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Chapter 3

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Allie woke up to the sound of someone calling her.

"Allie honey, wake up," called Adie.

Allie opened her eyes and saw Adie looking at her.

"Good Morning Allie," smiled Adie, and went out of the room.

Allie stretched, and sat up. She has only spent one day there, but it felt as if she was there her whole life.

She dressed in her favorite outfit. A Green Day shirt and her favorite jeans. She applied some eye-liner and made her hair. Perfect.

She picked up her messenger bag, and went downstairs.

She arrived at the kitchen. Billie was reading the newspaper, Adie was fixing a fussing Jacob's shirt, and Joey was standing next to the toaster, waiting for his toast.

"Good morning," Allie greeted the busy family.

At the sound of Allie, Billie closed the newspaper and smiled at her. "Good morning cutie pie,"

Allie smiled back, and sat down. She was too nervous to eat, although Adie made her eat one of her home-made muffins. She ate one, and continued being nervous. Will she be accepted there? Will she even have a friend?

She continued thinking until Billie said it's time to go.

She followed him out, and into his car. He kept comforting her about the school, but she still kept shaking.

They arrived at the school, and Allie was amazed. The school didn't look like a school at all. It was carved in a beautiful way, and was built in the most modern design.

Billie squeezed her hand and took her to the school. He discussed stuff with the Head, and they followed him to Allie's first class.

The head introduced her to the class, and to her homeroom teacher, Mr. Miller. She then took a seat next to a curly haired girl. As she took her seat, her father poked his head in the class and waved to her, like a parent does on a child's first day of school.

Allie giggled and waved back. She noticed people staring at her, and noticed that the curly haired girl was smiling at her.

"Do you know him?" she asked Allie. Allie nodded. "He is my father."

"Oh! How lucky," she said, laughing. "I'm Sarah."

"And I'm Allie, but I think you already know that," Allie said, and shaked hands with Sarah.

Allie smiled, and felt someone poking her from behind. She turned around, and saw a girl with a cheesy grin on her face.

"Oh, and this is Chelsea," giggled Sarah.

"Hi Chelsea," Allie smiled.

"Hi Allie," she smiled back. "It must be cool having someone as famous as Billie Joe Armstrong as a father,"
Allie shrugged. "I got used it,"

Sarah and Chelsea giggled.

"Now, now settle down class," said Mr. Miller.

Allie was passing notes to Allie and Chelsea the whole lesson. She jumped at the sound of the bell.

"Allie, you coming?" called Chelsea.

"Yeah!" She picked up her bag and left the class with Chelsea and Sarah.

"Hey guys, do you know where is my locker?" asked Allie, and showed them the number.

"Yeah we do. Follow me!" ran Chelsea.

"Is she always like this?" Allie asked Sarah, both of them running behind Chelsea.

"Yeah. Chelsea tends to be hyper most of the time," Sarah laughed. "It's a pain, but I keep up with it."

Allie laughed. She didn't notice that Chelsea stopped, and fell over her, with Sarah on top. They landed in a giggling heap, and stood up. "Here you are Allie, this is your locker" grinned Chelsea.

"Thanks Chelsea!" exclaimed Allie and inserted her books in her locker.

"So any idea what we have next?" asked Allie.

"Sarah's worst nightmare." Said Chelsea evilly.

They laughed and headed to their next class. It turned out that the three of them are in the same class. They never understood what was going on, they were just passing notes and giggling and Chelsea's randomness.
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