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The price of redemption

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Celegorm fulfills his Oath and destiny.

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Lord, grant them eternal rest: and let the perpetual light shine upon them. Let them rest in peace. Amen

My brother no longer walks alone: we found him, and as I wade through the waves, my feet no longer feel the ocean floor. Huan swims next to me, his eyes are set on the jewel we will now restore to its true glory. It is such a strange thing: to be so close to a desire of a previous life, yet this need is replaced by something grander, now that I know which note I am in the music of our Allfather. The moment I felt Huan's nose nuzzling my right hand in Vána's garden, I felt grateful that he once again sought out my companionship. Our skills combined led us to the jewel of fire first, but my father's hand stayed me, and my brother retrieved it instead.

This task entrusted to us is something I never could have fathomed, but I believe in my Lord's guidance. His firm hand corrected me when I would stray and showed me the way to a better life: he enriched it with his unrelenting faith in me, and his beautiful consort's voice renewed my vigour and passion for life with every step I took. Over the ages, I realised that nature held my heart all along and slowly Huan looked upon me with different eyes. My own hands and deeds restored his faith in me during our fight on the battle plains of Valinor.

As we both cleave now through the cold waves, Huan halts and looks at me. A deep shuddering breath fills my lungs and Ossë's expanse carries me to my final task.

A beauty so divine, its light hearkens me to approach: will it reject or allow my touch? I cannot tarry now, the powers have placed a weight on my shoulders: I cannot falter now. I, the third son of Fëanor, I who always strived the most toward the restoration of our heirloom, is awarded with the completion of this task which will bring us closer to our final hour.

The time is near as I clasp the jewel in my hand: it welcomes me and recognises the purity of my heart. For a moment, I wonder what the jewel can do for my broken brother, he who was lost to us for so long. Will he heal? There will not be much time left for us now and I wish true bliss to be his reward. A release from the burden of the everlasting dark that he faced for so long is something I grant him. Our house is reunited under a banner once more, the honour of the house of Finwë finally restored.

Now that the final battle is behind us, and the end of our days draws near; I feel strengthened in my unfailing belief in Allfather. I feel mightier than ever: the struggle for redemption came with a price, but with a reward as well. Whereas Vána's lamentation gave birth to Arien the mighty, my small task today shall repay the guidance both have given me. I can find peace now, knowing that my companion will never leave my side. What is to come, I do not know. Death is our victory, as we both know we will give our lives for Arda remade without any hesitation: my hands now hold my fate. Bring on the breaking of the jewels and the rekindling of the trees! I will face it with an unburdened heart as the perpetual light of Eru Ilúvatar enfolds me and welcomes my rescue from these depths. Guided by this power, I break through the surface and breathe in the fresh air while Huan's joyful bark welcomes me.

I am free at last.

Into Paradise may the Angel lead thee: at thy coming may the Martyrs receive thee, and bring thee into the holy city Jerusalem. May the Choir of Angels receive thee, and with Lazarus, once poor, may thou have eternal rest.


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