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How do I do this?

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There is knocking at my door; it's quite literally woken me up. I'm on the couch...well was. I fell when the knocking started, i must have jumped out of my pants; no wait I took them off earlier.

"Yes," I call.

"Gerard!" the voice yells back.

I'm stumbling in the dark, why can't i find the light switch. I've lived here long enough, 7 years in this apartment, i can't it.

"Hold on," I say.

"Gerard," the voice is more frantic.

Screw it, I run to the door. Oh mygiddyauntbuggeringmydogkingston.


She just falls into my arms, shivering against me. I kiss her head. She looks up to me.

"Sorry," I mutter.

Dylan closes her eyes moving to my lips, we kiss. My body shutters with warmth and together we collapse into the sofa. Her hands squeezing my legs, I press myself into her. From there I kiss her jawline all the way down to her neck. Sucking till a my mark appears red and strong upon her skin.

"G-gerard," she says softly.

Then I get a moan, a low one from the back of her throat. I sit up smiling at this beautiful woman, now to get my shirt off without getting stuck!

"Gerard," she says again.

I lean in and kiss her removing my shirt.


"I love you Dylan."




I jump thirty feet high, well not really...but I'm really awake now.


Alice is standing over me, I'm back on the couch.

"Gerard, why don't you come to bed," she whispers after a while.

I roll over.

"I'm okay here Alice, besides you need a good nights rest."

She leaves, and I stare into the couch pillows for the rest of the night.
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