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Lea fights with Destiny as the battle goes on

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-Lea picked herself up off the ground. The Fedy had taken them by surprise and eliminated two of her comrades. She thought she had taken the fight out of him when she had disarmed him but he had surprised her again with that tackle. She had tried to block him with her own shield but it had only cushioned the impact.
-She stood up and looked her enemy over. He was an advanced GM type with a head antenna for communications. His main head camera was smaller than hers and had armor around its rim so blinding him would be hard. His tower shield would make it difficult to beat him in a beam saber duel but luckily she had an equalizer.
-Lea pulled out both of the beam sabers she had in the back of her shield and activated them. The red hot beam of thermal energy glowed a deep red as it vaporized the particles in the air. Her enemy had already activated his own beam saber as well.
-They faced off for a moment trying to determine the best attack strategy until finally the Fedy made the first move. He boosted towards Lea with his shield out in front again but Lea had already seen that trick.
-She jumped to her right and swung down at her attacker but he twisted to his left and blocked with his shield. Lea struck again with her right hand and was again blocked by the Fedie's shield. He struck back at her and met her shield, Lea knocked his sword away with her left and tried to slice his right arm off with her right but he spun away before the blow could connect.
-Lea slashed at his mid section with her left but he jumped back and then dove forward and jabbed his shield at her right. The prongs at the end of his shield impacted her right shoulder and he lifted her up and pinned her to the nearest wall.
-He tried to slash down at her but she brought up her left blade and blocked it in time. Now the two seemed to be at a stale mate, at Least until the Fedy started to fire his head vulcans at Lea's main camera.
-The head vulcans were two small machine guns that many Fedy units had in their heads at the top sides. They were meant to detonate incoming missiles and were not much of a threat to another unit, except when used like this.
-Lea fired the two missiles that were in her shoulders and they connected with the enemy's chest. The explosion separated the two combatants and, at that proximity, hurt Lea as well. The Fedy was knocked backwards but Lea was already against a wall. She fell down to her knees but was still operational.
-When she stood up again she realized her main camera was badly cracked, but still functional. She wasn't sure if it had been the Fedie's vulcans or the pressure wave from her own missiles. The problem was the same, her vision was now impaired and it wouldn't take much more to blind her completely.
-The Fedy slowly got up; Lea could see he was badly damaged. He had two large dents in his chest that seemed to have closed his heat exhaust vents. Lea knew now that all she had to do was hold out and his systems would eventual over heat and he would shut down.
-Unfortunately it seemed the Fedy realized that as well because he rushed right for her as soon as he was up. He thrust his shield at her again, Lea knew that she didn't have any more missiles to fire but his head vulcans were still functional. If he pinned her again she was doomed.
-Lea swung down her right blade at an angle and sliced the Fedie's shield from his arm. She thought that she had come out on top with that attack but she hadn't noticed where the enemy's blade was.
-He had positioned his blade down low and when he swung it upward he cut Leas left arm off at the shoulder. Lea slashed at him as she stumbled backwards trying to put some distance between them. She fought the urge to drop her sword and clutch her wound. The searing pain was almost unbearable but her self repair systems kicked on and cut off the damaged systems from her internal sensors.
-Lea knew that she was now at a serious disadvantage. Her opponent was good, he had made her think he was trying to pin her when in fact cutting her arm off had been his plan all along. Now she had no shield, one arm and one sword. She wouldn't last much longer.
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