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two armies do battle and Destiny turns the tide.

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-A volley of gunfire came at him and Destiny took cover behind the mega block wall. He ejected the spent magazine from his weapon and got a new one from the back of his shield. Enemy artillery exploded all around him and his comrades.
-The Federated alliance and Zeo mechs were engaged in another battle on the bed that separated their two territories. The two groups were constantly fighting for domination of the room but neither of them had yet to gain a clear advantage.
-Once again the two sides were at a stale mate. This was the fifth time they had fought on this battlefield and it had always ended in a draw. The two sides were simply too evenly matched but this time the Fedies had a plan to change that.
-The battlefield was covered with heavily damaged mega block walls that both sides used for cover. They were the remnants of some forgotten city and every battle whittled them down a little more. There was a large "cover free" zone that acted as a buffer between the two armies. Anyone who wandered into this zone became a big target but Destiny had thought of a way around that.
-Destiny looked at general Gcannon, the heavily armored unit was further back were he could better see the battle. He had the same machine gun, beam saber, light green color and tower shield with prongs at the top and bottom that Destiny had. In fact Destiny was based on Gcannon's design. He didn't have as much armor or the artillery cannons on his shoulders that the general did but this was meant to increase his mobility. Since they were so similar they often referred to each other as father and son.
-"What do you say sir?" Destiny asked over his headset. "Is it time to blitz them? I don't know about you but I'm ready to kick their buts." General Gcannon looked over at Destiny and gave a quick assessment of the battle before nodding his head.
-"Covering fire!" General Gcannon ordered and every artillery unit including himself opened fire. The massive cannons on his shoulders fired one round after another. The Guntank and Guncannon fired in unison and Destiny made his move.
-Destiny jumped out from behind the mega block wall. The soft ground of the bed made it hard to run so he fired up his jet boosters and rushed the enemy position. The covering fire from his allies stopped just before he reached it and he rushed past the enemy blockade and opened fire on the first unit he saw.
-He took down an enemy Z'gock and more importantly a Zock. The Zock was basically a mobile weapon platform and the enemies' main artillery unit. With it out of the picture the Fedies could push across the cover free zone and into enemy territory.
-Destiny turned to take down another unit but by now he had lost the element of surprise. The third enemy was a female Leo unit that fired her weapon at the same time that Destiny did. They shot their weapons out of each other's hands. Destiny was surprised but he didn't hesitate, he boosted towards the enemy and rammed into her with his shield. Both of them went right off the edge of the bed and onto the floor.
-Destiny picked himself up to face his enemy. He could tell he was up against a specialized Leo unit. Her armor was purple instead of the standard green, she had a round shield hanging from her left shoulder and her armor was superior to the standard. She still had the one large square camera that was easy to take out so he wasn't too worried. He grabbed the hilt from his back and activated his beam saber.
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