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Dinner Arrival P2.

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My apartment
Winding Down

"Well," Bob sighs looking to his watch, "I better get going."

I stand, the blood coming back to my legs. Bob just sits on my couch staring blankly to the video game being played by Toro. They all are, kinda zombie(ish), very funny in a way. I go to the mirror to fix my eyes, my eyeliner's a bit smudge. My phone starts to scream, i grab it not disturbing them.

"Hello?" I say.

"Gerard," a familiar voice from the other end crys.

"A-a...," I can't even say her name.

There is a long silence, i only hear her sobbing. I shift my weight to my other leg; I move the phone from my ear staring at it. I really should hang up but talking to her and maybe getting back together overpowers me. Lying down on my bed I call out her name, sounding so alien.


"G-Gerard," she whispers.

"Alice," I repeat, changing my tone to sound more soothing.

"Gerard... I need you're help," She flusters into the phone, "Can you come get me?"

I look over to my batman clock; Bruce Wayne's eyes reading 10:33pm. I sit up stretching.

"Are you at Kevin's?" I ask hoping she isn't.


I grit my teeth heavily; I keep telling myself I really shouldn't be doing this but I'm still deeply in love with Alice.

"I'll be there soon."


Toro's Car

My eye is really itchy, I've been going at it for 10 000 minutes. Well not really that long but it sure feels that way. Wow that's lethal...Oh brilliant I can't see out my left eye.

I pull into Kevin's drive she's there with her stuff, there are no lights on. I get out and she hugs me, i stiffen up.

"What," she asks.

I look away.

"Let's go," I tell her.

We load all of her two bags in Toro's car, and drive to a gas station. I fill up and go into pay, Alice waits in the car talking on my cell to her parents.

"Is that all sir," A voice to my back says.

I turn holding a magazine on "Xbox"...I almost drop the thing.

"Dylan," I say almost too excited for the time of night, "you work here?"

"Yep," she says pointing to her gold name tag.

I scold myself slightly. Then look up placing the magazine on the counter.

"So...," I awkwardly place, "long day?"

"No," she smiles, "not really."

"Oh," I laugh nervously.

"Arther right," she teases.

I smirk.


"Oh Xbox," She laughs scanning the item, "we a heavy gamer."

"Maybe, want to see my mad Halo skills," halo skills!

She laughs, I turn slightly red.

"You're an adorable one Gerard," she comments handing my items, "$67. 52."

I pay for my gas and magazine, I really don't want to leave but Alice is waving me to the car.

"Bye Dylan," I say cooly pushing on the store door.

Why won't it move, I've been standing here for a billion years pushing...oh it's the locked door, clap clap Gerard clap...clap.
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