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Chapter 4/5

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Harry is rescued from Azkaban by.. Himself? A story of Technology, Magic and Terraforming. Not a crossover.

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With Voldemort taken care of, Harry turned towards Dumbledore, pressing a button on his belt, which caused the shield to vanish.Silencing the old man with a glare, he said "Do what you want with him. He's nothing more than a Muggle now. Less than even a Squib."
He turned his back on the crowd, who shouted out at him to stop and to come back. Dumbledore stepped after him, and said "But, Harry. You know the Prophecy. You have to kill him," sounding quite a bit too eager for that outcome.
Harry turned back around and took an angry step forward. "There is more justice to allow him to live without magic, than to kill him with it. And never call me Harry again."
He turned away once again, and said to Dumbledore as his former friends started running towards him, "I will return in a week. I will be going to the Ministry building, and not Hogwarts. Fudge's office and not yours. There we will discuss the future. Don't think I'm telling you this because I give a damn about your opinion or concerns. I am telling you, and allowing you in on the meeting, because you would just shove your way into where you're not welcome, anyway."
With that, a blue glow surrounded him, Harry vanished as a soft humming was heard, leaving an unhappy Dumbledore, frowning Order and distraught former friends behind.


Seven days later, Dumbledore, the Weasleys, Fudge and Umbridge were all waiting for Harry's arrival in the Atrium of the Ministry building. Several reporters also scurried around the place like rodents.
The soft hum was heard, and a moment later, Harry appeared within a blue glow, with a young women on either side. The Weasleys and Granger ran toward him, but were stopped by an invisible shield, which deflected them somewhat violently away from him.
With a roll of his eyes, he turned to Dumbledore, and spotted Umbridge, causing him to sneer. "Let's go to your office then, Fudge. If you insist on letting that toad in on the meeting, then I'll have to insist on pressing charges aganst her and you," Harry said calmly, starting to walk towards the lift.
"How dare you show such disrespect The Minister and myself!" screeched Umbridge.
Still with the eerie calm, Harry turned and stepped towards the toad.
He said to her so everyone could hear, "Do you really want me to tell everyone, including these reporters, how you used an illegal blood quill on me during detention, just because I said Voldemort was back, in my fifth year? How about when you sent dementors after me the summer before that year, and you and Fudge tried to get me expelled for defending myself and my cousin. Or when you tried to cast the Cruciatus on me at the end of that year? Oh, dear me, did I just accidently tell everyone?" he finished in an innocent voice.
Turning back to the Minister, there was a growl in his throat as stated, "Well, too bad. I did warn you. Now, Fudge, will Umbridge be in on the meeting, or should I just leave now?"
Everyone seemed to be in shock, though the reporters was scratching away with their quills as Fudge went into the elevator, telling Umbridge to stay behind with a stammer, while Dumbledore followed behind with twinkling eyes, and a calculating look.


As the small group walked into the Minister's office, Dumbledore noticed a slight nod that Harry gave to the two young women that came with him, and they took up positions on either side of the doorway. Both Dumbledore looked upset at this, but only Fudge made a complaint, which Harry responded to with clipped tones, "This meeting is on my terms, not yours. And don't bother with silencing or secrecy charms. What we're here to discuss is already being delivered to the offices of The Daily Prophet, The Quibbler and all other Wizarding News daily sheets around the world."
Dumbledore looked about ready to object, but the withering look that Harry shot at him changed his mind, so he simply got down to business, "This Wizengamot has given you a full pardon, and the ammount of two hundred thousand galleons has been deposited into your account. You have also been re-enrolled in Hogwarts, but I'm afraid you will be a year behind your friends."
Harry simply sit there staring at Dumbledore for a minute or two. "Let me get this straight... You think that I'm going to return to Hogwarts... Where I will be under your thumb, and forced into close quarters with those who betrayed me the most? No... No, that's not going to happen." Harry stated with a roll of his eyes.
"I'm afraid that you don't have a choice in the matter, Harry. You're not yet old enough to make these kinds of choices for yourself, and you need to finish your education. I'm sure it seems a horrible prospect right now, but you'll be thanking me at the end of the year," Dumbledore said cheerfully, his eyes twinkling.
Fudge was just sitting behind his desk, not taking part in the talk, thinking 'Why did I need to be here for this?' in irritation.
But Harry wasn't about to allow his rights to be taken away by this manipulative bastard, and placed several official letters on the Minister's table. "Minister Fudge, as Mr. Dumbledore is unable to participate in any conversation with me without trying to force his will onto me, I am giving you these letters for the Ministry Records Department. Please note that these are copies and not the originals. The first is a letter from Gringotts verifying that all are one hundred percent factual. Take a look at it and let me know if you see a problem."
A look caused Dumbledore to stop what he was about to say, and sit back, apparantly deciding that taking all the letters himself wasn't something he should do.
The Minister read through the first letter, then admitted with a frown, "Yes, it seems that any of these letters bearing the Gringott's seal are entirely true."
A smile grew on Harry's face as he took the next letter, "Excellent! Now you'll find that this letter notes that I went back in time and that I am in all actuality Twenty Six years of age. That makes me more than old enough to make my own choices, wouldn't you find?" he asked casually as Fudge's mouth dropped in shock and Dumbledore's twinkle vanished.
"The third is simply my OWL and NEWT results. Now, the next is a little more complex. What it says in a nutshell is that I should reintroduce myself.." Harry had a grin on his face as he made them wait to work out what he was saying. "Mr. Fudge, Mr. Dumbledore, allow me to introduce myself... Harry Potter, President-for-Life of Celest and Supreme Commander of the Lunar Navy, Marines and Armed Forces. Also, these two lovely ladies are River Tam, Fleet Admiral of the Lunar Navy, and Kara Thrace, Rear Admiral of the Celestian Marine Corps. They are also both my wives..."
The jaws of Dumbledore and Fudge practically hit the floor.
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