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Kampher tries to help Lea and the battle comes to a climax

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-General Kampher had been trying to devise a plan to turn the tide of battle but the enemy had beaten him to it. After a devastating artillery volley, one of the Fedies had rushed their position and taken out two of his men and now Lea's fate was unknown.
-Lea was the newest member of his command staff but her tenacious spirit and fierce loyalty had endeared her to many of them. She and Kampher were particularly close and she saw him as a mentor. In his mind she was the daughter he never had so when he had seen her go over the side of the bed his first impulse was to chase after her.
-The enemy bombardment had ceased and he could see the Fedies rushing their position now that the Zock had been taken out. Kampher fired off the missiles from his legs and the bazookas on his back at the incoming enemy forces and ran to get Lea back.
-Just as he leapt over the edge of the bed something slammed into his side. At first he thought he had been hit by a missile but there was no explosion, his sensors didn't register any damage. He was however knocked into a wild spin nd landed hard on the ground.
-When he picked himself up he saw Lea fighting the Fedy that had knocked her off of the bed. She was missing her arm and it wasn't looking good. Kampher tried to get to her but he was suddenly pined down by enemy fire from above.
-Kampher looked up and saw Gcannon himself on the edge of the bedspring. The bedspring was a ledge between the top of the bed and the floor. The space between the two armies was mined but Gcannon had landed at the Zeo end so he was safe.
-Kampher took cover behind a small box; he was pinned down and unable to help Lea. He couldn't even offer support fire, from this range his shot gun would hurt her as much as the Fedy. The situation was infuriating, Kampher fired off a few shots up at Gcannon but it was no use. The Fedy general was out of range and he had the high ground.
-Up on the bed Kampher could still hear the battle raging. Suddenly, Kampher received a radio message from Gouf, his second in command.
-"Sir, the enemy has breached our line; we can't hold them any longer. Get Lea and fall back to command." Kampher looked at the situation; if his forces were retreating then they wouldn't need to stay up there any more. That gave him an idea.
-"Gouf," Kampher said. "Regroup on my position, we will dig in under the bed and set up a defensive parameter." Gouf acknowledged his orders and soon the Zeo forces rushed down to the ground. Gcannon took one look at the oncoming enemy horde and rushed towards Destiny.
-Destiny and Lea stopped their battle when they saw what was happening. Destiny knew he could win against one Zeo but not against an entire army. He deactivated his beam saber and gave a goodbye wave to his opponent before joining Gcannon and returning to their own forces.
-Kampher was finally able to get to Lea and saw that she was in bad shape. Her arm was gone and her main camera was badly cracked. Kampher helped her back to their comrades who were setting up a defensive parameter under the bed. Luckily the Fedies and decided to settle for the top of the bed and hadn't pursued them.
-Kampher looked over his beaten forces and sighed, the commander would have his head for this.
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