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Meeting the parents = 3rd degree for Brendon and an anxious Vicky...

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Walking into the living room, Brendon and I came face-to-face with my parents. "Hello," my mom said, a hint of malice audible.

"Er, hey," I replied hesitantly.

"Did you have a good time?" my dad asked. Beginning to feel uncomfortable (I was never one to get in trouble with my parents), I shifted on the spot and stole a swift glance in Brendon's direction.

"Yeah, it was nice. We went to Oxford Street and bought a few things," I answered shortly.

"That's nice," my dad said. Brendon was silent. If I wasn't actually in that position, I would be laughing at how a 19-year-old famous musician in a rock band could be silenced out of fear of his girlfriend's parents. Well, it is still quite funny.

We stood awkwardly while my parents both seemed at such ease, sitting on the leather sofas. Eventually, since she looked like she had been building herself up to it, my mom said something, breaking the icy silence.

"How do you two fancy going out to dinner somewhere tonight? Say, in about an hour ago?"

Before I allowed any time for Brendon, or even myself for than matter, to think or say anything, I blurted out a squeaky sounding, "Ok." What did I just say? Oh, crap...

"Oh great! We were thinking of going to that restaurant just down the road... The Swan?"

I nodded quickly, avoiding everyone gaze, and walking curtly out of the door and up to my room. Brendon was following and I didn't say anything, or even look at him, until my door was firmly shut.

"I'm sorry," I apologised timidly and very quickly.

Sensing my apprehension, he asked softly, "For what?"

"That... that conversation downstairs. Agreeing to going to dinner."

"It's ok, really. I can't say that I didn't expect it. I am staying in your parents' house and dating their daughter so you know... it was inevitable."

Rather than saying anything, I smiled and moved towards him to kiss him tenderly. Hugging him tightly afterwards, I melted into his warm embrace, closing my eyes.

"I really am sorry though... I dread to think what this evening will bring," I said, laughing and yet being sincere.

"Yeah... should be a laugh..." Brendon joked.

"I wouldn't even joke about that, Brendon," I said seriously.

"Is it really gonna be that bad?"

"Well... you're my boyfriend - my parents don't need anymore reason not to like you... plus, you're famous and 3 years older than me... and sleeping with me..." I trailed off, whispering the latter.

Brendon's eyes opened a little, understanding what I was trying to say; he screwed his mouth over to one side and shrugged, "They don't need to know about that, now, do they?"

"Hell no, I'll be shot if I told them that! We just have to prove that you are as amazing as you are."

"Easier said than done, my dear," he said.

"You are amazing..." I spoke softly. I ran my hands down his arms. "You're charming... sweet... funny..." I cupped his face in my hands and whispered, "Hot... sensitive... really talented... and..." I gently bit his earlobe before breathing out, "Really great in bed."

He smiled shyly to me. "You are the sweetest, most incredible girl I've ever met," he whispered softly. Gently pushing me towards my bed, he wrapped his arms around me and fell on top of me; he couldn't squash me though: he was too skinny. Smothering me with kisses, I moaned, despite my efforts not to. He slid his hand up my shirt slowly, but I slapped my hand over his.

"Brendon," I warned. "Babe, you can't do that!"

"Oh right..." he said, obviously remembering who else was in my house. "By the way, where is your brother?"

"That's a good question... I dunno. Maybe he's in our garage."

"What's he doing in there?"

"Probably playing pool."

"You have a pool table? Cool! Why don't we play later, like, when we get back?"

"Yeah ok, sounds good. We shouldn't be out too long."

"So does that mean that I'll get to see a certain something I bought for you tonight?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"Maybe... Well, since we don't have much time now, we may have to."

"Good, 'cause I can't wait," he said, kissing my forehead. We simply lay down for a while enjoying eachothers' company, as Brendon rested his head on my chest and I fumbled with his soft, fluffy hair. We didn't speak. Staying still, I listened to our raspy breath and the silence, only to be broken by the random mutterings from my parents. A dreamy smile attached itself to my face.

After what must have been 20 minutes, Brendon brought me back to reality by lifting himself off me gracefully. He was always graceful. "We should get up now... I want to go and change and do my hair," Brendon smiled.

"Why? You already look amazing," I stated.

"I know. I just wanted to hear you say it," he smirked cheekily.

I rolled my eyes at him. Standing up, I grabbed my comb from my dresser and ran it through my slightly tangled hair.

"Can you just leave for a minute? I need to get changed," I asked sweetly.

"You need me to leave while you change when I've seen you naked?" he asked confusedly.

"Yeah... Besides, you said you wanted to change."

"Ok. Come and see me when you're done."

"I promise." He walked out of my room, shutting my door in the process. After I changed into a skirt and t-shirt, re-applied some makeup and slipped on a pair of pink sandals, slinging my handbag on my arm, I headed downstairs. Knocking loudly on his door, I went inside Brendon's room once he had called, "Come in."

Brendon smiled to me, turning away from a full length mirror to face me, and said, "Wow, you look..."

"Nice?" I finished.

"I was thinking more towards beautiful or gorgeous personally," he answered smoothly, encasing me in his charm once again.

"You're looking damn good too," I complimented, smiling innocently like a small child.

"Let's go do this." Brendon took a deep breath and held his arm out for me to link with. I took it promptly and opened the door widely.

"You ready to go?" my mom asked, rising from her seat in the lounge along with my dad. They must have been waiting for us.

"Yeah," I said. We headed out to my dad's car and within a 10 minute silent car journey, we arrived to the restaurant.


"I'll have the chicken and spinach taglietelli," I told the brunette waitress as she scribbled my order down. She took each of our menus and briskly walked away.

"So Brendon, you're working on your new album then, are you?" my mom asked, staring intently at him.

"Yeah, we've just been writing some stuff so far, but we haven't recorded anything yet."

"I quite like your music actually. Or at least the ones you've released. What are they called? I Write Sins, Not Tragedies..." she struggled to think of the titles of the songs.

"And Lying is the Most Fun... and But it's Better If You Do," I filled in for her.

"Yeah, those are the ones."

"Really? Oh, that's nice to know that's not only girls like our music but adults too," Brendon said.

"I don't really like Panic! at the Disco personally. Sorry, no offence," my dad said bluntly.

"Alan, you can't say that," my mom said.

"It's ok, I don't mind. If everyone liked our music it would be awful," Brendon laughed.

"That's true. I just love your music - it's really individual, you know?" I said.

"Thanks," Brendon said.

"How old are you?" my dad asked.

"19. My birthday's in April," he replied.

"So you're 3 years older than Vicky?" my dad persisted.

"Yeah," Brendon answered, sensing a need to be aware of what he said now.

"And yet you're dating her?"

"Yeah, I am. The age difference doesn't bother me, and I care about her," Brendon replied defensively. It made me want to kiss him there and then. He always, always knew how to make me smile. I am so emotional that my eyes started threatening to overflow.

"Hmmm..." my dad replied, mulling over Brendon's last words. "Have you had any previous girlfriends?" Oh god, did he seriously just ask that?

"Er, yes, I have."

"Any serious relationships?"

"Erm... is that really necessary to answer?" Brendon asked as politely as possible. I was beginning to burn up in the face, getting very anxious.

"Well yes, it's not hard to answer."

"Dad!" I whispered harshly, not wanting to cause some scene.


"Ah, here's the food," my mom said sharply as our food arrived.

After a silent meal, I placed my knife and fork down on the table quietly. The classic music filled my ears, along with the calming buzz of other people in the restaurant.

I couldn't take this stony atmosphere any longer, so I decided to say something myself. "Look, mom, dad. I like Brendon, and I know he's older than me, and you may find a million reasons why I shouldn't date him since you are my parents, but I'm going to date him. I just hoped that you would actually support me and be happy for me. Brendon is nothing like Mike."

"Mike?" my dad asked sharply. "Who's Mike?"

I sighed. "He's my ex-boyfriend now. I was dating him before, but we broke up... when I was in Vegas."

"Because you started dating Brendon whilst still dating him?" he asked. For goodness sakes! Fucking alcohol... How dare he ask me that!

"No! You want to know why we broke up? Huh? Well I'll tell you: he slept with Siobhan. And is you don't know who she is, she used to be my best friend. Ok dad? Happy now? You've had the chance to interrogate Brendon and me. I'm done." I pushed back my chair loudly, picking up my bag and jacket.

"Vicky, don't go, please," my mom begged. I stopped as soon as she spoke. "I'm sorry." I could shout at my dad; it was so easy to shout at him. But my mom? I always did what my mom told me to do; I loved her unconditionally, and I loved her more than I loved my father. I know, it's wrong, but it's true. I've always been closer to her than my dad.

I considered whether to just leave or stick it out and stay, but I went with my more rational side and sat back down at the table. Once seated, Brendon rested his hand on my thigh supportively. I smiled over to him and held his hand in mine.

"So, in the morning, we'll both be at work and so will Darren," my mom informed me, attempting to break the thick ice looming over our table.

"Ok, you'll be out all day then?"

"Yeah, probably. I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Yeah, that's no problem."

After that, nothing more was said, other than asking the waitress for the cheque. Another silent car journey and we were home.

"I'm off to bed. Goodnight Vicky. 'Night Brendon," my dad said quickly. He headed off upstairs as Brendon and I said goodnight to him in return.

"I'll talk to him, Vicky," my mom said.

I gave her a confused look. "What about?"

"You and Brendon. It's obvious that you two like eachother. That's why I haven't been quite as upset about you dating a rock star and all, but Brendon seems really nice and friendly."

"Thanks mom. That means alot to me." I hugged her to show my appreciation.

"Yeah, Thankyou Mrs. Alben, for letting me stay here and... for everything really," Brendon said.

"It's my pleasure. You can stay as long as you want. I don't mind at all." She paused before saying, "Well, I'm going to go to bed now. Are you two staying up?"

"We probably will for a while, yeah."

"Ok, goodnight," my mom said, going up to her room as well.

"Then there were two," I said, turning my attention towards Brendon after what felt like forever.

"Indeed... what to do..." he asked seductively, holding my waist and moving ever closer to me.

"Hmmm..." I kissed him sweetly yet forcefully, longing to hold him and kiss him. Smiling sexily, he pushed me onto the sofa in my lounge.


I know it's not very long, but I updated!! Woohoo!! Haha, I'm meant to be revising, but I still found some time to write this chapter for my amazing readers :D 'Cause I love you! Please review! Or rate! Thankyou!
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