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Shadow spies on the enemy but experiences problems.

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-Shadow's core booster flew low to the ground; he was getting close to enemy territory so he killed his running lights and switched to stealth mode. He came over the top of the toolbox and landed with a clear view of his objective.
-Before him Shadow saw the enemy working on a new warship. It looked like a naval destroyer complete with a small helicopter. Those Legos could build damn near anything. The bookshelf near the battleship had two shelves blocked off with mega block walls. Whatever the Legos had in there they wanted to keep secret. Shadow decided to call in and report on his progress.
-"Shadow to Bolt, can you hear me buddy?" Shadow whispered over his comm. channel.
-"Bolt here, I can hear you fine. What's your status?" Bolt replied in his deep voice. For a moment Shadow was worried that the Legos might have heard him but there was no visible response from the enemy. Shadow lowered the incoming volume and continued.
-"Looks like the Legos are working on a new warship. They also have two sections of the bookshelf walled off. I'll keep observing. They don't seem to know I'm here."
-No sooner had Shadow spoken those words then the battleship's gun turrets turned in unison in his direction. Suddenly the air was filled with the glowing flashes of gunfire. Shadow jumped up and hightailed it out of there but several small bipedal Lego drones appear. They had a main gun in the front and two smaller weapons on top.
-The drones and the warship concentrate their fire on the fleeing Gundam core. Explosions ripped up the carpet as Shadow zigzagged back and forth trying to avoid them. He was almost out of range when a lucky shot hit one of his two large engines. The impact put him into a wild spiral as he left a trail of smoke and headed toward the forest.
-"Mayday, mayday!" Shadow called out. "Bolt, I'm hit, I'm going down send..." the transmission ended as Shadow crashed into the forest. He knocked over several of the fake trees and one of them landed on top of him. Shadow was down for the count, he could only hope that Bolt would get help to him before the Legos got to him.
-Bolt listened but there was nothing more to hear. He rushed for the chamber of the five, his heavy footsteps shaking the ground. He burst into the chamber to the surprise of Hero and the others.
-"Sir Shadow was shot down by the Legos," Bolt gasped. "His tracker puts him near the forest. Request permission to head out after him." Hero and the others whispered amongst themselves for a moment as Bolt waited impatiently.
-"That would be unwise," Hero finally said. "You are too large and too slow to get there in time. Shenlong and Deathsyth shall recover his core while you continue to guard his shell. Thank you for bringing this to our attention." Bolt's shoulders slumped and he lowered his head. He knew Hero was right, he wasn't fast enough to be effective but he still wanted to help his friend.
-"Understood," Bolt said as he turned to return to the hanger. All he could do now was wait and see. He watched as Deathsyth and Shenlong headed out to rescue Shadow and wished them luck.
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