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Gcannon and Destiny have a father son talk.

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-Gcannon stood before his commander. Nuke took a moment to look over the battlefield. Nuke was larger than normal units; his feet were huge to stabilize him when he fired his nuclear cannon. His shield was large enough to completely conceal his body from the blast and his cannon was taller than he was. He had a v shaped antenna crest on his forehead that was unusual for Fedy units and enormous booster on his shoulders to help him move.
-"Good job general," Nuke said. "We finally got those bastards on the run." Gcannon nodded to his commander and thought back to the casualty list. He had lost nearly half of his men in the rush towards enemy lines do to the missile barrage that Kampher had fired.
-"I do what I can sir," Gcannon said. He watched as Nuke confidently walked away as if he had won the battle himself. It infuriated Gcannon but it couldn't be helped, Nuke was the strongest among them and would turn Gcannon into scrap if he tried to stand against him. All he could do was try and keep his men alive.
-Destiny looked at his reflection in his shield. The damage had been repaired and he was good as new. It had been a close call; with his heat exhaust vents dented shut his internal temperature had risen dangerously high. Fortunately things had turned out in his favor.
-The Fedy forces were still setting up their defenses as Gcannon walked up to him. He was so preoccupied thinking about that advanced Lea he had fought he didn't even notice.
-"Well, that wasn't such a hard fight and we should be ready for any counter attack they give us by morning," Gcannon said. He looked at Destiny and then continued. "I get the feeling you're not listening to a word I've said." Destiny snapped out of his trance and looked at Gcannon.
-"I haven't felt at ease since I fought that purple enemy unit," Destiny said. "I have to fight her again, to prove to myself that I can beat her." Gcannon nodded and sighed.
-"One thing you should never do is make war personal," he said. "But I understand the desire to defeat an opponent; I want another shot at that guy with the shot gun myself. He took out a lot of our people. Listen, tomorrow we are sending out a scouting team to see if we can find the enemy bases weakness, it's kind of dangerous but I want you to take two GMs and check out sector seven, I have a hunch about that area, does that sound good to you?" Destiny nodded.
-"Sure thing. Hey, what's that?" Destiny asked pointing to a strange light down below. The object moved quickly down near the enemy base. Its profile didn't match that of any Zeo, it was too small and much too fast.
-"I don't know, but it's headed towards sector seven," Gcannon said. "...I hope that's not a bad sign. Son be careful tomorrow." Destiny nodded and the two went back to help the men. Destiny went about his duties unaware of the role that little light would soon play in his life.
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