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basing on a true incident. there are always strange things happening around us no one really can explain.

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so, now a new try, after more people reading the alternative end than the real one ... and no need to worry, this is going to be a really short story, or so I hope. I wanted to make a one-shot but appearently I can't be short...
p.s.: anyone's seen Darks?

Delilah Westmoreland tried to close the bedroom door as quietly as she could. She knew her daughter had a light sleep. Her long hair was curling on the pillow case, emblazed by the morning sunlight twinkling through a sun-blind.

Finally she managed shutting the door with her elbow so she didn't have to put the birthday cake out of her hands. Delilah put it on the desk and sat down. Eighteen years old ... how time had flown past. It felt like yesterday when she had herself turned eighteen.

Delilah had expected it to be a special day but certainly not as special as it turned out: two deaths, the day she left the Academy and the day before she had been sent to a psychotherapist.

While trying to not make too much noise she searched for a lighter in the drawers and found the square silver one she had given her some years ago. But it wasn't time to light the candles yet.

What can one say when one's daughter has finally reached the age when she thinks she can handle everything herself? Giving her advice isn't any use anymore once they reach puberty. But even though they seem mature and think they are - there were still some things they didn't know, no one could know.

One had always to be on one's guard. Always. Delilah had thought she was careful: she always had a Plan B, tried to keep everything in mind that could be useful, tried to take in the tiniest detail that could be important. No risks. And still 17 years ago all her plans and intentions had become useless.

"Julius, next time more Vibrato, okay?"

Julius nodded. His lips were aching ... he couldn't take it anymore. Why had he to play the French horn? Why? He had wanted to play the bass ... or drums, that would also have been okay - the only trouble was that these instruments were too far away from the conductor. Now he sat at the front of the stage and could sprint to get the maestro out of the way if needed.

"Da capo!" ordered Ernest Pleasure tipping with his baton against the music stand.

Julius tried as much Vibrato as he could - just when Ernest called off again. Exhausted Julius looked up at him.

"Very good!" the maestro said however. "Wonderful, molto optimo. And as it was so good, one more time please ..."

Delilah tried hard not to break into a laugh and kept counting the measure. 10 more ... she was glad she didn't have to play brass ... five ... flute was wood after all ... two ... she took a deep breath.


Disappointed she put it down again. How she hated it. Every time they got to this furioso part some stupid clarinet didn't manage to play the measure correctly. Okay, it was full of sixty-fourth notes but nonetheless ... However her primary aim wasn't playing music, even though she liked playing this flute concerto. As soloist she had the best view which was necessary to safe Pleasure. She didn't know who could be threatening him but the letters he had gotten were not faked. And as he insisted on conducting the concerto Delilah and Julius were sent there undercover.

Ursula and Emmet would be outside at the buffet whereas Nosey took care of the changing rooms. Ernest was a nice guy so even Ursula didn't have much to wail about. He had no enemies, or at least, none he knew about. The only motive they had was rivalry and a college would be going to the concert tonight.

"One more time! And Martina, don't forget, it's dimdideldideldideldim - the accent's on the b flat, right? And then attacca to the allegro furioso. One, two, three -"
This time it worked. Delilah hoped Martina would remember tonight ...

It was three o'clock p.m. and Ernest had given them the rest of the day off to relax a bit. The weather was good so Delilah and Julius had gone for the park leaving Ernest with Nosey who had set his mind on learning how to play the oboe. Delilah leaned against a tree while Julius was still massaging his lips.

"You're aware of the fact how silly that looks?" she asked.
"'m nt usd to ply anymor" Julius said not stopping his massage.

Delilah just smiled. She couldn't help it when she saw him. This day was like every other one: perfect because he was there.

Delilah, now 35 years old leaned back in her chair. It creaked a little. Catherine Julia Westmoreland turned in her bed. It was still too early to wake her. Yes, she had fancied her partner. A lot would be understated. It seemed to be a mutual feeling. Until that night ...

"I think I'll take another look at the Andante" she said, yawning. "It's got five bs ..."

"The composer wasn't right in the mind if you ask me", Julius answered. "I got six in the moderato part ..."

Everything had seemed so normal.
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