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A decade after the fall of Voldemort, a certain dark haired man reflects.

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Disclaimer: I don't own most of the people. Plot it mine, though. And all that disclaimer like stuff.

A quiet figure sat alone in a large office, laptop computer to one side on his desk, and a pad of yellow 'legal' paper under his hand as he wrote something down quickly. The room looked fairly comfortable, with a soft looking couch against one wall and a few plants scattered around. It was a Psychiatrist's office, and the man at the desk was working a little late that day, just finishing up for the day.

Just as he was saving the file on the computer, he caught sight of the date. "I almost missed it," he mumbled to himself, as he sat back in his large leather chair and sighed. It was the 15th of July. Only about two weeks until his Birthday... but that wasn't what he had almost forgotten.

Ten years ago in five days, this man killed the murderer of his parents. This man killed the monster that freed the murderer of his Godfather from prison. He freed himself from his own prison, the house of an uncle who he had lived with all his life, but never showed him anything but contempt.

But that wasn't all, either. Ten years ago in seven days, exactly a week ago, a man he trusted had snapped his wand. A man he thought of almost as a Grandfather at one time. But now he knew the man had betrayed him. The man was so scared of it happening again, he had destroyed the thing that mattered to the Doctor the most.

Though, it wasn't all bad, that came out of what happened. He was miserable, alone and sad for the first four years, while he caught up with what he missed while at the Magical school, and finished it all in a remarkable three years. He then went onto University, where he earned his doctorate, and became a psychologist, graduating top of his class a few years later. He never had to worry about money, as he'd inherited money from his parents, and the money and quite a few estates from his Godfather. He didn't touch his Godfather's money, but he did take up living in one of the houses, surprisingly enough, one close to Surrey and his only living relatives, much to their dismay. No, they weren't so much unhappy that he was there, but more that he owned the largest manor in the area, and never offered them so much as a dinner invitation.

Now that he had left that "Magic nonsense" behind and become a 'respectable' part of the community, a doctor no less... Well, he was okay now! And rich too, so surely he'd share some of his wealth with his loving, caring family? No, that didn't happen. Not for his uncle, at least. In the middle of his first year, he received a phone call from his frantic cousin, telling him that his uncle apparently graduated to being a wife beater when her good for nothing nephew didn't repay them for "The fortune he had spent on the ungrateful little mongrel." So, always being the one to think himself responsible, he allowed his Aunt and Cousin to stay in a rather posh flat until both the divorce was worked out and criminal charges were filed. Though, he made it a provision of the rent that his cousin go to weight watchers, and allowed him to use the gym in the Manor. So, by the end of the court proceedings, his uncle has lost his job as Director of a drill company, spending some time in jail for assault and had lost his house in the divorce. Plus, his cousin no longer looked like a small whale, and was actually dating now.

The Doctor's own love life wasn't that bad either. He thought he would never be interested in another woman after he left his former world, and he wasn't until a month or so before his cousin's call. He met a beautiful young woman in the same classes he was in, and they quickly hit it off, not quite love at first sight, but not too far behind. They dated a few months, had a satisfying sex life, and after about four months of seeing each other, he took his mother's wedding ring from a safety deposit box, and proposed to her. That same night, he found out he would soon be a father.

So, he married a beautiful woman and had twin daughters, before he graduated Valedictorian and opened a practice with his wife. But he also did some other work, too. He was an expert Profiler, and was hired by the police and Scotland Yard now and then. That is how he figured out the man he once thought of as a Grandfather betrayed him. The old man was getting older and didn't think anyone else would be able to take control if another Dark Lord came along, so he used his position to be sure the boy who had lived a life so similar to the one of the worse Dark Lords in written history, who had a wand so similar to the one of one the worse Dark Lords in written history, would never have a chance become a Dark Lord. The boy was hailed as a hero, but he was expelled for using magic outside of school, as he almost was a year before.

The people didn't exile him from the world, though. His wand was simply snapped, and he was allowed to go about his life. It took him a while to understand what happened, and in the heat of the moment, he struck on the truth. He hadn't been expelled the year before when attacked by Dementors, because it was self-defense. It was self-defense this time too, but there was something different... Last time, the Old Man had needed the weapon against the Dark Lord... The Dark Lord was gone now, so the weapon was no longer needed.

It stung, and it was the only explanation. Of course, it took until he was in University to figure it all out, but he knew the Old Man wasn't helping him. So, he moved all the money from his Parents into a normal bank, trading in all his golden coins for pounds, and he moved into the non-magical world. It surprised him at first that none of friends tried to contact him, but he found out why, after he sent his letter to the Wizarding Newspaper, and his only companion, his snowy owl, didn't make it back in good health. Someone, probably the Old Man must have put some kind of owl repelling wards around his new home, because his owl couldn't find him on the return journey. She must have been flying around all night in the cold rain trying to get back to him. The next day, he found her barely breathing, and tried to nurse her back to health in front of the first, but she died not long after. Then he was truly alone.

With a deep sigh, he thought back to exactly what happened all those years ago...

What do you all think? Good? Bad? Am I the only one who can understand my writing? Please review!

I came up with this one after an odd dream about a letter inviting me to a reunion , but the RSVP is the next day and I arrive at the post office too late to send it... I have some odd dreams.

I'm not really sure how the Profiler thing works in the UK. I'm Aussie and only really know anything about them from the TV show and Law and Order from the US. But there aren't really as many murders in the UK, are there? I know there are some, of course, but not as many, hence the hired part, since he wouldn't work for them full time, especially with his Practice.

Next chapter will be The Demise of the Dark Lord...
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