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Gcannon and Kampher meet in battle and Destiny returns

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-The bed was a battle ground once again. Kampher launched a volley of missiles and rushed head on towards the enemy position. Gouf laid down covering fire with a large Gatling gun at the end of his shield and the Zock used its artillery fire to split the enemy line in two.
-Kampher rushed through the lines; he was a high speed mobile suit with thrusters all over his legs and shoulders. His left shoulder had spikes like the Zakus and his head had a command antenna in the shape of a horn. His armor was navy blue and his main camera was a narrow visor. He was one of the few Zeo mobile suits with head vulcans and he didn't carry a shield because he didn't need one.
-Gcannon opened fire on Kampher but Kampher was too fast. Kampher easily dodged the stream of gunfire and dashed towards Gcannon and slammed into him. Gcannon was too slow to move out of the way but his armor protected him from any damage. Kampher's attack didn't even budge him but Kampher quickly knocked Gcannon's gun out of his hand.
-Kampher pointed his shotgun at Gcannon's head but Gcannon grabbed the barrel with his right hand and pulled it forward past his head. The shot went off but Gcannon didn't take any damage. He knocked the gun out of Kampher's hand with a swipe of his shield and the weapon went spinning through the air.
-Kampher kicked off of Gcannon's chest to get some distance and reached behind his back to pull out his spare. He pointed the smaller shotgun at Gcannon and found that the Fedy had pulled out a backup weapon of his own.
-The two generals faced each other while the battle raged on around them. The Zeos were pushing through and the Fedies were fighting to hold their ground. Gcannon had both shoulder cannons and his blaster pistol pointed at Kampher. He still had his shield and much thicker armor than the Zeo general
-They both knew that Gcannon would win the fight but it was clear that the Zeos would win the battle. They both aimed their weapons at each others heads trying to decide what to do.
-"Your call," Gcannon said. He knew he could take Kampher out but if he did the Zeos would want revenge and he didn't feel like being torn apart today.
-"I cannot afford to loose this battle, even at the cost of my life," Kampher answered. He knew that if he brought Zeong a second defeat Lea would most likely pay the price.
-"I see...all mobile suits pull back," Gcannon ordered. He walked backwards keeping his gun trained on Kampher and Kampher kept his weapon pointed back at him. When Gcannon was a safe distance he turned and walked away.
-"Sir, the enemy is in retreat," a command Zaku said. "Shall we pursue?" Kampher looked at the Zaku and then back at the retreating Fedy troops.
-"No," he said. "Tell the men to set up camp and defenses. We will hold what we have." The soldier saluted and went to carry out his orders. Kampher had taken back the bed, he had fallowed his orders. He had no desire to go beyond that.
-Gcannon pulled back to the other side of the bed where his men were regrouping. The men were already preparing to repel the enemy if they tried to push the offensive. All the damaged mobile suits were administering self repairs while keeping their weapons in hand.
-Gcannon hadn't even taken a rest when he saw Destiny walked up without his GMs looking as if he had been right in the middle of the action.
-"What the heck happened to you?"
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