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Eight Quiet Minutes

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Hermione and the others aren't sure why, but the leadup to Christmas in Gryffindor Tower seems to be fraught with nothing but chaos, mistakes, and of course, Harry trying to be helpful.

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On the eighth day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me...

Eight Quiet Minutes

It was as though everyone was trying to make up for the false hope that had been given the day before - the day had begun noisily and hadn't let up since. Hermione was getting incredibly tired of it. Even the temporary false peace from the day before would be preferable to the chaos gripping the Tower now.

She, and everyone else, had been woken up at seven by loud screaming. For some reason, one of the Runespoor heads (Harry said it had been Bob) had decided that their palm tree wasn't warm enough for so early in the morning, and had led the others to the closest warm human - Hannah. Unfortunately, Hannah was deathly afraid of snakes and was barely managing to tolerate having the damn thing in the same room she was sleeping in.

Hermione probably could have tolerated the wakeup call, but everything seemed to snowball from there - at one point, literally.

And now, dinner was over and everyone was in the Common Room again. Ron and Draco were involved in a heated game of chess, and both chesspieces and players were shouting at one another. At one point Susan had joined in the yelling, as she was tired of being hit by debris from the violent smashing of pieces.

Dean, Seamus, Theodore and Blaise were making use of the still-frozen snow that Neville had conjured sometime before lunch and alternating between miniature snowmen and snowball fights. Colin, who was playing Exploding Snap with Neville and Hannah nearby, occasionally had to defend himself from an errant snowball.

Lavender, Parvati and Ginny were sitting near Susan, and all four girls were exchanging gossip, discussing the occasional homework assignment, and painting their fingernails. Luna was sitting nearby, painting her own nails and telling Justin her theory on evolution. Justin was listening in amused awe and asking questions, which delighted Luna.

Surprisingly Harry was the only person aside from Hermione who was striving to stay silent. She suspected that he was actually doing homework of some kind, as he had several books spread on and around the couch he had claimed as his own and was taking notes in a spiral notebook with one quill (a real one) while he sucked on a sugar quill at the same time.

Hermione herself was attempting to read an Advanced Transfiguration book that she had found in the library the day before. It was fascinating, but the unrelenting noise all day, and especially now, was managing to completely ruin her concentration.

She was almost ready to snap, or at least give up and read in her dorm. She was trying to be sociable, but when sociable meant putting up with /this/...

Hermione never had the chance to snap, though, or to leave. Harry beat her to it.

He stood up, dislodging several books. One fell on his foot and after hopping rather comically for a few moments he calmed down, drew his wand and pointed it in the general direction of the middle of the group. "Silencio."

Everything seemed to stop, except for the snowball fight, but the sudden silence startled Blaise enough that he didn't bother retaliating to the handful of snow that Seamus had just thrown into the back of his head.

All eyes looked up and around for the culprit, and landed on Harry.

Harry just smirked at them all and sat down. "Thank you. Now continue to be quiet. I'm working here, and 'Mione's trying to read."

Hermione beamed at Harry. "Thank you, Harry."

He grinned back. "Welcome."

She went back to her book, and he went back to taking notes. Ron and Draco managed to continue their chess game by giving complicated hand gestures to their Silenced chesspieces. Everyone else was still too stunned to so much as attempt to speak.

Unfortunately, the peace only lasted eight minutes before Ron regained his voice - right when Draco's knight smashed his queen.

Hermione gave up and went upstairs.
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