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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"I am your father." He repeated. "I'm your father, Billie Joe Armstrong."

I stood still. Did my ears deceive me?

"My father?" she asked, starting to get mad. She remembered the hard times she had. "How can you be a father to me if you never have been here? All of those times when I needed a father, I couldn't have one, since my own one left me! You never visited me, called me, or sent me gifts on my birthdays or in Christmas! I have been stuck in this hellhole of life, barely surviving, and not knowing where my father is! Yeah, thanks a lot, you're the best parent a girl can have!" I shouted, and started to move.

Billie held her back. "Wait," he said. "Don't go. I know I should have kept contact with you, but I was young back then. I wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility. I tried to forget, but I couldn't, and I thought your mother didn't want me back anyways. I'm so sorry Allie; I know I should have at least called you once in a while. Will you forgive me?" he asked me, sadness in his voice.

Allie was silent. She didn't know what to do.

"Will you forgive me?" he asked again.

"Yes," I whispered.

There was this awkward moment where both were looking at each other in silence. But Allie broke this silence, and hugged her father. Billie got surprised at first, but he hugged her back. It was the first time Allie experienced this type of feeling. A heart warming sensation which she enjoyed.

"I love you Allie," whispered Billie.

"I love you too dad," whispered Allie.


Allie left the tracks, and followed her father to home. The home she never had.

On the way, her father told her about how he eventually re-married, and he had married a woman called Adrienne Nesser, Adrienne Armstrong now. She had 2 kids, Joey and Jacob, both younger than her. Joey's 11 and Jacob is 8. He showed her pictures, and they were cute.

The more she heard about her new family, the more she was anxious and nervous.
Will they like me? Will I be accepted as an individual of this family? She thought.

At last, they arrived at the place they call home.

"Welcome home sugar pie" Sugar pie. I like it.

He opened the front door, and went in.

"IM HOME!" Announced Billie.

"Hi honey!" rushed a woman in dreadlocks, who I assumed as Adrienne. She was beautiful. Not fat, and not too thin.

"And who might you be?" she asked. As I was about to answer, Billie answered.

"Adie, remember when I told you about my ex-wife and how I had a daughter?" He asked. Adie nodded. "Well, meet my daughter, Allie"

Adie put a hand over her mouth, and tears started to form. "Oh darling..." she started to hug Allie. Allie never felt this much loved. Tears started to form in her eyes too.

"Your always welcomed here honey," said Adie. Allie gave her a hug.

"May I break this moment and show her her room?" said Billie, with this huge grin on his face.

"Oh yeah. Here honey, give Billie your stuff." Said Adie, while giving Billie her suitcase.

"Follow me," Winked Billie.

Allie followed him up the stairs, and looked around her. The house was beautiful. They arrived at a room, which made Allie give a little gasp.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" said Billie.

The room was painted pink. It had a four poster bed, with pink sheets. It had a dressing table, desk, and a closet. They were all white painted wood. A perfect girl's room.

"Yes it is." Answered Allie.

Allie dumped her stuff on her bed, and joined her family downstairs, in the living room. She met her brothers. Joey wants to be a professional skater, and Jacob wants to be a rock star like his father, which I find cute.

Billie plugged in a PS2, and inserted the game, Guitar Hero. He picked up a controller, and Allie took the other one. The game started to get more intense by every note strummed on the guitar controller. Adie, Joey and Jacob where cheering for Allie. Billie was screwing up intentionally to let Allie win, but when he noticed how good she was, he started to play intensely. After about 10 rounds, which Allie distinctly won most of, Billie and Allie collapsed in a giggling heap.

"Do you know how to play the guitar?" Billie asked his daughter.

"Yes, I do. But my step-dad sold mine" she said in a sad voice.

"Well you can always use one of mines," winked Billie.

"I thought no one was allowed to touch your guitars!" exclaimed Joey.

"Well, did you ever beat me in this game?" smirked Billie.

"No" muttered Joey.

Allie found it funny. She started teasing Joey. She was at last part of a happy family. At dinner time, Billie told her how he was taking her to school on Friday, which was tomorrow. He told her that she was going to go to a school next to the one Joey and Jacob go to.

Allie started to think about what it's going to be like in her new school, while lying on the bed. She was always this "emo loner" at school. As far as she knew, no one liked her, even the teachers. What if they treat her the same in her new school?

She pushed these thoughts out of her mind and went to sleep.

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