happy?" CeCe frowned, dumping her bags onto the worktop.

"What?" Petra frowned.

"You two are normally winding the fuck out of each other, what's going on?" she said. Petra shrugged.

There was a remote silence.

"Right." CeCe said, glancing at them both.

They had some coffee, CeCe and Petra got ready to go shopping. As CeCe nipped to the toilet, Patrick took out his credit card and handed it to Petra.

"Take this, but I warn you there's a $10,000 cap on it." He said, she laughed and shook her head.

"No way, I have my own money." She said, pushing his card back.

"Take it, I want you to." He said, Petra glanced at him and he handed her the card back, she took it reluctantly.

"I'll probably be in the studio when you get back, remember I leave tonight." He reminded her, she nodded slowly.

"I know." She said. He took her head and kissed it quickly.

"Don't be out too long." He said. She smiled.

"I'm not ready for you to start telling me what to do yet." She teased.

"Oh really?" he asked.

"But I'm totally ready to spend this money!" she said, twiddling the car in her fingers.

"Easy on it!!" he called as they made their way to the front door.

"Remember there's a limit!!" he added and the door shut firmly.


Petra pushed open the front door and she immediately saw his little suitcase and luggage bag by the door. She quickly dumped her 3 shopping bags. The whole time she'd been out, she couldn't get him out of her head. He was doing something very serious to her. Something she wasn't sure she was ready to experience or feel again.

"Patrick?" she called, the house wasn't lit, there were no lights on. After diligently searching for him, she knew he must've still been at the studio. She took down one of the scan photo's off the fridge and smiled at it, running her fingers over it. She took a pen and quickly scrawled on the back and then, walking into the hall way, carefully placed it in the luggage back, just on top of everything, then she fastened it back up.

Exhausted, she laid on the couch and quickly fell asleep.

Patrick got in an hour later, it didn't take long for him to find her curled up on the sofa and he smiled at her for longer than he meant to and leaned down over her.

"Petra." He whispered, his lips grazed against her hair softly.

"Petra..." he said in a soft voice, she moaned as she came around and stretched.

"Patty!" said, instantly putting her arms around his neck.

"I gotta go, my car is here." He said, she looked so sad. He felt sad he had to leave her just as they reached a pivotal moment in the timeline of their fictitious marriage.

"I don't want you to go!" she said, sleepily.

"I have to..." he replied, resisting adding a sweetheart name on the end of the sentence.

"I'll be back in a couple of weeks, I'll call you whenever I can!" he added.

A car horn peeped again and he moved himself from her, standing up to get his things.

"Patrick wait!" she said, getting up as quickly as she could, he could only smile at her ruffled couch hair and her sleepy complexion. He turned to her and her soft hands enveloped his face in a silky style and she kissed him affectionately. He dropped his luggage bag, it thumping to the floor and he put his own arms around her too and kissed her back. As they nipped softly at each others lips, she opened her eyes and watched his closed eyes kiss her back.

She pulled away and looked at him, his eyes opening slowly and then he smiled. Her fingers locked behind his neck. She smiled and leaned again, they kissed for some time, then the car horn peeped again, a little less patiently and Patrick pulled away.

He picked up his bag and pulled her head towards him, kissing her hard again.

They weren't quite sure what to say to each other so he just smiled at her and she smiled back, holding the door open for him as he took his stuff out to the car. He head rested against the frame of the door and waved as he finally pulled away.


It was hours later before he flopped back on to his hotel bed, Pete was on the other side of the room. He opened his luggage bag and stared at the scan photo. He laughed a little and held it in his hands tightly.

"What's that?" Pete asked.

"It's the baby..." he said, half to himself, Pete reached for it and as he did, Patrick noticed the writing on the back.

He took it back and frowned as he read it:

I've named it Flump...Flump Stump..ha...that's funny.

Patrick smiled and laughed again. He handed it to Pete and he looked over it closely.

"God, he has your eyes...." Pete said dreamily.

"Shut up man." Patrick said, laying back again.

"Dude, do you know what this means?" Pete said holding up the picture and examining it.

Patrick looked at him, sitting up on his elbows.

"You're actually having a kid, which is just...just weird." Pete said, Patrick took the photo and looked at it again.


This was the only time Petra was finding it hard Patrick being away. Work was entertaining to a certain point but when the evening came in and she'd devoted her overtime to the job, there wasn't much else in her life.

This was dangerous for her, because it was at these moments when nothing was there to fill it, that she would take herself back to everything that brought her to this place in her life.

Ethan met Petra when she was 17, he'd be walking to work and she was walking to college until one day he just stopped and asked her out. Overwhelmed that a male would actually notice her, she accepted.

For 3 years they had a solid relationship, everybody knew they were in love and he gave her everything. However, the mundane activity of life made Ethan question where pleasure could really be found and he allowed drugs to be the instigator of his downfall.

It started with casual joints that even Petra shared with him because they relaxed them both, however over months, Ethan wanted more. He respected Petra's decision to stop at that point.

That moment when everything can change in your life, that wasn't the first time it had happened to Petra. Far from it. She had been riddled with several of those life changing moments and retrospect was something she prayed for ferverently to try and make some sense of why the things that had happened, did happen.


She winced as she leaned down and saw the used needle on the floor of their flat in North London.

"God..." She said, rubbing her foot and picking up the needle, throwing it in the container she used to put all his needles in. Above all this, above the addiction, above the drain on their finances, above the riddance of any form of luxury from their lives to feed his habit, she loved him. Incredibly. Her deepest insides would hope that it would be her who would be there for him when he'd realise he had to stop. She knew she put a lot of pressure on him to stop but he didn't seem unable to cope with it for he was still as addicted as ever.

"Ethan!" She said angrily, he'd fallen asleep and vomited on the floor next to their bed.

"Ethan get up!" She said upset, she fetched stuff to clean up the mess. He only rolled over and Petra cried as she rubbed her carpet hard, the smell was putrid.

"This needs to stop!" She cried as she scrubbed hard.

"No!" he said drowsily but firmly. She hurriedly got rid of the waste and scrubbed her hands.

Ethan woke and felt the effects of his latest kick, following Petra out into their kitchen.

"Why do you always have to be on at me?" he said, Petra continued to scrub her hands.

"I can't do this anymore Ethan!" she said desperately.

"Do What - you're not doing anything." He said, she turned and stared at him, her tear stained face was red and puffy.

"Doing this! I just stepped on a needle! I've had enough - you need to stop, you need to get off it now!" she said angrily to him.

Ethan effortlessly struck her across the face, so hard, she stumbled on the floor in shock and he pulled her up, pushing her against the table.

"You made me do that. You made me Petra!" he said, his eyes were always so distant now he was dependent on it. Petra held her hand to her face.

Unfortunately for Petra, her rage kicked in and she whacked him back, hard. Over and over, he tried to fend off her wild arms until he grabbed her by the throat and forced back against the table again.

"You stop!!" He yelled at her. Eventually she stopped fighting and he glared at her. Her youth was something he found so beautiful within her, he'd witnessed her growing from a young teenage girl into a beautiful woman and he remembered that every time he looked into her brown eyes, no matter how induced he was.

His lips ever so gently pressed against her but she just squirmed against him, wriggling free.

"No! Ethan!" she said angrily as he began to get irritated with her rejection. A struggle began and she kicked at him as he got aggressive.

"Now you know what pressure feels like!" he said to her, taunting her as he wrestled with her, she growled angrily and her hand pushed at his face in a desperate attempt for him to stop pulling her trousers.

"Ethan!!" She cried hard and pleaded with him, still kicking, still scratching, pushing with every muscle in her body.

"Constant pressure to do something that you don't even want to do..." he growled at her.

Feeling some of her muscles begin to cramp with the strength she was forcing through them, the voice in her head told her to just stop and let him do what he wanted, because then it would be over. Petra wasn't a walk over though and she was strong and bold. Therefore she continued to thrash everything she could at him as he carried out the worst possible assault.

"I hate you!!" She growled angrily. Her body recoiled against his and he pinned her down harder.

"I hate you!" She screamed again. Her fingers pulled hard at his hair and she resisted everything he forced against her.

"Stop fighting!!" He growled.

As she continued to lash out at him fiercely, her eye caught the small steak knives that had been left on the table from the meal before and without even considering consequence, she grabbed it quickly and plunged it into Ethan's neck.

He choked immediately and Petra cried out as blood gushed out over both of them.

"You bitch!" he whispered, slumping down the table and onto the floor.

Within seconds he'd slipped unconscious and was motionless on the floor, blood spread further from the wound in his neck. Her open mouth could not even begin to express what she felt, her trembling hands weren't the only thing shaking, the knife in her hand fell on to the floor by his feet.

Pulling her trousers up she managed to stumble to the phone and dial 999.

"Hello - I need an ambulance. I think...I think I've killed him!...." She said weakly into the phone.

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