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Another major player is introduced and a greater threat is suggested

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-Shadow watched the battle. His lost brothers seemed so small, so far away. If only they knew how foolish their fighting was. He wanted to go down and stop them, tell them the truth but he knew that was impossible.
-Shadow had black armor with white accents. The golden v shaped crest on his forehead was actual two antennas. The large blades that protruded back from his elbows extended above his head.
-Shadow watched the battle to its conclusion and then decided to make his way back home to report. He left the scene of carnage and returned to the Gundam base. He made his way down the long corridor to the chamber of the five. There Hero greeted him.
-"Welcome back Shadow, "Hero said. "What is your report?" Shadow shook his head with irritation and disappointment.
-"Another meaningless battle between our lost brothers," Shadow answered. "The Zeos retreated but I suspect they will regain their lost ground with a counter attack, they always do." Hero looked to the other four.
-"I sense you are unsettled by something," Hero said. "What is wrong?" Shadow stepped forward angrily.
-"I just watched my brothers killing each other for no real reason," Shadow said. "I could have stopped it in an instant if I had only shown myself, I don't see how letting our brothers fight each other will help in the conflict ahead. The enemy is not fighting each other they are preparing to destroy us. We may be strong but we can't beat them without the help of the others and you know it as well as I do." The five were unsettled by Shadow's outburst but Hero calmed them down.
-"You are right of course but the lost ones are not our primary concern," Hero said. "They will settle their difference themselves. In the meantime we do have a job that requires your unique talents. We know the enemy is preparing but we don't know what we will be up against so we want you to do some recon. Launch your core and spy on them; we need to know our enemy. We will protect your shell while you do this. Do you understand your orders?" Shadow sighed; he knew there was no arguing.
-"Yes sir," Shadow said. "I will do as you command." Shadow made his way to the hanger where Bolt was waiting.
-Bolt was a giant, his arms and feet were large, his shoulders were massive, even his head was big. He had the same v shaped antennae that most of the Gundams did. Despite his huge size he was very friendly.
-"What are you doing here bolt?" Shadow asked. Bolt crossed his arms across his chest and cocked is head to the side.
-"I'm your body guard while you go for a trip," he said. "Don't worry; no one will get you while I'm here." Shadow nodded with approval.
-"Thanks my friend," Shadow said. "I'll feel a lot better with you watching over me." Shadow stood still and his eyes went dim. His back thrusters detached and transform into a hovering car like core system. The core hovers for a moment and looks at its now empty body before flying off to carry out its mission. Bolt waved goodbye and began to stand guard.
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