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Chapter 12 - Always Give 2nd Chances

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Chapter 12 - Always Give Second Chances

Her cell rang, startling her from being alone and she answered quickly.

"Are you ok?" he asked with a laugh. Petra fell back on the sofa and sighed slightly.

"Bad moment." She said.

"How are you?" he asked,

"Tired and bored, you?"

"Tired and ...well..yeah I'm bored." He said.

"Is that why you're calling me - cos you're bored?" she asked with a smile.

"Don't rope me into a fight with you, I've only been on for 10 seconds!" he laughed.

She pressed the phone against her ear firmly, then she could hear more of what he was doing.

"How is Flump?" he asked,

"Flump is fine." She laughed back.

She could hear him doing something and it comforted her because it felt like that although he was all the way around the world, he was right next to her.

"I miss you." she said, admitting her weakness for him.

"God, I miss you too..." he said, he pressed the phone a little closer against his ear, hoping he could hear a little of whatever she was doing.

"I keep thinking about what I'm going to do to do you when you get back here." She said, biting her lip, embarrassed she'd said something so honest.

"Really..." he said. The guys were in the room of the hotel with him, they were waiting for an interview to start.

Patrick turned slightly and listened intently.

"I have a list..." she said, smiling coyly.

"And....What's on this list?" he asked, he sat down in the chair.

"Well...Laundry..." she said slowly. Patrick smiled.

"But first I'll need to have all your clothes." She said,

"Of course." He said, nonchalantly. Non of the guys were even battering an eye lid.

"Then the shopping..." she continued.

"But it's quite long, there's a lot of things I..../need/..."

"Shopping list - right." Patrick said, clearing his throat slightly. He was aware how only after a few sentences, how this was making him feel and he shifted uncomfortably in his chair, then he stood up and went into the bathroom, locking it behind him.

"Go on..." he said, almost desperately.

"Patrick, are you listening to me very carefully?" she asked.

"I am..." he said, trembling a little.

"It's just....some of these things on the list have been out of stock for a very long time....I'm not even sure you can ....get it....any more..." she whispered gently.

Patrick bit his lips hard and tried to control himself.

"Ok..." he whispered softly.

"Are you still with me Patrick?" she asked, he nodded.

"Yes." He said.

"Then there's one last thing on the list...but it's quite difficult to explain..." she said, her soft English accent making it sound more seductive than she knew.

"In fact, it's probably best that you wait until you get home, then I'll show you rather than explain what it is..." she said gently.

Patrick's head rested against the wall. On that note, he would have taken a flight home that minute to find out what it was.

"Patrick?" Petra asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Uh huh?" he asked.

"I suggest you get home as quickly as possible." She said, then the phone went dead.

Patrick braced himself firmly on the toilet seat and took a few deep breaths, hoping the evidence of his brief chat with Petra would demise.

Petra giggled into the cushion like a girl and kicked her legs excitedly. She hadn't had so much fun in a long time.


"That was an awesome show." Pete said, laying back on his bed. Patrick nodded as he sat on his bed.

"I really think we might have it back you know?...." he said, Patrick looked at him.

"Looks like the plan with you and Petra actually worked....even though it was never my intentions." He said.

"What??" Patrick asked, Pete sat up and hooked his arms around his knees.

"Well, I mean at first it was all about the publicity but then I actually saw potential in you two." He said. Patrick shook his head.

"Pete, you don't know what you're talking about."

"Well, I must have a pretty good idea because she is pregnant and I'm hoping Flump is of your origin and not anyone else's!" Pete said, Patrick was finding this whole conversation surreal, he had no idea what was about to kick off.

"It isn't how you think." Patrick muttered.

"I see the way you look when you think about her, if you haven't already, you're falling for her like I've never seen you fall before." He said.

"It's not like that, it's different because she's carrying my child!" Patrick argued.

Patrick knew he'd kissed Petra before he left, but it didn't mean he was in any way falling in love with her, if anything, it was just an expression of how he was beginning to like her as something more than the annoying woman he lived with.

Or at least that's what he'd convinced himself of.

Pete looked at him through his bangs.

"Which happened by accident of course, I mean, you accidentally fell over her and now she's pregnant."

"Oh shut up." Patrick said, getting pissy with him, he turned over and laid on his bed.

"You're being immature." Pete grumbled and laid back down in his bed.

"You know what, I'm just gonna say this, but if I was with someone like Petra, who's gone through what she had, I wouldn't be ashamed of loving her." He said, Patrick sat up immediately.

"What are talking about, gone through what she had, she's had everything handed to her on a platter." Patrick spat. Pete frowned at him.

Pete's eyes opened a little wider as he stared at Patrick's oblivious expression.

"Oh my god, you don't know." He said to himself.

"Don't know what?"

Pete continued to stare at him.

"Don't know what Pete?" Patrick frowned harder.

He remained silent. This was not his past, this was not for him to be divulging, he'd assumed incorrect conclusions about Petra and Patrick's relationship, one obviously was that she had told him about her reason for even being in the US.

Pete faced a huge moral issue. He'd been friends with Patrick for over 10 years now and he couldn't stand seeing his unknowing and bewildered eyes on him, it made him look weak and Patrick was anything but weak. Then there was Petra, who's devastating past was not something to be spread around like gossip, Pete had a deep sense of responsibility to her knowing what he did.

What decision would he make?

Patrick arrived home, exhausted but fulfilled. Touring was hard, although natural and part of the chosen career he'd wanted, he anticipated the arrival to Chicago with great fondness, especially as the plane would bounce upon landing.

It had been 23 days since he last saw Petra and as confused about his feelings for her as he was, he couldn't wait to see that dimple clad smile she had. He knew a mysteriousness consumed her past and after talking with Pete concluded if anything was that important to Petra that she would tell Patrick herself when she was ready, willing and able.

It was afternoon in Chicago, grey skies, thick atmosphere and wealthy air. It was city of richness and routine for him, the cab ride home only made room for excitement to swell in his chest when he thought about the next couple of weeks he had at home, in Chicago, with Petra.

He listened for her upon getting home, the house was quiet but he knew she was in as the alarm hadn't been set and the CD player had The Ramones playing at a decent volume.

"Petra?" he called, walking through the various rooms of his quad-roomed house. He stopped as heard a slight squeal and leaned back, looking out the doors to see her fighting with a bed sheet on the washing line. Shoving his hands in his pockets he made his way out, the wind was blowing quite ferociously, making her pegging mission nothing more than a wrestle with the linen.

Petra turned quickly and their eyes met.

"Hi!" She whispered, Patrick smiled at her and she rubbed her jeans down gently, her black jeans, her black jeans with the red belt.

"Nice jeans." He said, she smirked, lifting her top slightly, she showed him how the button was undone and only zipped up three quarters of the way. He stared at her 9 week old bump, he chuckled and walked closer to her, Petra watched as he came closer and his hand slowly outstretched and rested on her tummy.

"You got bigger." He said, she nodded, looking down as his hand felt over her top and rubbed it softly.

"Bigger's better than 'fat'!" she said, his other hand touched her face softly and Petra closed her eyes, swallowing her nerves. Petra placed both her hands on his sides and he kissed her gently. Both his hands around her face, his fingers spreading and enrapturing her for a moment or two.

"How was your flight?" She whispered, her fingers now curling into the first button of his shirt.

"Better than most." He said, kissing her lips again.

"Well, how about you get a nice hot shower and I'll cook us some dinner and you can tell me all about it..." she whispered. He smiled, kissing her again.

"Sounds perfect." He said.


"Here you go." She said as she walked into his room, putting the coffee down on his bedside drawers. She looked at him sat on his bed, he had showered and was just taking a moment to think.

"You OK?" she asked. He nodded. She sat down next to him.

"No matter how many times I go, I love coming back to this bed, to this house..." he said, his eyes fixed on the floor. Petra smiled and Patrick looked at her.

"And these dimples.." he said, Petra stopped smiling, getting embarrassed. They both looked away and spent a second on each other. Petra took the comb on his dresser and began coming his hair gently. Patrick smiled as the sensation of the combs through his hair made him tingle. She stood up in front of him and carefully combed his hair and then the other side. Patrick's hands gripped Petra's hips, his head level with her waist and he pulled her closer, kissing her tummy gently, her hands moved down and gently held his head close to her as he held her tightly.

"For so long I've always had this black cloud hanging over whenever I was coming home." He explained, she stroked his hair softly.

"But now I don't have that." He said, looking up at her, she smiled down at him and stroked his face softly.

"Don't go getting all girly on me!" Petra said, breaking that romantic ambience.

"Petra!" he said with a frown.

"What?!" she laughed. He stood up and huffed as he walked past her into the kitchen.

"Don't be a bloody baby!" she said, following him.

"I'm not being a baby Petra! I was just telling you how I felt, you know, communicating?" He remarked. Petra stared at him, before bursting into a hearty laugh.

"Oh go ahead laugh - you icy bitch!" he said.

"Oh Patrick! I'm sorry!" she said but he turned away and left the kitchen.

"Patty!" She called.

"Don't call me that!" he said angrily, she rushed after him and grabbed his hand quickly.

"Just stop it." She said quickly, before kissing him forcefully, her hands squeezing his sides close to her. He pulled away and turned to the side, her hand gently nudging his face to hers and pressing kisses against his lips, he could only take 4 -5 kisses before he lost the desire to be angry at her. Petra opened her lips and invited him to further the romantic gestures they'd shared and she cooed almost inaudibly as their tongues met. Pressing her against the doorway of the kitchen, her fingers untangled the buttons on his shirt and her hand slipped into the fabric and smoothed over his shoulder and around his neck.

Petra pushed him away from her, out of the doorway and up against the wall.

Patrick's fingers curled under her top and sliding it over her head.

Petra continued to undo the buttons on his shirt and his hands now ran over her soft pale skin.

Patrick pushed her and they fumbled their way to his room carelessly.

Petra watched him as she lay on his bed, he pulled off his socks and smiled widely as he knelt on to the bed and crawled over her. Her black jeans hung open just enough for him to be completely turned on, his hands possessively smoothing over her tummy and up her over her chest, she took a quick breath and closed her eyes.

It had been years since Petra had been in a (conscious) sexual encounter; she shook inside where the bottom of her chest quivered, her diaphragm trying to control her shallow breaths. His lips soothed against her tummy over and over and Petra pushed her fingers into his hair, letting him know how he was making her feel.

There had only been Ethan, for Petra, Ethan's affection was flighty and inaccurate compared to the attention to detail and pressure Patrick used. He was quietly certain of exactly what he needed to do, experienced and unashamed of where his hands went and what he had to do to make her feel so good.

Petra's eyes closed tight, for reasons she couldn't understand, she just wanted to feel everything and closing her eyes helped her do this. That's when she began to feel vulnerable, opening them, she looked at Patrick as he hovered over her, never neglecting her for a moment as they kissed and touched.

"Is this OK? I won't hurt the baby?" he whispered, as his body laid over hers, she shook her head quickly and smiled.

"Good..." he whispered, kissing under her throat softly.

"Is this what you really want?" she whispered, running her fingers across his lips.

Patrick's eyes were smiling at her and he placed a little kiss on her nose , then her lips and as he did, he lifted her slightly to him and slipped inside her. Petra clamped down on his lips hard, almost biting as he made that bold move and she released his lips from her grip and he moaned in her ear as he furthered himself deeper.

He remembered the evening where he had stolen moments with her, how he felt having her underneath him, his lack of self control and eagerness. These moments were different, he wanted to prove to her what she meant to him in a way that she couldn't mock or tease him with.

When she retained her pleasure in such a controlled feminine way, it made him want her more.

"That's so good!" she whispered, he smiled and she smiled too, she wanted it to stay real, she didn't want to get lost in him, not yet, it was too soon.

Keeping a steady pace going, they felt their nerves go, especially Petra's, her hands confidently smoothed over his shoulders and his back and when he hit the right spot, her nails showed him because they would pinch reactively.

Patrick felt himself approaching his climax quicker than he'd wanted, he took her hands and held them above her head, kissing her a final time before he let go. Petra moaned softly as he did, squeezing his hands with each spasm and he collapsed over her.

"I'm sorry it was so quick." He whispered.

"Don't be." She reassured him.

"We're just out of practice!" she said, giggling.


"Look at you..." he said, they stared at each other.

"What?" she smiled shyly. It was hard to forget that they were both naked under his sheets after fully endorsing their relationship.

"I can't believe how lucky I've been..." he whispered, Petra's mouth opened slightly.

"What do you mean, because you got laid?"

"Oh god, you never stop being brutal - ever!" he said annoyed.

"It's the English rose in me." She smiled, rubbing his chest in circles, she kissed his chest softly.

His fingers knotted in her dark hair and he rubbed her head gently.

"You know...we should probably move in together..." Patrick said.

"Oh no, I'm not ready for that type of commitment." She said, he playfully tapped her arm.

"Seriously..." he said, she pushed herself up and pulled his sheets over her breasts and looked at him.

"I think we should move." He said boldly.

"What? Are you serious, this pad is amazing!" she whined.

"Yeah I know, I'll keep it, but we need another house....a family house." He said, Petra stared at him.

"For you..." he smiled.

"For the baby." He added, she smiled more.

"For Flump.." she said, he chuckled.

"For the Flump." He smiled.

Petra frowned slightly as she sniffed the air.

"Oh bollocks!" She gasped, tearing the sheets up with her from the bed and hurrying out.

"Hey!!" He yelled after her being left butt naked on his bed.

He heard her squeal as she opened the oven door, smoke bellowed out, a few seconds later, the smoke alarms began ringing and only a seconds after that sprinklers ejected their emergency water supply on to her in the kitchen.

"What the fuck???" Patrick yelled, running out in his boxer's.

Patrick stopped and stared at Petra, the bed sheets draped around her, she held them close to her chest, the sprinklers soaking her.

"Take out?" she asked.
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