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Let me stand at your side and we shall overcome

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Huan finds his peace.

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Deliver me, O Lord, from everlasting death on that dread day: when the heavens and earth shall quake: when thou shalt come to judge the world to come.

I am seized with trembling and I am afraid until the day of reckoning shall arrive and the wrath to come. When the heavens and earth shall quake.

Long had he considered this impossible: the banners of the house of Finwë whipping proudly on Manwë's winds. The houses march united, their fire flags marking their place in the battle lines, and it is Aulë and Oromë who command us, no other shall we follow. Celegorm and I are amongst Oromë's hunters; fast and furious we gallop onto the enemy lines, quenching our thirst for revenge against all the hurts inflicted upon our kind, avenging our fates.

I shall not leave his side; I will guard his back with vigour, and his longbow and sword watch will over me. I cannot help but recall the battle we fought under the stars, where once we bought his kin extra time to escape the impending doom these hideous creatures beset on Arda for ages. It is as Vána told us, and I rejoice in our brotherhood. Everyone we find on our path will meet our vengeance fuelled with fire.

For long have I asked myself if the sinner amongst us would be truly redeemed? As I watch him fight, his eyes often find me and I know that he will not forsake me, neither will I abandon him. For he hides nothing, he never could, and what I see now is his true face: the imperishable flame flickers in his eyes. Even though the oath still binds him, a firm belief in the Allfather's music drives him now under Vána's sun.

I cannot think too much now as a blade scathes over my skin: a roar reaches my ears and I see how my master hews the evil creature down. Then, I feel my master's hand placed on my head, my eyes find his, and all doubt that just shortly before was alive in me, vanishes from my heart. Protection is mine under his command. Nay, I do not doubt his words as he says once more: "Your role in the music is not over yet, Huan. You shall follow me and be watchful at my side, as my companion, Eru willing. With my sword in my left and you at my right hand, forgiveness will be forever mine."

I know he asked oft for this boon in the days before, this day is no exception. Yet, again I grant him my loyalty and leap forward with him when Oromë's horn resounds over the plains. We are so close to our freedom, will Tulkas spring forth and shall Túrin avenge the children of Húrin and all Men? Will there be salvation at last? On this day of wrath, victory is not ours yet, and once more we shall attack. Let Arda tremble beneath our feet and the soil quake under what will undoubtly follow: in Eru's might Tulkas shall bring Melkor down and Túrin shall slay him, Ilúvatar willing.

That day, that day of wrath, of calamity and misery, a great day and exceeding bitter.
when Thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.
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