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Chapter 3

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Harry is rescued from Azkaban by.. Himself? A story of Technology, Magic and Terraforming. nocrossover

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It went just as it almost always does. The 'good guys' were overwhelmed by the 'bad Guys,' and Voldemort, the Head Bad Guy, or Bad Guy With Biggest Head stood gloating before the surviving remnants of the 'Good Guy's' Order.

Dumbledore, the Head Good Guy, or Good Guy With Biggest Head, knelt on the round, breathing heavily. His robes were the colour of the night sky on a full moon, and his beard was singed in several places. He looked up at the stage sadly as Voldemort laughed his cruel laugh. He'd just finished telling the 'light' that he had framed Potter, and was having him brought up to allow him to kill Dumbledore before being killed himself.

As Harry walked out between the two oafs, smirking slightly upon looking out and seeing all his former 'friends.' When seeing the young man, he momentarily looked confused, before being overcome with anger. Part of his plan to destroy the moral of the 'light' was for Potter to walk out looking like death warmed over. Instead, he looked healthy, amused, and above all, powerful. The sight of him brought some life back to the eyes of those he had defeated.

Flying into a rage, he yelled, "Wormtail! Where did he get those clothes?!"
Having apparently not noticed them before, the sniveling, cowardly little man stammered, "I d- don't know M- My L- Lord."

Needless to say, he was met with a torture curse, and fell to the ground screaming for several minutes. Leaving the animagus twitching on the ground, he turned to Potter.
"Where did you get those clothes, Potter?" he asked with a growl.

A small chuckle escaped from the throat of Harry, and with a slight shake of his head, he answered, "I bought them with me from home, Tom. Would you like the name of my tailor?"

Stepping to the side, he wasn't hit by the torture curse that was sent his way.
"Is that how you want to play it? Very well, then!" Harry said with a slight growl. In the blink of an eye, some kind of transparent energy shield spread around Harry, trapping himself with Voldemort. Oh, and the two oafs, who were quickly rendered unconscious with sharp pinches to their necks.

Stepping away from the two men, Harry turned to Voldemort with a wide grin on his face.. Then with a slight shimmer in the air, he vanished. Voldemort looked around in confusion and fear, randomly shooting curses into the shield.

"Show yourself, coward!" Volde screamed angrily. A moment later, there was a hand over his mouth and something with a slight mint flavour slid down his throat.

Harry leaned in and said with a chuckle, "You should never swallow a fenthik! You must be wondering what that was. It's called a Fenthik. Right now, it's burrowing into your body. It's feeding on your magic reserves. Soon you'll be feeling as weak as a squib. I can't kill you just yet, you see... So, let's get started!"

Knees shaking, Voldemort fell to the ground, and tried to fire off a killing curse. Nothing happened at all. Harry was very pleased. Everything had gone exactly as planned, Voldemort was very predicable when it came to his ego. It was a shame that Dumbledore and the 'light'. Oh well, still got work to do!

From his belt, Harry pulled a small syringe looking device. He just shook his head as the Order managed to take out the Death Eaters who attacked the Prison, and started trying to get passed the shield or get Harry's attention to no avail.

The sharp needle of the device was inserted into the back of Voldemort's neck, and up into the brain, and started filling with a bright white liquid. "You see, this is taking a copy of your memories and knowledge. You destroyed most of the books you learned from, so we can't let it all be lost. We'll be done soon." Harry explained, then waited.

Two minutes later, he glanced down at his watch. "Aah, all finished!" he said happily, and pulled the container from the back of the needle, and put it back on his belt. Another item came from the belt, a grey cylinder with a cube on the top, and lowered to Voldemort's shoulder. There was a hissing sound, as a substance was injected into his body. Voldemort started screaming in pain.

"Now that was a little concoction that will find the link made by the Dark Mark, and will allow them all to be tracked easily. I'm afraid it is highly acidic, however."
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