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Nine Evil Snowmen

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Hermione and the others aren't sure why, but the leadup to Christmas in Gryffindor Tower seems to be fraught with nothing but chaos, mistakes, and of course, Harry trying to be helpful.

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On the ninth day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me...

Nine Evil Snowmen

Hermione should have known that letting the conjured snow stay in the Common Room was a bad idea. She should also have known that letting Theodore, Blaise, Seamus and Dean turn it into snowmen the day before was an even worse idea.

She knew that somehow, that was what had given Harry the idea.

Looking back on the personal disaster that was the previous day, Hermione wished that she had taken the time to find out what Harry had been researching.

Of course, none of these thoughts were helping her current situation.

Hermione imagined that Harry's original idea had been to conjure some large snowmen, make them resistant to melting, and animate them. He had probably thought that it would be amusing and relatively festive.

He would have been right, if the snowmen hadn't become /evil/.

Now, of course, the nine giant snowmen were chasing the seventeen students around the Gryffindor Common Room, throwing rather hard snowballs and, Hermione was certain, trying to kill them.

They were all attempting to shoot spells at the snowmen, but their melting spells wouldn't work and somehow the enemy had become resistant to magic. In between shooting spells, most of them were yelling at Harry. Harry was attempting to protest his innocence, but having been cornered, alone, by two snowmen, he was somewhat distracted.

Across the room, Ron, Neville, Seamus and Dean were being chased by two snowmen, while Draco, Theodore and Blaise were fighting off another one. Colin and Justin were managing to keep a single snowman from cornering them.

Hermione was with the other girls, and they were being herded around by the final three snowmen. Lavender and Hannah were alternating between screaming curses and just plain screaming, while Susan and Parvati screamed at Harry between their own spells. Hermione wasn't bothering to swear at her best friend, she just planned to hex him later.

It was Luna who had the first success at affecting one of the snowmen with magic, but Hermione almost wished that she hadn't.


The snowman, surprisingly, immediately began flying towards Luna and Hermione. Hermione shrieked and ducked one way, Luna dove in the other direction. The snowman hit the wall and exploded, burying them in snow.

Lavender and Susan were the first to copy Luna's actions, and quickly moved out of the way of a second small-scale avalanche. Hermione lifted her wand, shaking snow from her eyes, and followed suit.

Colin quickly caught on to their idea. He and Justin were soon coated in snow.

The Slytherin and Gryffindor boys finished off their own snowmen, and finally there were only two left. Harry, being practically huddled in a corner under a barrage of snowballs, was completely unable to get out of the way if he Summoned them himself.

Blaise and Neville took pity on him, Summoning the snowmen away from their friend and getting a fresh coating of snow for their efforts.

Harry stood up shakily, dusting snow from his hair. "Um, oops? That wasn't quite what I'd intended them to do..."

"I should hope not!" Ginny snapped. "Harry...never try to animate anything ever again. Please. For all our sakes."

"I swear on my sexy Santa suit that I will never try to animate anything ever again, unless I'm animating it to distract or annoy Voldemort. Or his Death Munchers. Good enough?"

"It'll do," Ginny grumbled. "Now, for your punishment..."

Draco raised his hand and practically bounced on his toes in excitement. "Can I do it? Please? Please?"

Hermione frowned at him. "Depends what you're planning. I was considering turning him into a giant hamster."

Harry cringed.

"Perhaps not," Draco murmured, looking amused. "I thought perhaps Harry could be our animated snowman for the afternoon? After all, we have all this unmelting snow..."

Hermione smirked. "You know what, Malfoy? I think you just might be on to something."
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