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Cemetery drive.

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The big apple takes a swing at us.

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The ride was endless, it felt like we were going for ages and not going to arrive anytime soon.
I hated trains from that day on.
I went through my bag for 45568456th time making sure I didn't forget my mobile, purse, keys, camera and phone.
I snapped a few shots of Gerard to make sure my battery was OK and the camera was working fine.
I stared out of the window just in time to finally spot New York's outline.
I loved new york, it had a sense of freedom to it, the streets hosted all kinds of people and none of them were rejected, not the girl with the purple hair and 5456 nose pierces and not the homeless dude with the toy guitar and not the businessman in his neat suit, the owner of shiny black shoes.
Everybody were welcomed to walk these streets and you rarely got any weird glances from a New Yorker, probably because they've seen much stranger looking people.
It had huge buildings that gave me the feeling of a small ant. It made me feel like nothing and welcomed me to do whatever I please because nobody gave a shit who I was or what I'm doing.
It was truly the city that never sleeps, it was busy and sometimes foggy but never quiet, huge crowds walked these streets, all looking really important.
Even the hot dog vendor looked important, but not in a snotty way because he talks to you the same way he does to his mother, using a lot of dears and sweetie's but his whole manner says importance, maybe because he really is an actor waiting for his big break and practised how to be nice to his fans when he handed the hot dog.
I adore New York.

I bounced in my seat chanting, "We're here We're here We're here".
Gerard laughed at me, stating that for a married woman I was acting like a 17 year old.
I flipped him the finger and continued to bounce.

The train finally came to a stop, I couldn't even fake patience any longer. I wanted to jump up and down and could feel the adrenaline pumping in my body, if I had to stand still for another moment I will fucking explode.
I wanted to be at the concert hall NOW!
But as always, things never goes my way and we had to find the concert hall first, at least I could move around and walk without appearing strange.
Gerard studied blankly a map we found at the train station while I circled him like a crazy puppy chasing it's own tail.
I felt so free, so home, I felt like I could fly.
All the people bumping into me and noise and chats, and people hurrying to different places. It felt amazing, I felt like I belonged here, like a lost child who finally found his way home.
"Let's take a cab", Gerard's desperate voice brought me back from my happy day dreaming, he gave up on the map idea.
He grabbed my hand and dragged me through the exit doors, he whistled, waving his hands and about 5 cabs pulled over.
I giggled happyly and hopped in the closest one.
"Where you to want?", asked the driver with Indian accent.
Gerard stated the location and the cab began racing down the street, I hoped he could go faster.
We passed other cabs, buildings and people.
They all combined together into a colorful blur.
I stuck my face in the window and watched life go by, it had so many tastes, colors and smells.
I couldn't believe that just a few weeks ago I didn't want to live all this, I wanted to give up.
Just then and there I knew I'm going to be OK, I'm going to live a great life.
I'm going to realize my dreams and grab life by the balls, I'm going to make it all happen and enjoy the ride.
The thought of the bright future I pictured to myself made me smile, I waved to the passengers in the cab that pulled next to us at the red lights, they waved back.
Life is about to be wonderful.
I felt Gerard squeeze my shoulder and looked at him. He would always be there to enjoy life with me.
"Gerard, I'm so happy. I feel free", I whispered unable to control my wide grin.
"I love you", he whispered back.
I don't think it's humanly possible to smile any wider.
I buried my face in his jacket, "I love you too, more than words are capable of explaining".
Gerard giggled in my hair, "I'll do anything to make you feel like this everyday for the rest of our lives".
I closed my eyes with pleasure, who knew you can feel this good in the back of a racing cab.
New York must have something in the air.

I went back to stare out of the window, we were in what looked like an empty ally, it was completely deserted except for the homeless.
Just when we turned a corner, I saw a jeep speeding in our direction, it's blinding lights in my eyes.
Even though the cab didn't slow down, from that moment it all went in slow motion.
It wasn't like people say it is after encountering death, I didn't see my life flash before me and I didn't see a tunnel or white light, except for the jeeps lights.
Instead I had somewhat stupid thoughts crossing my mind.
What will happen to my bag when I'll die, what if someone steal it?
And what will they write on my tomb stone?
And will Mikey remember how I wanted to be buried?
Too bad Mikey doesn't know how much he meant to me, and the other boys, will they remember me in 5 years time?
Will Frank name his future dog after me like he always promised?
How about my will?
What if they find my poems, it'll be sooo embarrassing...wait.. I'll be dead by then...OK, then they can read my poems.

The driver struggled with the wheel and swore in some language I didn't understand but it was obvious he was swearing. Or perhaps praying.
The jeep was growing closer and picked up it's speed causing our cab to tilt from side to side.
My heart beat fast but I didn't panic, so what if we're going to die, at least I had my hour of happiness.
I glanced at Gerard, he was gripping my hand with his left hand and the seat with his right, he was pale and looked scared.
how blessed I was, he was the last person I would see...


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