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The Promise of Eternal Light

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When Huan still does not want to forgive Celegorm, it is VĂ¡na who intervenes. Many many many special thanks to Ghettoelleth for helping me with this chapter.

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Let eternal light shine upon them, O Lord: with Thy saints for ever, for art merciful.

I have done all that I could. Whereas Fëanor's son embraced his new life: emerging in the halls filled with boisterous mirth, revelling in hunting the beasts that crowd my spouse's lands. Yet, he had to fight hard to earn his place amongst the others and Oromë would not intervene as Celegorm proved his worth. The hound dogged my footsteps as he followed me, welcoming the Ringbearers and observing the Dance of Life brought by my maidens with his eyes filled with weariness as if he still cannot believe his former master is born anew. Oromë's hand has been firm and steady, setting out the course of healing for Celegorm and Huan. More than once he has sent out both to do his bidding, leaving the younger pups gazing after them, their eyes full of desire to accompany them.

It is not Celegorm who rejects what is inevitable, but Huan. Today, in my garden of innermost solitude, I have revealed to both what most will not speak of. Tears of Lamentation I shed long ago for the tree that I held so dear, and left Kulullin drained from my near helpless deeds. Not many know that Lorien and I bore the brunt of Manwë's disbelief and anger at our swift foolishness. On that cursed day, a bittersweet victory was mine once Laurelin gifted us one last fruit that not even the mighty Aulë could carry. I know the hound refused to acknowledge my rebellion against the council of the others, once Lorien and I tried in vain to salvage our beloved trees. It is not spoken of often and mayhap it is hard to believe that I, a Valier of much wisdom in my own right, am not infallible.

Celegorm remembered and nodded in silence, acquiescing that it was a small note in Eru's composition. His eyes are fast bound to his former companion, who I know would not want to believe that I have been capable of such a deed. Even more so, once I finished the tale of sacrifices brought to hallow Arien's vessel, the hound rose to his feet in disdain and I knew he thought that I was no longer on his side.

Therefore, I sang again, despite the fact that my magic failed to heal him once before; I hearkened to the Elanor to arise. Huan halted in his steps once the flowers sprouted around his paws. A look of wonder and liberation mirrored in his eyes while the drops of sunlight a light never to be forgotten until the end of days, beckoned him sway. What more can I say? I recall too well the prophesy of Yavanna.

"My lamentation gave birth to the vessel of the sun and one of my fiercest maidens steers it now. I know grief is in both your hearts still, but let us combine the power of it and ye shall both reap from it. Thy combined power in companionship is an important chord in the music of the Ainur now that the Last Battle draws near. Let woes of the past be forgiven and seek out what once was and always will remain."

I halt, if my repeated guidance will not reach Huan again, then I shall ask Oromë to gift Celegorm with another pup, knowing that we all need assurance of the fulfilment of his task.

At last! Huan hearkens to my plea as the light embraces his tortured fëa and I know now we shall succeed.

Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine on them, in the company of Thy saints for evermore, because Thou art merciful.
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