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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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"I'm certain it was him, father!" the young prince cried. His father shook his head.

"That's not possible, Michael. He was killed by pirates years ago; you know that."

"He's probably just upset from all the excitement," his mother whispered to her husband, who agreed and lightly patted her hand reassuringly.

"No, I know it was him! He looked exactly the same; his hair was white and everything," he said pleadingly. The two adults exchanged a look, wondering what had suddenly possessed their son to act so irrationally.

"Did he say anything to prove it?" his father asked skeptically.

" couldn't remember. But I think he had amnesia; I know it was him!" His father sighed heavily.

"Michael, don't get yourself worked up over something so trivial," his mother reprimanded softly. He sighed and left them; they obviously weren't going to listen to his words. He slowly climbed the stairs to his room, closely followed by Princess. He glanced up at the wall, seeing the line of family portraits staring back at him. Every person on the wall, every one of his relatives, seemed to be looking at him with intense disapproval. It was as if they thought he was losing his mind, too. But he was sure it had been his brother; he had seen something of his own face reflected back at him. It couldn't be a coincidence.

Michael sighed and entered his room, quietly closing the heavy door behind him. He lay back on his bed, and Princess curled up on the floor nearby. He could still see some of the firelight from the town through his window, even though it was a day later. He hoped that man would be safe. His eyes began to close, and he fell into a deep sleep, dreaming only of the white-haired man that he knew was his brother.
"I spoke with him yesterday," the captain said to his friend, who laughed at his words.

"Did ya tell 'im what ya do for a livin'?" He shook his head in response.

"That would not have ended well. He said he's going to join the navy."

"Joining the navy?" the dark-haired man asked, slightly slurring the words and hiccuping. "That's not somethin' I would expect from the royal family's spoiled-rotten son. And I thought ya said I couldn't talk about 'im." He took another drink of rum, spilling half of it on his shirt. The captain man next to him rolled his eyes. As if he really needed more alcohol; he was useless drunk.

"This complicates things, Frank. The odds of us meeting up someday are not as minuscule as you may believe." The pale-haired man stared into the distance listlessly. They sat side by side on top of the wooden stairs joining the ship's stern to the main deck. It was the first chance he had had to relax since his return.

"What're you talkin' about? We got arrested one time," said Frank, holding up one finger to make his point, "and that was only for a few minutes." The captain shook his head in response.

"The navy will no doubt be coming after us for this recent escapade of ours. It would be in our best interests to stay out of sight for some time."

"And how do we do that?" Frank asked, curious to hear his leader's plan. The pale-haired man studied the moonlit pathway ahead of them.

"We pay a visit to the House of Wolves," he said with an almost evil smile. Frank smiled maniacally as well. He liked this plan already.

"Sir!" Both of them turned to see a member of the crew standing there, a terrified look in his brown eyes. The leader's lip curled into a snarl. This was not a pleasant surprise.

"There are others in the distance."

"Other what?" Frank slurred, sounding annoyed. If this wasn't worth their time, he would make sure the man suffered for it.

"Other pirates." The leader jumped up from his place and ran to the ship's bow, taking wide, flowing strides and reaching it in a matter of seconds. The man followed him, handing him a small telescope so he could see better. He looked through the object and studied the horizon carefully.

"You are correct. It seems as if a few old friends have decided to check in. We might as well welcome them."

"Sir?" the man questioned, unable to believe his ears. Frank had finally managed to stumble his way up to the bow, anxious to hear his leader's words.

"Prepare for an attack, but show no signs of it. We must keep the element of surprise on our side. I will handle this personally," he said decisively, pale lips drawn into a thin line. His hazel eyes studied the small black object interrupting the moon's beautiful light. It, too, was following the silver pathway, coming directly towards him. The melody began to haunt his mind again, and he sang a line of lyrics to himself. Frank swallowed nervously upon hearing the breathless words.

"And we're all dead now..."
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