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Chapter 4

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The bell rang and as soon as they knew it, it was lunch time. It was time to choose where to sit in the cafeteria. It may sound easy, but you have no idea. Good thing Allie already made friends, who she can sit with.

She followed them to the cafeteria, and looked around. Just like she expected. Every clique was sitting together. They took their food and went to find a table. They arrived at a table with no one but themselves sitting there.

"Is your table always empty like this?" asked Allie.

"Yeah," answered Sarah. "No one talks to us since they think I'm 'emo' and Chelsea is a freak. So, yeah, we are with our own selves here every single day."

Allie was shocked. "How mean can the students be here?" She didn't need anyone to answer her though. As soon as she opened her mouth to say that, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a thin as a pole blonde girl.

"So you're the Armstrong girl huh?" asked Barbie.

"Yes" answered Allie.

"And your father is this pop star?"

"You mean a rock star. And yes, he is."

"Well, I would like to invite you to sit with us in lunch, starting from today. What do you think?" said Barbie, with a fake sugary voice.

Allie looked at her friends, and looked back at the Barbie girl.

"I'm sorry, but I prefer to sit next to my friends than people who just like me because of my father." Answered Allie, and turned her back to the Barbie girl.

"Fine. But remember one thing, you will regret this choice." And with that, she stomped away.

"Way to go Allie," grinned Chelsea.

"Yeah! No one ever stood up to her before." Said Sarah, amazed. "Just be careful, you might not know what is going on in her dumb blonde head."

"If you think I'm going to let a Barbie like her bring me down, then you're wrong" said Allie.

"Barbie?!" Laughed Chelsea. "Ha-ha. Her name is Claire."

"And what a Barbie name it is!" said Sarah, joining Chelsea with her laughter.

Allie giggled. She was happy that she chose this than joining the Barbie looking people.

The more time they spent together, the more they got closer. Before they knew it, the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Allie said good-bye to her new friends, and headed out of the school. The moment she left the school's building, she noticed the sleek black BMW, and her father leaning on the driver's door, waiting for her.

As soon as he noticed her, he waved. Allie smiled and waved back, and proceeded to her father with eyes following her every move. She went to her father, who hugged her.

"How was my little girl's 1st day of school?" said Billie.

"It was ok," laughed Allie, and went in the car.

On the way home, Allie was telling her father about her friends.

"Maybe you should invite them someday." Suggested Billie.

"You mean it?"

"Yes, just make sure they aren't those types of girls who would want me to marry them," Laughed Billie.

"Oh no, they aren't those types," smiled Allie.

They arrived home, and Allie went to her room. She lay on her bed, and had a light sleep. She was so tired of the events of her first day that she didn't notice her father coming in.

"Allie, you alive?" asked Billie humorously.
"Yeah," Allie yawned.

"Well, freshen up and come downstairs, I have some people I want you to meet." Said Billie, and went out of the room.

Allie went to her bathroom and washed her face, and followed her father downstairs.

She went downstairs to find their living room occupied with two men. One was short, had brown hair, and was dressed in what looked like golfing clothes. The other one was tall, blonde, and had many tattoos. He looked more normal looking than the other one.

"Allie, meet Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt, my band mates, and the best friends a guy can have," said Billie.

Allie saw the shorter one come to her with this goofy smile.

"I'm Frank Edwin Wright III, but I would prefer you to call me Tre." Winked Tre.

Billie rolled his eyes. "Tre, save it for someone else,"

"Aww Billie, but she is hot,"

"Well, you're not making out with my daughter," said Billie sternly.

"Oh shucks," mumbled Tre, wearing a fake disappointed face.

The other guy just laughed. "I haven't introduced myself," He said. "I'm Mike,"

Allie smiled. She sensed something about him. He seemed different than Tre and Billie. He seemed more mature and calm than her father and Tre. She also got the feeling she can trust him in anything she wants.

The stood there while watching Billie and Tre fight for a while until Mike got sick of it.

"Guys, break it up. I think we are here for band practice, not karate practice," said Mike, and pulled them both away, dragging them to the basement.

Allie laughed. She saw Tre making a face at Mike, and laughed again. How did they manage getting Tre in the band, Allie never knew. Allie was going to go to the kitchen to help Adie, but the phone distracted her.

"Hello?" Answered Allie.

The person on the other end was quiet, but Allie could hear someone breathing.

"Hello?" repeated Allie. No answer. She hung up and - CRASH!
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