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Kampher has to face the wrath of his commander for loosing the battle

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-Lea laid still as sparks shot out from her shoulder. The maintenance droid made a few last adjustments and moved away. Lea reactivated the sensory connections and could feel her arm again. She lifted her new arm and moved it around to make sure it worked properly.
-"Try to keep this one," Gouf said. He was large and bulky with blue armor. His shoulders were huge with curling spikes that made his head look smaller than it was. The tubes around his neck and waist connected to his back power pack and limited his mobility. His horn like antenna that swept back from his forehead and the spikes in his knees made him look like an ogre and the narrow visor with the red glowing camera made him look like a Cyclops.
-"I'll try to keep that in mind," Lea said. Gouf grunted and turned to leave. If Kampher was Lea's father then Gouf was her uncle. Right now he had to go deal with their commander who was about to chew out Kampher for loosing a major battle. Gouf had no doubt that he would be disciplined as well but he didn't mind. He knew there was nothing they could have done to change what had happened.
-Lea was right behind him, he knew what she was going to do and he also knew he couldn't talk her out of it. Kampher had left the battlefield to help her and she would argue on his behalf. Gouf knew it wouldn't matter, in fact it would only serve to anger the commander even more but it would be interesting if nothing else.
-"You're late!" Zeong yelled as soon as they entered his chamber. "And what is she doing here? She isn't part of this." Lea stepped forward defiantly. Gouf tried to stop her but she wasn't going to let Zeong talk down to her.
-"I am every bit a part of this," Lea said angrily. "I'm the one who engaged the Fedy that attacked us." Zeong was going to object but decided against it. He knew there was no arguing with her once she made up her mind.
-Zeong was a highly advanced prototype who had never been fully completed. If he had been finished he would be twice the size of any other unit but he was missing his legs. Instead he moved around with a number of thrusters where the legs should be. His fingers and mouth fired beam weapons and his torso had two spread beam blasters.
-His full capabilities were unknown since both sides had agreed that their commanders would not engage in actual combat because their destructive potential could destroy them all. The commanders acted in a strategic sense only.
-"Alright then," Zeong said. "General Kampher did you or did you not leave the battlefield during a crucial moment?" Kampher stood at attention and answered. "I did."
-"Did your absence result in the defeat of our forces?" Zeong asked. Again Kampher remained stoic as he answered. "As I was not witness to what transpired I can neither confirm nor deny that sir."
-"Unacceptable!" Zeong yelled. "You are the General of the Army, if there is a job that needs to be done off of the field of battle you send a subordinate to do it. You do not go yourself! Do you understand?"
-"Yes sir," Kampher answered.
-"Good," Zeong continued. "Now tomorrow you will retake the bed and since Lea's presence causes you to neglect your duties she will not be joining you." Lea started to protest but Kampher raised a hand to silence her.
- "Lea," Zeong said. "You will take a small patrol and scout the enemy border. Surly you can handle so small a task?"
-"...yes sir," Lea said.
-"Good," Zeong said. "Now prepare for your assignments." The three of them left his chamber Gouf looked to his friend. There was no denying that Gouf's loyalties lied with Kampher and not Zeong. The same could be said of most of the army.
-"Gouf," Kampher said. "Prepare the men." Gouf nodded and went about his task. Kampher then looked to Lea, he knew she was furious. Patrol was a job for the weak and the incompetent, Lea was neither.
-"Lea," Kampher said. "Don't worry about it, once he cools down I'll get you back on the front lines." Lea sighed and nodded. She headed off to pick out her team for tomorrows patrol. At least she would be safe, or so he thought.
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