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Lea and Destiny meet again

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-Lea and a Leo were patrolling near the forest. The night before there had been some activity in the area and Lea thought she might get a chance to redeem herself in Zeong's eyes if she could thwart a Fedy plan.
-The Leo with her was a standard mass-produced grunt. He looked just like she did but he had no shield and was a standard green color. His intelligence was basic and his performance was substantially inferior to her won. But such units did have their uses.
-Unknown to the Zeos they were being watched. Destiny lowered the sniper scope and assessed the situation. The two GMs stood behind him patiently waiting for their orders. Compared to Leos GMs were slightly more bulky and had a more geometrical in shape compared to the rounded dimensions of the Leos. They had better armor but less mobility but the Leo's lack of a neck meant that the GMs had better peripheral vision. The main camera of the GM was a little larger than Destiny's and their shields were considerably smaller.
-Destiny handed the sniper scope back to the GM he had taken it from and the unit reattached it to its weapon. The other GM carried a stander issue machine gun. Both units were the same green as the Leo.
-"You two target the grunt but hold your fire," Destiny said. "Leave the girl to me, she and I have unfinished business." His two subordinates nodded in acknowledgment and Destiny moved into position behind Lea. The GMs spread out and the Fedies had the Zeos surrounded.
-"Don't move!" Destiny called out. "You are surrounded and outnumbered. Turn around." Lea and the Leo slowly turned and she instantly recognizes Destiny. She fought the urge to raise her weapon and try to take him out. If he wanted her scraped she would be a smoking pile of metal by now. Apparently he had something else in mind. She couldn't believe she let him get the drop on her.
-"Well now, shall we finish the fight that was interrupted the other day?" Destiny asked Lea. He dropped his weapon and put his hand on his saber.
-"Stay put," Lea said to her companion as she tossed away her beam rifle and reached inside her shield.
-"Any time you're ready," Destiny said. Lea rushed toward him as she drew her beam saber and slashed at him but Destiny struck down with his own Saber and blocked her attack.
-Destiny drove his shield up into Lea's torso with enough force to lift her off of the ground. Lea activated the beam saber she had been concealing in her other hand and made a swipe for Destiny's head but he ducked and she only scratched his shoulder armor.
-Destiny leapt away to get some distance and stood with his shield out in front of him. Lea held her sabers in an X formation in front of her. Destiny rushed at her and swung down and struck Lea's sabers at the top of the X. He tried to overpower her but she redirected his force and he fell past her.
-Lea tried to strike Destiny's back but he rolled out of the way and got back to his feet. Now Lea went on the offensive. She swung again and again but Destiny blocked and deflected every blow with his shield and saber. They were both restraining from using their sub weapons but neither one could gain an advantage with a saber.
-As they continued to fight with their spectators watching and keeping an eye on each other Destiny and Lea were oblivious to spectators of a different sort.
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