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The Gundams attempt a rescue but have a small problem

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-While Lea and Destiny fought it out Shenlong and Deathscythe arrived. They saw the two units fighting dangerously close to the spot where Shadow went down and decided they needed advice on how to proceed.
-"Base this is Deathscythe, we have a problem," Deathscythe said as Shenlong watched the duel.
-"What sort of problem?" Hero asked. "Our brothers are fighting in the vicinity of Shadow's crashed core," Shadow explained. "We can't get to him without them seeing us, please advise."
-"Can you use your stealth mode to reach him?" Hero asked. "Negative, they are right on top of him and my jammers won't work that close," Shadow said. There was along pause before Hero continued. This time he sounded uncertain.
-" there any way you can knock them out without them spotting you?" Hero asked. Shenlong looked back at Deathscythe with surprise. Hero always said to avoid contact with the others at all costs.
-"We can try sir," Deathscythe said. "I'll let you know how it turns out, Deathscythe out." The two Gundams looked at each other and then surveyed the area. The two command units were still engaged in an intense beam saber duel while the two GMs watched the Leo.
-"I'll take the Leo," Deathscythe said. "You get the two GMs, I'll take my queue from you since they can't detect my approach I can get closer than you can, but as soon as you take them out go for the boy and I'll take the girl, we can't let them see us so we have to be fast." Shenlong nodded and they both separated to get into position.
-Deathscythe was dark blue in coloration with gold trim and white legs. He had a shield with scissor like blades at the end and a large beam scythe. His back pack had two radar jammers protruding up over his shoulders. He and Shenlong were two of the five. His specialty was stealth; his jammers could block radar and even make himself invisible to the cameras of other units at a distance.
-Shenlong was white, sea blue with a red chest. His right arm had a dragon's head attached with a round shield on his left. He carried a beam glaive on his back and was a specialist in close combat. Like all Gundam wing units they both had two main cameras like eyes making it very hard to blind them.
-Deathscythe got into position behind the Lea and waited for Shenlong. He saw him take out both GMs before they knew what hit them and Deathscythe slashed Leo's head off with his scythe. He then rushed for Lea but she had noticed his approach and dodged his attack. Destiny also avoided Shenlong's assault and the two enemies came up back to back to face their new enemies.
-"Who the heck are you two?" Destiny asked. Deathscythe and Shenlong looked at each other.
-"So much for plan A," Deathscythe said. "Keep them busy." Deathscythe rushed towards Shadow while Shenlong attacked Lea and Destiny again. Shenlong knocked Destiny's blade out of his hand and kicked him away.
-Lea moved in to take on the new threat but the dragon head on Shenlong's right arm flipped forward and his hand retracted as a torrent of flame shot out at her. Lea blocked it with her shield but when she looked up after the flame had stopped Shenlong was coming down with his glaive.
-The blow knocked Lea to the ground and Shenlong was about to take her out when gunfire started to shower him. Lea and Shenlong both looked to see that Destiny had pulled out a spare blaster pistol from inside his shield.
-Shenlong started to head for Destiny but Lea pulled out a back up pistol of her own and both of them concentrated their fire on their attacker. Shenlong didn't even bother trying to sheild himself from the incoming fire, the weapons couldn't penetrate his armor and he wasn't trying to scrap them. As long as their attention was on him and not Deathscythe he was doing his job.
-Deathscythe grabbed Shadow's core and jumped back to Shenlong. He made a swipe at Lea as he approached but Destiny knocked her out of the way. Lea got up and stood by Destiny's side with her gun aimed at Deathscythe and Shenlong.
-"We got what we came for lets go," Deathscythe said. "There is something I need to tell Hero." Shenlong and Deathscythe flew off and left Lea and Destiny standing together in confusion.
-Lea and Destiny looked in the direction that the two unknown enemies had flown off in until they remembered who they were. They both turned and pointed their weapons at each other once again. Neither one really wanted to fire but neither one wanted to make themselves vulnerable either.
-"I see I'm not the only one who learned from our last meeting," Destiny said indicating the back up weapons.
-"So it would seem," Lea answered. "What now?"
-Before he could answer Destiny got a priority message to return. Destiny looked at Lea to see what she would do.
-"...get out of here, we can finish this later," Lea said as she lowered her weapon. Somehow she knew he wouldn't shoot her while her guard was down. Destiny nodded and took off running back to the Fedy base. Lea looked after him for awhile before heading back herself.
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