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All is fair in love, war and metal concerts!

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Hip hip hooray for Grannie!!

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I banged my head on my locker, "I hate her I hate her I hate her".
"What happened?", Gerard put his hand between my forehead and the blue locker.
"My mother that's what happened!, she's always controlling me, bossing me around, telling me what to do, insulting me, butting in my life and overall being a big pain in my ass! She even told me how much milk to put in my coffee this very morning!", I kept banging my head in Gerard's hand.
I could hear the disappointment in his voice and it hurt me, "She won't let you go to the concert, will she?".
I nodded, "I asked her and then we ended up fighting and basically I don't think she'll let me go".
"Oh Sky, I saved all my money for this. I'm so sorry. It's supposed to be you christmas gift", he patted my back.
"Is it weird I hate my mother? because I strongly dislike her", I slid to the floor with my back against the locker.
"You don't hate her, you're just annoyed she won't let you go", Gerard crouched down to join me on the floor, if only he knew the things she said about him the night before.
"It's not just that. I just hate her, I don't think I'll survive another year in that house", I moaned, glaring at students who dared to cross my path, "Bah! I can't even have a normal conversation when she's the topic", I looked at my shoes.
Gerard patted my hand, "We'll figure a way".

I kept nagging about the concert to my mother, I used every bit of manipulation I could think of.
I refused to eat, didn't talk to her, pouted all day long, ignored her, cried and overall acted like a two year old.
As they say, all is fair in love, war and metal concerts and besides when they treat you like a two year old you might as well act like one.
two days before the concert when I lost all hope she caved in and allowed me to go to the concert, under the condition that Gerard will come up when picking me.
That was her idea of revenge because she knew Gerard, she knew the whole Way family.
hell, she's been on vacation with them a few months ago.
she just wanted to embarrass me in front of Gerard, I was annoyed and about to start a fit again but decided against it.
We can make it as long as Gerard would be polite enough and leave the fuck word out of the conversation and won't wear his ripped jeans..what am I saying? I'm doomed!

But we made it!, if I didn't know better I would've mistaken Gerard for a polite young man!
He was perfectly polite and well mannered, I wanted to die when my mother asked him all the embarrassing questions she could think of, but he answered them with a smile without a hint of a swear word.
"You were perfect!", I complimented when we were making our way to the train station.
"I know! But flattery still won't get you in my pants", Gerard smirked what he thought was his sexy smirk.
I rolled my eyes, "Ah, you know me so well"
"It's the least I could do to save my christmas present", Gerard took out his cigarette pack out of his pocket.
I eyed it evilly.
We were a week away from christmas, I loved the holiday seasons but hated to celebrate it with my stinking mother. She made them hell for me just like she made every other day hell for me.
We ended up fighting at the holiday dinner. Not a pretty sight.
I couldn't believe how fast time passed, just months ago I wasn't even talking to gerard and now we were heading for a concert together.

I bounced on my toes while waiting for the train, I was as restless as it gets.
It was my first time in New York without my mother and it was my first concert ever, she have never let me travel alone before.
Gerard sat on a bench covered in graffiti, taping his leg lightly and smoking.
I wanted to kiss him, i didn't like his smoking but he looked so hot doing it!
I tore my eyes away from him and looked at my watch, "Where's the fucking train?".
"That's what I want to know", pouted an old lady who was sitting next to Gerard.
Gerard chuckled at my blushing.
I went to look at the time table, it was a minute late.
I came back, making my way through the crowd beginning to form around the waiting post.
I leaned on the wall next to Gerard then looked again at the watch, I hummed and bounced on my toes.
"It's late", I announced 5 seconds later.
"Sit down and don't freak out!", commanded Gerard, standing up so I can sit in his place.
"I'm not freaking out", I sat down and tapped my feet.
"You are", he smiled an understanding smile.
I bite my bottom lip, "I wish it would come soon, you can't trust these fucking pieces of metal".
"It's only like 3 minutes late", Gerard leaned on the wall I was leaning earlier.
I hummed again, tapping my feet on the ground and my hands on my knees, checking my watch every 30 seconds.
"Darling, your husband is right. You should be more patient", the old lady whispered loudly in my ear.
She caught me off guard, "Husband? Are you talking to me?".
She nodded with a sweet smile that revealed her toothless mouth.
"Of course she's talking to you, honey", smirked Gerard, putting out his cigarette with his feet.
"Probably newlyweds as well, you remind me of me and old Gery", said the old lady in a nostalgic tone.
I exchanged confused looks with Gerard, he looked amused but the reality downed on me.
I look old enough to be married!!!
Meaning I looked about 25-30! How disgustingly annoying when I'm not even near 20.
"The hardest year is the first one", nudged me the old lady.
I wondered if I looked as annoyed as I felt, not only am I masculine but now I'm an old masculine girl!?.
"How long are you married?", she asked addressing Gerard, I guess I did look as annoyed as I felt.
But who wouldn't?!
I was about to tell her we're still in high school when Gerard caught me off, "About 3 months".
The lady clapped her wrinkled hands, "You look right together but not older than my 15 year old grandchild".
Yay, I looked younger. Hip hip hooray for Grannie!
I grinned as a respond and Gerard continued, "Just got back from the honeymoon".
Just when the old lady opened her mouth to say something the train approached the platform. I cheered loudly and stood up.
The line was long but we were somewhere in the middle of it.
"You know it's not nice to lie to an old lady", I leaned to whisper in Gerard's ear.
He laughed and pushed me gently on the train.

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