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Chapter 1

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Allie has left home, and has escaped the hell she has been living, and finds her real father.

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I sat while I heard some screams.

I stayed in my place. I stayed in my place while watching someone in pain.

Someone so dear to me. My mother.

My mother has been killed. That's how she died. I remember the day even though I couldn't know what was going on. My stepfather murdered her. I am standing in front of her coffin, tears streaming down my face. I have lost everything. My father, mother, and house. After murdering her, my stepfather kicked me out. I have packed up my stuff and left my house.

I watched as the coffin gets buried, my eyes flooding. I had no where to go now, no one left. I was just another homeless girl. Me, Allie the street kid.

I couldn't take seeing my mother buried. I picked up my stuff, and ran to the place where I go to when I want to be alone. The tracks on Christie Road.

I sat down near these old tracks, ignoring everyone and everything. I sat down there crying my eyes out, not even noticing a stranger coming next to me.

"Is everything ok?" said the stranger. I felt like I know him from somewhere...

"No, nothing is fine." I answered. "My life is ruined. I have no father, no mother, and nowhere to stay." I looked at the stranger. He was very familiar. Those green eyes, black sticking-up hair, and that messy eyeliner.

"I'm so sorry." He replied. "I too have lost someone dear to me. I know the feeling. What is your name?"

"Allie Simmons" I whispered.

He looked at me in a disbelieved look. "And does your mother happen to be Rachel Simmons?" He asked.

I nodded, wondering how in the world he knew my mother.

"Allie, I am your father."

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