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Dinner Party P1. Arival.

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4:54 pm
My Apartment

My arms are no more. Jelly. I've carried everything home, my arms are limp. They're really numb, it's very jarring. I hope everyone forgets to come over, now that's just wishful thinking; Frank never passes up a chance for free food. Damn, better start swinging them to get feeling back.

Minute Later

Ouch, Ouch. I've just had an arm come up and smack my face, I can't see. My eyeliner is running, I jabbed myself in the eye with a finger...the middle, which is kinda funny.

Rung Ray

"Hello?" He asks.

"It's Gerard."

"Hey, whats up?"


"I see," He sighs, "I'll be over in 10 minutes."

I hang up.

Oh my, I've just walked past a mirror. I really look like my eyes are bleeding. I'm suprized they haven't. Began to bled that is. Better start something with all the vegetables I murdered my arms with. I'll make a stir fry thing.


"It's open!" I shout.

"Gerard?" it's Ray.

"In here."

I hear his footsteps, he stops before placing down some drinks. I look over to a bottle.

"Relax, it's sparkling wine."

I nod. Head back to the veg, cutting them up while Ray starts my BBQ. I'm not sure why i even own one I just do. One of those silly things you get and never use except for one time. I hope he doesn't singe his hair, Ray that is not the BBQ. But if BBQ's did have hair, I'd want mine to have Rastafarian dreads. That would be cool. Yet if they had hair I think they would always singe off, well not mine because i never use him but, others would. Why am I talking about this.

Okay, got everything chopped everything ready just have to throw it into a pot with some oil, and spices. I can't cook.

"Ray!" I whine.


Attitude, wow.

"What do I for a sauce?"

He's dealing with the meat he tells me. Thanks Ray. Okay well maybe just some oil, garlic and onions. Salt, pepper. Oh my this is actually looking good, I'd eat this. Well I eat anything i cook or else I'd starve but, it looks really good. Smells nice too, I hope i don't ruin it. Okay put in the vegetables oh yes! They're cooking nicely. I'M COOKING HEAR THAT WORLD, well if you could read my mind, I'M COOKING! I'm cooking...why do I feel weird, like i've accomplished something. I like that feeling.

"Smells good Gerard."

"Thank you Ray."

"WHO ORDERED IN?" I hear Frank shout from my door, he's let himself in.

"Nobody," I say grumpily.

"But we can't cook," Franks says stepping into my kitchen holding snacks.

Me and Ray roll our eyes in unison. It's a rollie eyes thingy we have. That and a shoulder shrug that gets out of hand. Oh no we've begun it. Shrug, shrug, shrugie shrug shrug.

"what are you laughing at," Frank says staring into my stir fry.

"nothing," I say through a snicker.

"Yeah sure," He rolls his eyes, "Where's Mikey and Bob?"

Ray looks to his watch.

"Soon, like now."

There is an array of knocks, then Mikey and Bob appear at the door.

"We're here."

Not quite I say to myself, /Dylan's not here/.
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