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Your calling off the I coming through?

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Sometimes dreams become a reality...but not comepletely. please review only 2 so far :(

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I felt his hand stroke slowly over my stomach, his warm touch still burning off my skin. I glanced up into his eyes and his devilish smile leaked from his lips. I felt my heart race hard in my chest; he pulled away a piece of hair that was covering my right eye. I could see his tender lips coming closer to mine...

THUD as my body hit the floor.

"Shit." I muttered while rubbing my back. I noticed a pair of feet stop in front of me.

"Are you okay?" He asked while crouching down to my level, with his brown hair flopping in front of his okay eyes.

"Erm...yeah." I said while rubbing my eyes. I glanced out the window and I couldn't see a thing it was pitched black and the bus itself wasn't exactly lighted.

"Well you don't seem okay." He said softly. This was very out of character to him; normally he'd take the mick for something like this, very weird even for Brendon Urie.

"Come on I'll make you a five am snack." He smirked while pulling me up off the floor.

"Thanks Brendon." I said while standing in the middle of the hallway looking very confused. I soon followed him into the kitchen and I sat down on one of the chairs.

"I hate coaches." Brendon moaned while passing me a box of Oreos.

"Me too." I smirked. "Do you really call Oreos a snack? Brendon you eat them like meals." I laughed.

"So...what's your point?" He said while stuffing his mouth full of Oreos.

"It really doesn't matter." I said while putting my hand on his shoulder.

"So what were you dreaming about?" He asked curiously. My mind went blank I couldn't tell him what I was dreaming about. "Elspeth?" He called while jokily waving his hand in front of my face.

"Oh...erm just Pete." I said while feeling my cheeks go slightly red. Brendon smirked and bit his lip while sitting down on the sofa.

"You're lying." He said simply.

"I'm not!" I said while not looking at him.

"You so are, whenever you lie you can never look me in the eyes." He said seriously. "In fact you never look me in the eyes." He sighed. There was a very good reason of why. I couldn't tell him that though. Being with Pete was great and everything but the relationship me and Brendon did have would never be the same. I couldn't look into those hazel eyes cuz every time I did I see that broken heart. The one I want to mend and grow old with. But there's no turning back time and I'm with Pete even if I feel this way. I can't let him hold me back.

"I'm sorry Brendon I'm tired so I'm gonna go get some sleep." I said while getting up and walking to my bed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me around.

"But you haven't told me what your dream was about." He said seriously.

"I can't remember." I said while avoiding getting lost in his eyes. He grabbed my other hand; it was almost as if he had me over a spell. The bus hit a bump and me and Brendon toppled onto the bed, and he was on top. The bus had stopped obviously we had got stuck behind an accident. I buried my head into his shoulder, the smell, so familiar and warm. Just like in my dream.

"Are you okay?" He whispered in my ear.

"Never better." I sighed while placing my hands on his shoulder blades.

He raised himself up with his hands and he smiled softly at me. I pushed him onto his side and rested my head on his chest. It felt nice, us two snuggled up in my bed like this, he brushed his lips through my hair and I closed my eyes. Back into my dream, that seemed to be becoming a reality...but is that really all such a bad thing? Well I suppose I'll just have to find out.


Brendon's POV

I slowly opened my eyes as the light crept through the curtain over my right eye. I glanced down at Elspeth who had hardly moved in the night. I smiled softly and gently stroked her hair. Even though she wasn't my girlfriend, boy, did it feel like it. I watched her gently open her eyes and they instantly locked with mine.

"Hey." She said quietly. It was weird, my head was saying that this was wrong but my heart was just saying yes, constant yes's.

"You gonna tell me what you were dreaming about now?" I asked while stroking her soft blonde hair.

"I honestly can't remember." She smirked. I bit my bottom lip and stared down into those gem stones she had for eyes. I knew that she did know what her dream was about but obviously she didn't want to tell me. She smiled weakly at me as the bus stopped to a halt.

"Whoa." I smirked.

"I hate buses." She groaned.

"Same here, especially when the do that it's kind of annoying." I sighed.

"You and the bus have something in common then." She laughed.

"Shut up." I said while tickling her softly.

"Okay, okay I'm sorry!" She laughed some more. I gave up and sighed jokily she looked up into my eyes again, he stare sent shivers down my spine. I saw her lips getting closer to mine, so I knelt closer. Her lips touched mine and it was electric. It felt so right and it would have been perfect if my stupid guilt hadn't of kicked in. "No...I'm sorry but this is wrong. I don't want to get another broken heart." I said while getting off the bed and walking out. What the fuck had I done? She's with Peteand I'm an idiot.

Please review im not sure wether to carry on with this cus i could tie it off in a few chaps time but hey. =]
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