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I'd rather you counted me out, If only you listened?

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I have posted this story before but it won't let me add anymore chaps so i have to post it again and hopefully it shoudl work :S Well this is a sequal to 'I've already given up on myself twice' ...

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OKay heres a summary of the story before this,
Brendon and Elspeth went to high together and they went out but broke up cus their live shad separate paths to take. A few years later they met again but Brendon was engaged to his girlfriend Fiona. They fell in love but someone else was falling for Elspeth too...Pete. Brendon broke it off with Fiona and got with Elspeth but then Fiona died and they broke up. Elpseth got pregnant and told everyone it was Petes and at the end of the last story Brendon was manically depressed and Elspeth had lost the baby but at least she ahd Pete. Brendon had no one. I hope that helps? :P

Brendon's POV

I ran off the stage the sweat dripping off my forehead and the adrenalin pumping through my veins. My heart was racing and my face was engulfed by a smirk. I walked into the dressing room and collapsed onto the sofa. The first show of the tour had gone perfectly, so we had the few dodgy notes we'd still warmed the crowd up for fall out boy. And boy, were they ready. On the stage was probably one of the only places where I could escape reality, and it was one of the few places where I wasn't paranoid that I'd let my secret slip. I felt Ryan slap my legs and shove them off the sofa.

"Can't you see I was sat there?" I smirked while adjusting my position on the seat.

"You were...but now your not." He grinned back while taking a gulp of well-deserved water.

"Great show guys." I heard Hayley call as she; Tash and Elspeth entered the room. I smiled softly at the three of them. Although Elspeth and me had a bad past we were at least talking now. I was a pretty shit friend not the guy that you'd ask to come and cry on. I didn't trust many people either I found it hard. I knew how it felt to loose everything and I hate putting things back together so I like to make sure that person is worth it. And I have yet to find anyone that consists of that.

"You guys need a shower!" Tash shouted as she edged away from Ryan's sweaty hug.

"Oh shut up you try performing to a few thousand people and not breaking a little sweat!" Spencer smiled.

"I think he's beat you there baby." Ryan said softly while placing a kiss on her lips. I stared at the others; I was the only one yet to have a special somebody. I did but she would always be in my heart, but never there when I wake in the morning. Even Jon had met someone, Saffron, she hadn't come on tour with us but they were still pretty serious.

"I'm going to the bus." Jon sighed while getting up and grabbing his bag.

"Oh I'll come with." I said while following him to the door.

"I need to get my cell so yeah." Elspeth said while glancing awkwardly into my eyes. I sighed and combed my fingers through my dark sweat dripping hair. I could never tell anymore if she knew how I felt about her, I was a bit harsh sometimes but even though six months have passed I'm still tender from before.

"I still don't get why you're on our bus." Jon said while throwing one of his confused looks at

"It's because there was a bed left on your bus and I haven't seen you guys in ages. Anyway it's not as if me and Pete can do anything on a coach." She said honestly.

"Ew too much information." Jon snarled.

"Sorry Jonnie." She said while throwing her arms around him.

"You're meant to be Pete's girlfriend and Jon has one." I said while rolling my eyes.

"Shut up Brendon." She sighed.

"Aww I think Brenny Bear's jealous." Jon smirked.

"Why the fuck would I be jealous? If I wanted to be second best I'd go do some running." I said while climbing onto the bus. I sat down on my bed and ripped off my shirt.

"Brendon put it away." Elspeth moaned as she searched around in her bag for her cell.

"You know there would have been a point when you would have been ripping this off." I sighed while checking my hair in the mirror.

"Yeah but now the only guy I do that too is Pete." She replied quickly.

"Lucky guy." I muttered under my breath. I sighed as she dialled in some numbers on the keypad.

"Brendon why do you always treat me like shit?" She asked out of the blue.

"I don't." I said trying not to sound to offended.

"You do! Whenever I mention Pete you just snap at me like a fucking crocodile." She said while staring into my eyes.

"Well maybe its cuz I don't want to see you get hurt...I just don't trust him either. Anyway I haven't believed that you care about what I think since that horrid day all those months ago." I said while getting up and entering the kitchen area.

She didn't follow me, she never usually did, and I always ran away from the fights we had since I knew that I'd end up letting that secret slip. I hated Pete for him cheated on her, but he was still my friend.

"Dude I know you two don't get on...but could you at least try?" Jon asked as I pulled some Oreos out of the cupboard.

"I am trying." I said while shoving half the box practically into my mouth.

"Hey...give me some!" Jon cried while pulling the box out of my hand. I sighed and collapsed onto the sofa closely next to Elspeth.

"Please put a shirt on?" She said while snarling her lip.

"No! This is fun torturing you." I laughed.

"You're mean Brendon Urie." She smirked back.

"Well that is my middle name." I muttered as the others came onto the coach. Elspeth passed me a shirt and I put it on. My hair was still dripping wet from the performance. It surprised me how much heartache I could take, I never imagined myself sat here next to her in a friendly manner. If only she knew the secret I had embedded in my head. I would never forget, but I didn't have any proof either. A few single words could wreck her relationship with Pete and Ryan and I have the key to that.

"Hey guys...whoa you're not arguing!" Spencer said while sarcastically pretending to be shocked.

"Brendon's not being a jerk for a change."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" I said immediately.

"Sorry I opened my mouth." Spencer said while quickly walking into the back room.

Elspeth's POV

I stared at Brendon as he hung his head in his hands. I wish he'd just let me back in.

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